चाचा और उसका पियानो (ChaCha And His Piano) – Hindi Moral Stories for Kids | ChuChu TV
चाचा और उसका पियानो (ChaCha And His Piano) – Hindi Moral Stories for Kids | ChuChu TV

ChaCha was a shy boy who had a hard time making new friends ChaCha, why don’t you say hello to that little girl? The two of you can be friends Umm… No. ChaCha’s mother worried about him and wondered how she might help him to make new friends. The thing that ChaCha enjoyed more than anything else was playing the piano. ChaCha, your playing is so lovely What about playing for some of your friends? I’ll bet they would love your music. No thanks, mom. I just like playing by myself. This concerned ChaCha’s mother. ChaCha is so talented. But I really wish he would make some friends. I have an idea. ChaCha likes music So why don’t we help him find some friends who like music too. On the day of ChaCha’s birthday, his mother planned a special surprise. Hello, Mrs.Clark. Could you please send Cussly over at 4 p.m.? Please ask him to bring his favourite musical instrument with him too We heard you playing the piano. So we came in to join you. Can we listen to you play? Of course! Happy birthday, ChaCha! And maybe we can play our musical instruments too ChaCha had the best birthday party ever that day. He enjoyed playing the piano for his friends. And he also enjoyed listening to them play their instruments too. Wow! ChaCha had so much fun that day, that he stopped feeling shy and overcame his fear of making new friends. ChaCha loved all sweets But cookies and candies were his favourites. Mmm! I love cookies and candies! I could eat them every day. ChuChu and the other children would eat just one or two candies at a time But ChaCha would eat many handfuls. Mmm! Candies! I want more candies! ChaCha’s mother often warned ChaCha not to eat so many sweets. But ChaCha wouldn’t listen to her. ChaCha, you will get sick if you eat too many sweets at one time. Please don’t eat so many. Just one more, mom. Just one more. One day when ChaCha’s mother went out, ChaCha found a jar full of his favourite cookies. They were high up on the kitchen shelf Ah! That jar has my favourite cookies! I’m sure mom won’t mind if I eat one or two ChaCha stood on a stool and climbed up to the shelf. Mmm! My favorite cookies! ChaCha opened the jar and popped a cookie into his mouth. Mmm! This cookie is delicious and sweet! I think i’ll have one more. ChaCha had another cookie and then another. Mmm! Yum, yum, yum! ChaCha couldn’t stop eating the cookies In no time, he had finished all of the cookies in the jar. Uh oh! I’ve eaten all the cookies I better put the jar back and get down. When ChaCha’s mother came home, she didn’t notice the empty cookie jar. But soon, ChaCha’s tummy began to hurt and he started to feel quite ill. Ow! My tummy hurts. I think I’m going to throw up. Oh no, what happened my dear? I’ll take you to the doctor, ChaCha. He’ll be able to tell us why you are feeling so ill. Huh? ChaCha knew why he was feeling ill. He decided to tell his mother the truth Mom! I need to tell you something. I ate all of the cookies in that jar I think that’s what’s making me feel sick Oh, ChaCha I wish you hadn’t eaten all the cookies. I’ve told you so many times. Eating too much of anything is bad for you. And you also shouldn’t be climbing up on stools and taking things down on your own. You could have fallen and gotten hurt I’m sorry, mom! ChaCha’s mother gave ChaCha some medicine to drink. The medicine was bitter But it made ChaCha feel better ChaCha promised never to eat too many sweets or touch anything without his mother’s permission again I will never eat too many sweets or touch anything without my mom’s permission again You also do the same

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