⚫ Audioslave, Cochise Drum Cover of rock songs
⚫ Audioslave, Cochise Drum Cover of rock songs

Hey Guys! Here’s drum cover number one! as promised. Audioslave. ♪ Well, I’ve been watching While you’ve been coughing I’ve been drinking life While you’ve been nauseous And so I drink to health While you kill yourself And I’ve got just one thing That I can offer Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself! And take it out on me Yeah. ♪ ♫ ♪ I’m not a martyr I’m not a prophet And I won’t preach to you, but… Here’s a caution You better understand That I won’t hold your hand But if it helps you mend Then I won’t stop it Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Yeah Drown If you want And I’ll see you at my bottom Where you’ll crawl On my skin And put the blame on me, so… You don’t feel a thing Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Go on and save yourself And take it out on me Yeah ♪ ♫ ♪

81 thoughts on “⚫ Audioslave, Cochise Drum Cover of rock songs”

  1. Miros Drums says:

    Girl you rock!

  2. Izhak Ib says:

    Sounds fantastic! Good work on this. Rock on m/m/

  3. AR Drummer says:

    Very nice job! Great cover

  4. Chris Reiter says:

    What a great cover, you rock. Love it!

  5. Sista says:

    Great Job Sis!!! And one of my favorite Audioslave songs!!! Lache pas la patate Rumple!!!

  6. Maximiliam Andersson says:

    Absolutely ROCKING IT, Jarah. Just killer. Relaxed, controlled, powerful, awesome. Great production, too. NICE work!

  7. All Classic Drummer's Den says:

    You are feeling it here. Loved it so much. you rock sister! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for more from you. I will be here watching it again for sure. 🙂

  8. Lightning Collector says:

    very nice work!!! that was so awesome!! keep up the great work!!! nice set-up O.O dang… I only wish lol stay awesome ^-^

  9. Matt Grubbs says:

    Really solid and exciting drumming! Professional looking video! Great work:)

  10. DRUMadness! says:

    You killed it! Awesome cover and production! =D

  11. Pat Savage says:


  12. Kevin Lightner says:

    Outstanding work!! You rocked the hell outta that song!!

  13. Nabil Karsheh says:

    great job Jarah!

  14. Raja Meissner says:

    Nice Job!!!

  15. Groove Is Now says:

    YES!!! So good, love the whole production, your passion and performance! Definitely did this tune justice! What I'm most impressed with is how much you've grown in your playing in such a short time! This is one of my favs from Audio Slave and one of the first songs I learned to play. Simply Rockin!

    Looking forward to see what else is in store for 2016!

  16. Stef Dumont says:


  17. Matthew Nicholas Music says:

    Sounding Great !

  18. Brett B. Drums says:

    Love this one, Jarah! You nailed it!

  19. Quentin Brodier says:

    Super cover 😉 Le studio à l'air super classe, j'en veux un comme ça haha !

  20. Alaa A R says:

    Awesome performance! You're so relaxed and that's exactly why it sounds so amazing. Loving the freehand camera work by the way. Love it.

  21. Tuomo Drums says:

    Really great work, Jarah 🙂

  22. Huub83 Drums says:

    Great cover lady!!!

  23. Frank Cunningham says:

    Love Chris Cornell's voice!! this is a Jam!!

  24. David Evans says:

    Hey Jarah, you are just awesome…hats off to you!!!!! I have noticed that you liked – See You Again (drum cover) by COOP3RDRUMM3R. Well, I just watched a new artist named – David Kaylor that also did a cover of See You Again that might you enjoy here http://bit.ly/1haFFof. Cheers!!!!!

  25. Taylor Hudock says:

    Great stuff!

  26. Jean-Francois Loiselle says:

    Hey Jarah! avec ce cover, tu as gagné mon abonnement a ta chaine! Tu as ecris que tu es en train de figurer le ligntning etc pour enregistrer tes videos. va voir la chaine de Cobus Potgeiter (sa 2eme chaine, celle qui a les making of.) Il partage plein plien de truc d'eclairage et des ''tips'' de recording. Vraiment interressant! Je vais continuer a te suivre car tu as une super belle progression dans ton drumming et c'est toujours enthousiasment les debuts! J'ai aussi tres tres hate de voir els suites de tes DSN ! Keep up! (Tu es du Qc?)

  27. Fat Sam says:

    Very nice, girl! Looks like we're a part of the same circle and didn't know it!

  28. Jim Wilcox says:

    Awesome cover 🙂

  29. DRUM COVER - urhottto45 says:

    Sound greaaat !! and Powerful and awesome work!!/👍+1 plus I subbed back.

  30. Mark Richer says:

    Great drumming as usual. I've noticed all the good drummers on youtube are using Meinl Cymbals, they sound great, I can see why everyone is using them.

  31. Lucy Peart says:

    Hey Girl, your job is really cool too! I love it! o/

  32. Igor Cardoso says:

    great job

  33. Drumvisio says:

    Amazing! awesome cover!!

  34. KWDrummer says:

    I love Audioslave!!!! Great job Jarah. Subscribed!!

  35. Sylvain Marchal says:

    salut Jarah ,c'est un excellent cover bravo et continue!

  36. pisis laus says:

    woouu mucho estilo mucha suerte llegaras muy lejos

  37. Carlos Rueda says:

    Great playing and sound ! I agree with Alaa A R about the freehand camera work! You made a good choice with the Meinl cymbals, awesome sound

  38. Einzz Basco says:

    awesome!!!! new subbie here! i do covers and make music. hope you can check me out 🙂

  39. ivan castro says:

    there's something about this song…definitely one of my favorites! well played!

  40. Brooke C says:

    Awesome!!!!…..loved it:):)

  41. StiGy says:

    Powerful Cover! nice!

  42. Brian Osbment says:

    Ooh that rocks! Very solid cover. Keep up the jams.

  43. Robin Thériault says:

    Jarah = La plus belle et la plus talentueuse! On the drums!!!

  44. kyle m says:

    nice job. way to stick with it. respect.

  45. Umberto Sandri says:

    Great set of dishes and good tuning. beautiful and choreographic execution. Isolating a great time and touch of chopsticks never much too. I liked it. Compliments. Sorry if my English is not up to your skills. But google translator can not do better than that.

  46. Zax Drums says:

    I find it amazing that I didn't comment on your killer cover Jarah!! This is such a badass song!! And you freakin rocked it!!

  47. Mohamad Khairi says:

    Hell yeah!!.. This is what I'm looking for!!.

  48. Dammit Boy says:

    Damn girl that's some pretty good jam going on, love it. When I first heard you I said "DAMMIT BOY" she pretty good



  50. Brendan Speight says:

    Awesome makes you love drums even more absolutely great =)

  51. Sheri Luévano says:

    Love watching your covers!

  52. Thomas Puzio Sr says:

    Talent and Looks! Fantastic keep up the videos!

  53. Alberto Barañano says:

    You ROCK

  54. Omar Taltique says:

    Nice love it let's jam

  55. 62slooper says:

    Absolutely awesome

  56. Nikko Harrison says:

    Love this song and you really did it justice. Great grunge drumming Jarah! Sub/Like +1

  57. Felipe Bernardes says:

    Loved it!

  58. Pedro Luke Martínez says:

    Jarah Jane, this I love, very recently I follow your videos and they really are awesome !!

  59. Juan Zurdo says:


  60. Rich RW Dawg drums says:

    Superb cover!

  61. Артем Волков says:


  62. DrumLikeP says:

    hey jarah nice cover ! 🙂 keep it up :))

  63. Murder Bong says:

    nope, did you not listen to it first? it does not just use the floor toms for the intro …. listen to the tone change .. .

  64. xfourxseasonsx says:

    Love it!!!

  65. C Edler says:

    Daaaaamn My kinda woman!

  66. Ayden Duckwitz says:


  67. Jt DaVillin says:


  68. Atom Music School says:

    What a song! Solid work well played

  69. Lenon Lella says:


  70. Izonel Freitas says:


  71. Jason Almodovar jr says:

    Maybe you can turn down the track a little bit but nevertheless you did awesome !!

  72. Alex Garrido says:

    Great cover! I love your drum kit! 🙂

  73. Aleksandr Komarov says:

    Jarah you ROCK !!!

  74. monsieur_mazure mazure says:

    Thanks for this dude, was freaking awsome to hear!

  75. cloudLoco says:

    Amazing work, I'm looking to cover this song for another channel. Where do you get a good drumless track or what do you use for cover vids such as this?

  76. Zydrake Shogun says:

    A drum cover so good it makes Iron Man jealous. 👌

  77. Jman 1987 says:

    Damn, girl.

  78. Rose Ferrachi says:

    Out of the blue, your videos show up in my YT feed & I had to click on this video. I think I have my first girl crush. LOL Love it! Thanks for showing the boys up on those drums. 🙏✨🥁

  79. Brandon Keenen says:

    You're really good at this. Nice work.

  80. John Mangalonzo says:

    You inspire me! This is awesome!

  81. Rafael Jhoni says:

    Flan flan flan, flan flan flan!


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