⭐THE DREAM SHOW⭐”너와 나” 응원법💚 (Song by. NCT DREAM) | Fanchant Guide
⭐THE DREAM SHOW⭐”너와 나” 응원법💚 (Song by. NCT DREAM) | Fanchant Guide

So, everyone Let’s go ‘Beautiful Time’
Follow this cheering guide with NCT DREAM
(Chants are romanized) NCT DREAM: Seasonie saranghae Chant: DREAMie Saranghae Neowana Chant: NCT DREAM Chant: HA X5 Motion: Put the fan light on right, then left shoulder Chant: Maeil Maeil Chant: Byeolbit Byeolbit Chant: Neowana Chant: Hamkkehae Chant: Orae Oare Chant: Geuttae Geuttaen Chant: With you Chant: With you with you it’s only you Motion: Do a dab on “float” and “spot” Chant: HA X5 Chant: Maeil Maeil Chant: Byeolbit Byeolbit Chant: Neowana Chant: Yeongwonhie Chant: Orae Orae Chant: Geuttae Geuttaen Chant: With you Motion: Sway the fan light in slow tempo Chant: Geuttae Dorabomyeon Bomyeon Chant: Yeonghwa Sok Panoramacheoreom Cheoreom Chant: Ilsangjeogin Neowa Naye Chant: Jigeukhi Haengbokhaetteon Geuttae Geuttae Chant: With you Chant: Nanananana Chant: Nanananana Chant: Nanananana Chant: Nanananana Chant: Yeongwonhie Chant: Saranghae NCT DREAM: YO DREAM! Chant: Jjeoreojuja Fighting! Yes, this is how you do the fan chant! Enjoy our concert! Bye!

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  1. Danna says:


  2. 단골손님 says:

    응원법 연습 하고싶다 ~

  3. 해찬아할미왔다 says:

    아기들아..할미는 왜벌써 울고있니..?

  4. Lovenia Simanjuntak says:

    jeno is a baby

  5. Spicy Ayyan says:

    I love them so much 🥺💗💗💗

  6. Carren Gee says:

    I didn't know motions in official fanchants is now a thing. Back then, motions are just from fan projects during concerts. Wow, fanchants are getting more complicated. I always dance, sing, rap, and do fanchants all at once during concerts, now I need to do motions? That's a lot of work

  7. cheo reom says:


  8. hyunjin llama says:

    i am crying

  9. Buffet Buffet says:

    Markkkkk’s voice😭😢

  10. theshiningfromstar says:

    My heart was melted.

  11. Clara Akely says:

    Aww they are so cute💚😍

  12. nakamoto yuta says:

    We all know that day is approcing and its so sad
    Let's cherish them as much as we can remember these few days left

  13. maina gioia says:

    uwu haechannie

  14. Tatiana says:

    no voy a ir al concierto pero aún así veo esto porque soy mASOQUISTA😔👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  15. Nur Azizah Riyadi says:

    Yo why tf i'm crying seeing this:'

  16. Kiki Eonnii says:

    Me watching this : crying 🥺😭😭😭

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  19. Bintan Tazkia says:

    Donghyuk : (screaming) haechan is so handsome😂

  20. Veronica Kim says:


  21. Nicole xD says:

    mark part make me cry -.-

  22. luu nutella says:

    mark part😭😭

  23. 예원 says:

    아….너무 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  24. nct caretaker says:

    Too cute guys😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. OHH MINN says:

    im crying

  26. Vanda Dhea says:

    NCT DREAM FIX UNIT Pleaseeeee 😭😭😭

  27. nesaa says:

    they are so cute, but why i'm crying

  28. jungwoo: SCREAM says:

    The “Ha 5x” just kills me 😂😂😂

  29. Liz Quirarte says:

    Learns the fan chant even if they’re not doing a proper tour and I’m likely to never see them live 💚😩

  30. 아리Ari says:


  31. Allaboutkpop ! says:

    Gue ngebayangin nctzen pas fanchant bagian hahaha nya masaa😃lucu bett pasti🙈

  32. shabira rahmadhani says:

    smile, laugh, and cry at the same time:))

  33. puffy rex says:

    dreamies are full of cute baby energy🙃❤️

  34. snn n says:

    Wished Mark would be there to cheer the boys first concert😭😭..Too bad he will be on tour in the US

  35. qxnch. q says:

    so cute ㅠㅡㅠ

  36. siti mujassaroh says:

    omg they use the lightsticks that were decorated by chenji. Too cute

  37. Sarah Villegas says:

    ok but why am i crying

  38. Sidra Fatima says:


  39. lulugoofygoober says:

    look at how excited nct dream are to see nct dream on stage

  40. Itzel Daeღ says:

    Me alegraron mi día, bebitos. 😔💗

  41. Itzel Daeღ says:

    Son un desmadre, los amo tanto. 💕

  42. Victoria Rivas says:

    1:04 HAHAHAH JAEMIN I CAN’T he looked so confused! How cute!

  43. Mia says:

    why am i practicing this harder than my exam

  44. theminstv says:

    they are so freaking cute with this fanchant 😭😭

  45. SeeMin says:

    what the heck i wanna go 🙁 nct dream world tour lets go,come back to dallas pls :((

  46. Di J says:

    Me: gets stressed over the fact that the safety straps aren't around their wrists

  47. i just want some food says:

    They’re so cute omg I want to go to the concert too 😭😭😭

  48. L ex says:

    0:44 injunnie tickled himself to laugh. 😂

  49. iM tHE boSs t0 tHE W0RLd says:

    me singing along with my imaginary lightstick

  50. iM tHE boSs t0 tHE W0RLd says:

    mark behind screen:

  51. rsceprints says:

    wtf im so sad SM bring MARK BACK

  52. Eipril Choque says:

    I love them …..
    Please I wish 2019 won't end :"(

  53. Alifia Zahra says:

    At 1st watching this i cry for the mark rap part, then i repeat again n again, n im still crying realize that '00 liner will graduate :'(

  54. Skywalker__ 19 says:

    Sorry for saying that. But…NCT DREAM is the most successful NCT unit. It is time for SM to acknowledge this fact.
    Dear SM, just make them fixed group already. Dreamies deserve it. Their fans deserve it too

  55. K-pop Magnet says:

    My cute baby jaeminn

  56. karla seasonie orbit says:

    an ad before this video, about wayv is everything I need. YouTube says support OT21

  57. 녕긔 says:


  58. Sandy Lavínia says:

    0:59 O Nana foi tentar ajudar o Jisung e ele mesmo se atrapalhou, e o Renjun teve que ajudar LOL

  59. Lexi uwu says:

    I wish I could go 🙁

  60. Kim Hyeolin says:


  61. UwU강세인 says:

    Ojalá y pueda ir CTM más bien ojalá y ustedes vengan a México 😔✌🏻 el último concierto con Mark me lo perdí, NO ME QUIERO PERDER ESTE!!!!!!!

  62. orangemilk672711 says:

    Jeno is so cute💚💚💚Jeno’s smile is no.1👶🏻👑✨

  63. lalrinfeli vangchhia says:

    I feel blessed when i watch u…😭😭😭love u❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  64. Nayla Nuraulia says:

    Jisung lucu banget kenapa sih 😭😭😭

  65. sunny pieces says:

    I'm totally fine cries the whole time

  66. Lii K says:

    I can't with Jaemin

  67. Sunny Suh says:

    Jeno is so cute, my heart hurts so much❤️❤️❤️

  68. Olivable G. says:

    The fact that they have romanized subtitles of the chant, makes me assume that this is atleast an asian tour right??? When will they be announcing the tour dates? I'm desperate here😭😭😭😭

  69. Ecan Kinandita says:


  70. Tabitem Markly says:

    Bawling my eyes out. I'm being honest.

  71. u aa says:

    Chenle doing markeu rap🥺😭

  72. u aa says:

    When did jisungie grow up so much😭

  73. Choi eunae says:


  74. lemon fairy says:

    someone is crying while doing the fanchant. that someone is me💔

  75. SMfandomaniac HeartHeart says:

    Cuteeeee 😍❤️

  76. Munique Batista says:

    Did my heart just burst out of my chest or –

  77. Daniela EXO-L says:


  78. Carlota F says:

    A wuenas horas, no? Wueno me encanto

  79. Winny Guan says:

    im crying in NY 😭💚

  80. Gato te dice Stan Ateez says:


  81. K says:

    This is a fun video but WHY AM I CRYING EVERYTIME I HEARD MARK’S PART?!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 나재민런쥔누나나나나 says:

    Thank youu dreamieeees

  83. Mark me in your heart says:

    The intro really got me emotional 😭

  84. neo city says:

    so when did jisung start looking so old i literally blinked

  85. Syfa Kaila says:

    Seneng banget liat mereka bahagia gini:')

  86. ciudadana says:

    Que lindos

  87. Riya Garbyal says:

    I want this dream :’(

  88. nctwithnctzens says:

    Me: not attending the concert

    Also me: learns the fanchant

  89. Sijie Huang says:

    watched so many times. Dreamies never fail to make me smile.

  90. MARIEL SIERRA says:

    Who's cutting onions?? Cuz I'm crying alot stop, it hurts already

  91. Yara says:

    are we supposed to be ok while watching this?

  92. MARIEL SIERRA says:


  93. Yara says:

    I cannot believe how grown jisung has became :')

  94. HOW TO BE A COAT says:

    Okay now I need fanchants for 119, DNYL and My Page 💚

    Also the difference between neobong waving steps 7, 8 and 9 is a mood.

  95. Gabrielle Kuan says:

    my heart felt bad at 1:22 bc mark

  96. Xiuchen ChanBaek says:

    Literally Nobody:

    Nct: NANAnanana

  97. Nika says:

    they’re all using the customised light sticks chenji made 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I am absolutely crying and you are too

  98. Ruth Maura says:

    i'll memorize the fanchant but i wish i could go there

  99. hanisa maharani says:

    HA HA HA HA HA iys too cute.. i like that kkkk… 드림이 짱..!!

  100. jasmine jass says:

    the way renjun and jaemin were mocking us real fangirls

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