10 Classical Pieces You´ve Heard But Don´t Know Their Names 2
10 Classical Pieces You´ve Heard But Don´t Know Their Names 2

#1 Flight of the bumble bee – Korsakov #2 Dance of the Plum Sugar Fairy – Tchaikovsky #3 Revolutionary Etude – Chopin #4 Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven #5 Heroic Polonaise – Chopin #6 Invention in F – Bach #7 Mazurka in B Flat No.1. – Chopin #8 Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin #9 Prelude in C Minor – Chopin #10 Raindrop Prelude – Chopin And don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel! Click here on the screen and watch my videos!

100 thoughts on “10 Classical Pieces You´ve Heard But Don´t Know Their Names 2”

  1. Ola K says:

    Find the other emotikon

  2. Steven Radlowski says:

    I guess when you're a classical musician, you know all the names of these songs already. 😛

  3. Or Vaitzman says:

    But what's the piece name of his outro?

  4. Chase Adams says:

    Um, this is not Piano Tiles

  5. 3猫サバハナみぞれ Chi-yu says:

    Thank you for sharing.I enjoy all songs you play!

  6. Alex Kibou says:

    If you'll blink you'll miss it.

  7. mercedesbenzformula1 says:

    Remembering the names is very difficult

  8. Gitanjali Sheth says:

    Am I the only one who likes this video before watching??

  9. Olavo Matheus says:

    Muito bom

  10. Noah H. says:


  11. Josh -Hawt Sauce says:

    Good job boy! I like u how to play the piano!

  12. Darth Vader says:

    Finally a video where doesnt stare at us the whole time

  13. Re Zo says:

    Naja, die Mondscheinsonate wird wohl fast jeder auch beim Namen kennen.

  14. Shannon Vallejos says:


  15. Jieun Ie says:

    I wonder where i hear those song lmao

  16. Justin Addison says:

    Already knew Moonlight Sonata. Thank you, Resident Evil.

  17. Joseph Stalin says:

    Why would somone dislike this vid

  18. Tomasz Sawko says:

    Chopin rules ! Greetings from Poland !

  19. Confused Psycho says:

    I fucking like one piece of sad classical.. i can't find it.. that songs is at begin slow then that speed is higher

  20. Tanaka - kun says:

    Doesn't everyone know Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?

  21. Zed says:

    I wish I could play moonlight sonata

    Edit: didn't realise he played 1st movement. I wish I could play 3rd movement. Lol

  22. 「憲太くん」Kenta kun says:


  23. Marcos Gutierrez says:

    God I wish I could upload audio clips to YouTube comments. There's this one classical piece I've been scouring the internet for that's similar to Ode to Joy and often mistaken for it, but I cannot think of it!!!

  24. rslitman says:

    #1 is "Bumble Boogie" by B. Bumble and Stingers.

  25. Peng LIU says:

    I know 80%o these

  26. I Dont Have A Name says:

    I know all the names of those peaces , so im ganna report u , jk , im not even funny

  27. Luc Albert Lenquette Garcia says:

    0:03 Merlí

  28. MrBadBricks says:


  29. 李纯熙 says:

    the second one should be performed on a celesta

  30. Pavel Annor says:

    I like tyis

  31. Drih Melonni says:

    Caralhooo 0:21 sempre quis saber o nome dessa música, admirava nos filmes e desenhos 😍

  32. Shiki Gami says:

    can you do a Top 10 Chopin, Top 10 Mozart and Top 10 Bach video please?

  33. Randomnoob 781 says:

    I think is mising this songs :minuet in g

  34. SUPER ROOKIE says:


    guys I need you help in this video there's a piece that starts playing at 20:55 I want to know what it's called.

  35. S e t h R a m o s says:

    1:59 he's like "what am i playing, this is too easy"

  36. S e t h R a m o s says:

    3:10 what in the world, he talks??????!!!!!! that was unexpected

  37. no one says:

    The first one is advised to be played at 15 notes per second on a five string electric 24 carat gold viola worth 1.5 Million $.

    – a SaCriLeGioUs boi

  38. Deep Press ion says:

    i really liked the second one i think i heard it on a old disney movie , old mickey mouse episode , or on scooby doo.

  39. Jolin In the house says:

    You’re INSANE!!!!!!!

  40. Harry Pollard says:

    Who is here for number 8

  41. Royal Marii says:

    We’res fur Elise

  42. Rica Marhayati says:

    You know all the music because you are the piano tiles master😂

  43. J.B. says:

    2nd reminds me of an ice dungeons theme from pokemon

  44. L Daniel BS says:

    0:17 Tchaikovsky Dance of sugar

  45. Yoosef Azarnoush says:

    Legend says he's still looking at us without us knowing he's looking at us

  46. AR1NUM [αя] says:

    2:18 Thank you I was looking all over for this one!

  47. BgNdud Motovlog says:

    Tom and jerry

  48. MEGAN GARCIA says:

    #6 is the song I am learning right now

  49. Wimble Bimble says:

    Moonlight uh spotlight uh

  50. Bender Bending Rodriguez says:


  51. Oliver Cromwell says:

    I knew 9/10
    Hey, an A- isn’t so bad.

  52. To Boldly Go says:

    I played the dance of the sugar plum fairy for winter concert

  53. Ben Amidon says:

    2:19 welcome to table flip, hosted by the lovely suzy!
    And the impeccable barry.

  54. Awesome Galore says:

    Your Italian?

  55. I'm Done says:

    No staring for this video?

  56. Jerry Rodriguez 23 says:

    Moonlight sonata is pretty popular

  57. Kristina Gazivoda ii- says:

    Tom and Jerry?

  58. Canal Nada Mais says:

    Você precisa fazer um vídeo só com as músicas clássicas que ouvimos em desenhos animados como o Pica Pau, Mickey e Pernalonga. Tem algumas nesse vídeo mas poderia ser um exclusivo.

  59. Mistrock Has something to say says:

    No Kittycat Ballerina meow Meow

  60. Nikola Petrovic says:


  61. Edinei Muniz mendes says:

    Vinheteiro quero que você toque pachelbel em re maior

  62. Dec Gaming says:

    Did he just abandon his piano in one clip

  63. Bojan Bojić says:

    Classical music is for ever.

  64. Jett Alton says:

    1. Not Classical
    2. Not Classical
    3. Not Classical
    4. Classical
    5. Not Classical
    6. Not Classical
    7. Not Classical
    8. Not Classical
    9. Not Classical
    10. Not Classical

    Is this clickbait?

  65. Paul Lawrence says:

    You flashed the names of the songs too quickly! Didn't have enough time to read more than a word or two before they dissapeared, so I had to keep rewinding and pausing the video to be able to read it all. Other than that, AMAZING video. You are very talented, bravo!

  66. Piotr Bieniecki says:

    Why am I siting here and listen to some Man playing piano? I'm not even playing piano. And I love it..

  67. Hendra Lesmana says:

    i like Maple Leaf Rag

  68. Joqt says:

    i did not know that there's a gaming keyboard that sings OFMS

  69. Enrique Rodriguez G says:

    Moonlight Sonata Mvt.1 Is so iconic. Who wouldnt know the name😂


    thanks, you helped me a lot 😎

  71. Leah Cartwright says:

    I swear five minute crafts or brightside use maple leaf rag…

  72. Людмила Цупко says:

    Oh i played this Bach's thing in school!

  73. Игнат says:

    Инвенцию фа мажор играл в 5 классе, ых пальцы тогда страдали 😉

  74. kleber silva says:

    Faz vídeo solo de cada música. Parabéns não sei nem descrever o quanto você é fantástico no piano!!!!

  75. Ryu Arisandy says:

    0,75x its good

  76. Gamer Host says:

    Literally nobody:
    Not a single person:
    Not even a single cell:

    This meme

  77. Pote Ser says:

    2:35 Rachmaninoff written Variations on this theme by Chopin


    MASTER do you know LANG LANG?

  79. Cid Neverwas says:

    Thank you for this. I've always been terrible with names in general, so this is very helpful with classical pieces of music I may not have heard very often or just forgot the name of.

  80. Antasena Dwipayana says:

    can i hear some classical music with the waltz for opera show?

  81. F1reBr3ather says:

    1- Flight Of The Bumble Bees
    2- Dance Of The Plum Sugar Fairy
    3- Revolutionary Etude
    4- Neon Grav….. I mean Moonlight Sonata

  82. homie789 says:

    Scott Joplin is NOT classical, he was the father of a music type called "Rag" or "ragtime" which is nothing like classical.

  83. Alfiyyah Rifda Saputri says:

    Grifdazyrra C. Taurus

  84. Dorota Pena says:


  85. Scott Murray says:

    Is it just me or have u heard most of these from Tom and Jerry!!! 😂😂🐱🐭

  86. Scott Murray says:

    Is it just me or have u heard most of these from Tom and Jerry!!! 😂😂🐱🐭

  87. Andy the Pianist says:

    He’s look at the piano! That means it for real hard!

  88. Sarah Silva says:

    Um monte de músicas do pica pau

  89. Dreamy Girl says:

    I know some of them because of piano tiles

  90. Jansen Ward says:

    What’s that song on til toks that goes dun dun nun nun then earrape or something

  91. Spiritually correct says:

    Chopin rules !

  92. Mauro Yañez says:

    Heroic Polonaise surely Is a trademark from Carlitos Muñoz in Les Luthiers. ♥️

  93. Astir01 says:

    Interesting how all these are called in english, but Mondschein (Sonate) isn´t quite the same as moonlight. A light bulb produces light, but the moon only reflects sunlight.

  94. d'edsi says:

    1:07 – Ooooliver Cromwell, Lord protector of England, born in 1599,died in 1658, September

  95. Wolf Fang12 says:

    Tom and Jerry

  96. universo infinito says:

    Flight of the bumble bee. = Shine. Great movie with Mr. Rush.

  97. Julio Ortiz says:

    Eres del Brasil ? Un saludo de un paraguayo que vive en los estados unidos

  98. thewhuthut says:

    Be still my beating heart! I have know and Love all these masterpieces & love them all. 🎼🎶❤👍👍

  99. Ren Mtz says:

    Serious question to anyone who can answer. There is a kpop song, Jungle Game by SF9 that has a chorus that sounds familiar (the dodododo part).. It sounds familiar and reminds me of some sort of Halloween vibe lol.. anyone have a idea where they got that part inspired from?

  100. Marc Colten says:

    #4 – This is when the audience members hold up their cigarette lighter.

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