10 EASY GUITAR LICKS Every Guitarist Should Know!
10 EASY GUITAR LICKS Every Guitarist Should Know!

100 thoughts on “10 EASY GUITAR LICKS Every Guitarist Should Know!”

  1. John Howard says:


    Can't thank you enough for these informative videos. It has changed my whole aspect of playing and I am improving daily. It has opened up a whole new level of creativity. Awesome stuff!!

  2. Sameena Kausar says:

    Awesome !

  3. Isaac Wilson says:

    Awesome video, of course it's all the in between licks you play between the lesson lick that has me chomping at the bit!

  4. Rakhitha Mutucumarana says:

    You just earned a subscriber. Awesome video

  5. Lightning theBeast says:

    I don't even know what Licks mean
    I am hopeless

  6. Peter Bertelli says:

    10 out of 10 sir ! Great content and excellent teaching. Its so refreshing to see someone break it down simply and take the time to demonstrate at different tempi. Thank you

  7. shovington67 says:

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  8. Wolvereyne says:

    i learned similar stuff from blues and Jimi Hendrix guitartab books 23 years ago. great video

  9. tottenham brasil Brasil says:

    Um abraço do tamanho do Brasil.
    Thank you

  10. Abe Aleman says:

    Thanks again! I've got some practicing to do.

  11. Youtube_ Joe GB says:

    Great video

  12. Lnogu006 says:

    Brother you’re changing YouTube!!!

  13. FBHI says:

    Easy licks to play, but when you are counting the time with your foot (paaaa. papa. papa. papa|), is not thaaat easy hahaha

  14. Prime Gallow says:

    damn man, been playing for 15 years, that was the easiest/best tutorial I've found yet. Thank you

  15. oscar castillo says:

    Awesome brother

  16. Lars Tuva Johansen says:

    Wow! Just WOW! THANK YOU!

  17. Joseph says:

    Darrell – Thanks so much for this very enlightening lesson! Where can I get the printed tabs for it? I checked the Tabsite link referenced here, but don't see this particular lesson listed there. Thanks.

  18. Waylon Levins says:

    Everything sounds better on a Les Paul. Great vid dude!

  19. Bobby Williams says:

    Hey I really appreciate you and your channel. I've got a quick question. Would a Fretlight light be a good tool for me while learning to play guitar? I just had shoulder surgery so it might be a while before I begin learning. I've been researching different things that might help like the Fretlight and Rocksmith. Your thoughts are very appreciated.

  20. Chris Cooper says:

    So much goodness here. Thanks man!

  21. Travis Pendell says:

    Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you.

  22. Danny Lie says:

    Im more into your fills between the licks

  23. Crantrex says:

    My favorite riff I have ever learned was black magic women😭👌🏻

  24. Ram Jam says:

    I tried a Les Paul today, its like carrying two children…its heavy af

  25. Gerald West says:

    Excellent video, thank you very much. I know you probably hear it all the time but would please tell me which les paul this is…what year…is it a standard. Thank you!

  26. Jim Regan says:

    I was looking to support you by purchasing these tabs but I'm not sure where to find them. I checked on the link but they weren't there.

  27. Scott Davis says:

    Thanks Darrell. That's a great music lesson.

  28. elote05 says:

    Thank you Darrell

    I'm a beginner with horrible fingers and this video helped me a lot. Great channel dude!

  29. •Team Exo• says:

    I’m so glad I watched this video. Well worth my time 😄

  30. Manfred Kleinschmidt says:

    Thank you Darell geat lesson for me as an beginner. Can you also show how you play the meantime things? Thx in advance!

  31. Rob RobC says:

    I’m looking for a video of licks over chords and I can’t find any can you make one?

  32. Jonathanツ says:

    If I knew how to play every song that a video tells me “every guitarist should know” I would be the best guitar player in the world

  33. Bruce Key says:

    is it just me or does it seem like in that first lick he is only bending a quarter tone?

  34. Beau Morris says:

    Some great Santana Style Licks… Good Work.

  35. Endtyme says:

    Love your personality Darrell. Always with the right mood in every lesson and video.

  36. Craig Holman says:

    Darrell, thank you! …this is BY FAR one of the easiest and most well demonstrated and generally easy lessons for my skill range I've come across in the channel. This explains SO MUCH!

  37. Chief's Choices says:

    Darrell, PLEASE tell me what you think is the fast and or best way to learn the guitar…

  38. sue gates says:

    There HAS to be something wrong with my GuitR. My bends sound like a Cat in Heat!!

  39. CrimsonR says:

    Woah. You’re Canadian?

  40. F M says:

    Awesome lesson. Would love to see a follow up with some other rhythms like triplets and triplets mixed with swing eights etc. Awesome ideas in this video. Well done.

  41. INFINITY LIFE says:

    Brasil aqui

  42. kianno kyle says:

    these licks are for 1st position only? how can i apply this in other position?

  43. Steve Redondo says:

    Love the lessons Darrell. Thank You buddy!

  44. MrSimba0 says:

    Why are you so awesome this was one of the best guitar learning videos Ive ever seen because i can use this in everything in the future. Im drunk right now and i wanna play my guitar right now, plus what backing track where you playing on it was so chill and rich. Can we get that track please?

  45. Bill LaRuffa says:

    Are these in any specific key?

  46. Hyun Lee says:

    The backing track is unavailable now 😭

  47. barbaraterracciano1 says:

    Darrell,Thank you for video!😘🎸

  48. David Cogan says:

    On the fifth examp0le, you have an 8th fret on third string. Is this in pentatonic scale?

  49. Paul Hatzigiannis says:

    Very important video for me… Keep up the good work and in time give us more like this!

  50. DKDonson says:


  51. metal crazy says:

    I found this video very helpful , thanks for sharing your gift.

  52. Michael Taylor says:

    This is great. Do you happen to have a video explaining the notes and scales? I'm extremely new to guitar and don't understand how to read scales.

  53. surfersi360 says:

    Hi great vid any good places to get the backing track 🙂

  54. Gradomir says:

    I'm a guitarist and teacher as well and my 9yo nephew that lives 800km from me asked me for some good videos for beginners since i cannot teach him myself. There are lot's of YT teachers, but no matter how much they try to share their knowledge it was always something wrong/missing. Now i found this video and it's perfect for him to start with licks and have some fun in the same time.

    Thank you for this good video 🙂

  55. Fábio Rodrigo Pessoa says:

    Cheers from São Paulo

  56. Bend Em says:

    Turn the adverts off. Pease

  57. Kool Aid Kush says:

    Will this only work for that specific pentatonic shape?

  58. steve beilstein says:

    The link to the backing track isn’t working. Just being new to playing, I want all the practice possible. Other than that the tutorial is awesome. Thanks for teaching.

  59. Oscar Luna says:

    I'll be coming back to this video (again & again). 🙂

  60. JimFranceMusic says:

    Thank you! I've been stuck on a solo that I'm building for an original song, and just haven't found anything that seemed to flow. Can't wait to get home and try these out.

  61. Ray Smith says:

    Thanks again Darrell. Very useful information!!! I really enjoy your videos!

  62. Kyle Woodward says:

    Thanks man!! You taught me something about bending as a beginner.

  63. CosmicBrain21 says:

    Darrell, love your videos. Definitely the most insightful guitar content on YT. Thanks for making these vids, really inspired me to get the guitar out the closet.

  64. Lukas Folletto says:

    The Backing track link is unavailable. Can you share it with us?

  65. Longjohnson Shagwell says:

    absolutely excellent, I am a teacher and will use this in my playlist. Thank you so much!

  66. atay yaman says:

    The Backing track link is unavailable. Can you share it with us?

  67. ulv says:

    tfw playing this on an acostic

  68. dappawap says:

    I have been playing for many years and I find you are a great teacher which is a skill in itself. Excellent. Not too difficult, very well explained and very useful excercises to all.

  69. jintu das says:

    Nice sir..

  70. Kenny Young says:


  71. hidderp 8103 says:


  72. Sergio Cordero says:

    Im in a band and we wanted an instrumental blues. I came to tia video, Put all the licks together and is amazing

  73. David Marsh says:

    Great lesson! One thing that is helpful for beginners is to discuss what chords each lick might work with,

  74. PhoenixJGrey says:

    Who scrolled through the comments looking for a list?

  75. Anthony USA says:

    Thanks..these are very helpful.

  76. J.C_GOD #IAM says:

    Thank you so much. God bless!

  77. Mulberry2000 says:

    Very good video. do u have the backing tracks. However like most guitar teachers you do not stay within the parameters of the lesson and add stuff. For people this is confusing and overwhelming and not fair. Sure it sounds good but it just puts people off, you should of just done the licks with no addons and that would of been OK. The link to the backing track is dead.

  78. Denis Schulligen says:

    What’s the chord progression that is used?

  79. Matthias Söllner says:

    Thank's Darrell!!

  80. Gabor Baksa says:

    I feel like he is a good buddy of my circle

  81. Slash Thayil says:

    so what are the songs?

  82. Raining Gaming System says:

    Is there a backing track

  83. Robson Almeida says:

    Could anybody define lick please

  84. Jeremy Wooldridge says:

    Been playing for a very long time and this video is a prime example of why I could never give lessons. Your explanations and level of patience is to be admired. Great vid.

  85. Shadow says:

    mmmmmmm tasty

  86. Christopher Liberty says:

    loves it. practicing 1 basic bend , can't wait to get it down and "Pick" up the "Rest. . . "

  87. J4GSTERZ Gaming says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for and better then I could have ever expected!

  88. Claudia Jay says:

    Did not find worksheet for this lesson?

  89. Roger Jensen says:

    Great video saved in my Best #1. How can we get the backing track????

  90. dayshawna says:

    thank you darrell! this really helped me, ive been playing guitar for two years self taught and i’ve never knew any scales or keys, but they were easy to learn once you showed them, i took my about 2 or 3 tries to get it right and i’ve been trying to improve on my soloing so thank you once again !

  91. Robert Bailey says:

    Love this vid

  92. Milen Hristov says:

    I dont usually write comments but you are awesome man! Subscriber for life!

  93. Joe Steffe says:

    Thanks Darrell I just got my tee shirt . Your dream did really good shipping ect ect

  94. TK 750 says:

    Can one get a black plastic p/u cover instead of the white pickup covers for my Studio zebra coil pickups. My first lp had two black covers per pick up and I really like that look. Where to get tem?

  95. Craig Hollenbeck says:

    You need to add PRS to you t-shirt design. Holy trinity move over for PRS. Thanks for the video. I was afraid to try leads til I found your videos.

  96. M. Aparicio says:

    this video is being very usefull for me as i am starting to learn to improvise over a track

  97. Brian Gipperich says:

    So where is the tab for these licks? The link in the video was not the tab for this lesson. Spent the money and got a pentatonic scale lesson. Would like to have these riffs as well.

  98. Jeffrey Buckingham says:

    That L.P. sounds amazing!

  99. Zachary Nowak says:

    Thanks so much for some great new licks!

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