10 Iconic Rap/Hip-Hop Songs Of 2018 On Piano Which Are Easy to Play vol.1
10 Iconic Rap/Hip-Hop Songs Of 2018 On Piano Which Are Easy to Play vol.1


55 thoughts on “10 Iconic Rap/Hip-Hop Songs Of 2018 On Piano Which Are Easy to Play vol.1”

  1. ELC_REPTIX says:

    I love how you play the piano 💕

  2. LLJ XXX says:

    Amazing as always

  3. Grim Cat Piano says:

    Any suggestions for part 2?
    Sicko Mode, Clout Cobain….

  4. vjizik says:

    Now 8ing for these full versions 🙂
    I wish you made cover for posy’s White Iverson. Unfortunately there’s no worthy tutorial for this one on YouTube

  5. Daddy Eyebrows says:

    Psycho sounds like the intro to an undertale game or something

  6. scarypunkghost says:

    the next level play the next level play <3


    Agian awesome 👏

  8. Gustavo Araki says:

    I love it !!

  9. FN Swaye says:

    When YouTube recommends actually works

  10. The Flaming Piano says:

    Easy but nice arrangements. The rainbow at the end is the best!

  11. //DDLC \ says:

    Class 😎👌

  12. Blue Benji says:

    You cold broo

  13. Blue Benji says:

    You fr deserve like 1mill subscribers

  14. rsaw1229 says:

    Can you do “Break My Heart Again” by Finneas please? Would mean a lot

  15. Susan Lawson says:

    In my music we have been revising piano, helpful to my FL studio stuff…BOI i wish i was as good as you, thanks for this. I will keep practicing

  16. Yalink says:

    I only came to learn mo bamba

  17. Pure Aimed says:

    Wait, why does this man not have 100k subs?

  18. Ultima Sound says:

    Yo, I like what you do! keep pushing.. Please check my channel and let me know how you like my beats! Thanks in advance

  19. Scrubby Clips says:


  20. Projects To Mansions says:

    Something about having rap in my life makes me happy !

  21. SnkeJke says:


  22. Travis Hebert says:

    Ah, Thats Hot

  23. oh hello there says:

    I've been learning how to play the piano for a long time now and I can play some of these

  24. Timothy Boyce says:

    You should’ve used lower keys for lucid dreams

  25. Its Niels says:

    2:20 is mo bamba

  26. Balencii Yung says:

    “Iconic rap songs” puts lil mosey in wtf hell no then after Skies & Rich like okay they’re good yes but not to the “iconic” level

  27. Autumn Bees Gaming says:

    may be i wont like all songs but i like all of your covers in this video.

  28. Taylor Nicholls says:

    Lmao I was waiting for lil peep

  29. 07 Lloyd says:

    Iconic? Lil pump and six nine🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  30. Juan Silva says:

    agree or disagree if anyone likes xxxtentacion comment down below

  31. Supergojay says:

    Is this Synthesia?

  32. Mafis Askarov says:

    Wtf only 13 k views

  33. Andrew Rose says:

    How long have you been playing piano

  34. Ben F says:

    What program is that?

  35. KliX Gaming says:

    I remember listening to Arms Around You and crying my eyes out

  36. Choice says:

    They got my baby X on here❤️

  37. LtMaximillian mus says:

    Keep up the good work, you have really inspired me to learn piano

  38. DeQuan Wren says:

    Lol six9ines is in rainbow colors

  39. Zach Kiblin says:

    Literally none of these songs are iconic

  40. Devinn Jenkins says:

    Play back at speed 1.25x

  41. T White says:

    Dude can play piano but has absolutely NO idea what an iconic hip hop song is

  42. SkylineGamingAnimations says:

    These rap songs sound romantic on the piano (expect for mo bamba )

  43. Ella Barnes says:

    U need way more subs u got skill

  44. Michael WHite says:


  45. dylan foley says:

    corny af

  46. El Guapo says:

    These are rap songs, this is Mumble rap garbage, who would ever want to play this shit on piano.

  47. Moto Bandito says:

    Trash song selections.

  48. Aytaç Bayram says:

    This is trap shit not rap

  49. Addison France says:

    I’m trying to teach my self how to play. Do you have any tips?

  50. srd14413 says:

    That jucewrld part hit hard RIP 🥺🥺

  51. Com0Co0Uk T says:

    Ahah how can you call it iconic when theres no Eminem, Biggie, Pac, Dre, etc.

  52. Julietta Seley says:

    I love how you did the colors for the particular artists. Very nice touch! Can you do a Riff Raff song from Cranberry Vampire album? 🙂

  53. Conor Fitzgerald says:

    Gotti sounding like it should be in a sad scene from a romantic movie

  54. Nigel Kotahatuhaha says:


  55. Алексей Веркеев says:

    Судя по красным казанкам, автор вдохновлялся на уличной разборке, металлисты опять рэперов щемили.

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