20 Piano Hacks (PART 2) to INSTANTLY Sound Like A PRO!!!!
20 Piano Hacks (PART 2) to INSTANTLY Sound Like A PRO!!!!

hello musicians my name is Corey Taylor
from SkilledMusician,com where we are helping musicians improve thank y’all so
much for checking out today’s video now today’s video is part two of our 20
piano hackS so if you haven’t seen part one definitely should go check it out
there’s a lot of cool hacks it now today’s hacks a little bit more advanced
than last week’s but but you all can do them so I’ve broken the hacks down into
two big concepts and then on each concert there’s a lot of little small
hacks and for those that are new I put timestamps in the description box so you
can easily find each hack also I’ve made sheet music for
each of these hacks and I’m some of them I’ve actually taken through all 12 keys
for you to make it easier I’ve also created a MIDI file of the final
demonstration at the end of this video I do a big demonstration where I show you
kind of all the hacks put together and so I created a MIDI file for that so you
can definitely check that out and also if you have not downloaded the
lead sheet for our example song that we’re using for all of these hacks that
link is in the description box as well lastly definitely hit the subscribe
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alright the let’s not waste any more time let’s get started so another piano hack is to add
suspensions resolutions and just basically movement to your inner voices
now it sounds like a difficult and mouthful but it’s actually really really
easy so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you two options on major chords and
then kind of a your choice your own choice on dominant chords so let me show
you so the first thing you want to do is look at your hands differently and so
what this requires you to do is to kind of think of your hands in three
different zones so you have your your kind of route to your kind of base zone
then you have your inside voices and then you have your melody right so here
are two options I enjoy doing on major chords to add movement to the inner
voices or here’s the first one so whenever I have the third on top so if
I’m playing an F major chord and the third is on top of that chord I do this to hear that so what it is so what what that does is so we have
this motion and so we go from F major it’s like a F major six or if you’re
gonna be minor taking a D minor because it’s the same notes an F major F major
six kind of it doesn’t change the sound so much that you wouldn’t play it over
just a regular F major chord so I can I use often do them somewhere right so what am I playing internally some
more now there are a couple ways you can
think about how to get these notes how did it we give them everything
well one way I can think of it as I’m going to these notes D and half so I’m
just surrounding them you see another way you can think is
this really looks like d-minor so it’s like I’m playing an A and then going to
D minor so a major event D minor either way it works but the point is in your
right hand you’re gonna play the sharp 11 so from F sorry
not sharp 11 sharp 5 sharp five sharp I’m sorry shot five
seven and six and your left hand seven to water and the way you want to play it
is you want to play the outside voices first and then the inner voice all right
so that’s one way when the third is on top you can do this it’s kind of another
way is when the fifth is on top I’ll often do this one as well so what is
that this is kind of the idea of the same idea of five to one so I’m playing
a half right and then I outline these notes and this is just a CDS no 67 4
which plays off the principal five to one so five accord
right so so another way to think of it is I’m just having my notes of my F
major try and I’m just surrounding them again so on this left hand I’m gonna go
to a so I’m gonna know before they note after in this scale so then right hand
I’m going to app so not before not after and then oh you see that so let’s do that all right um so let’s just
kind of demonstrated a few of them so here it is Oh right did you see that so that was the
same idea I just did it over B flat also in beef I have 2/3 on top so I went
right to that one so I’m sorry try again alright now I’ll also give you something
like to do to kind of add a little flavor onto it’s just something small
but I like to sorry so this guy neighbor zone here so what I’m doing is so really quickly and so you can have fun with that melody
internal melody and just kind of messing around with a little bit right into the alright alright so that’s two options on
major chords so let me give you a kind of my whole
theory on dominant chords alright so on dominant chords I like to do what I call
it changing tensions which is let’s someone here let’s take a regular old
seem us two notes to a seven so eight seven
alright so here’s a dominant for a seven and this is cool but we can start
changing the tensions let’s make it a seven flat nine all right let’s make it
at age seven flat now I’m with the flat five different tension
let’s bring at a seven sharp nine sharp five let’s make it a seven just sharp
nine right so you can change the tensions on these chords on dominant
chords offer so let me give you some my
tried-and-true I said I was only gonna give you one but I take that back I’m
actually gonna give you a few things like the deal with Dominic whores to
change the tensions alright so let’s say we’re doing our
song by here so we’re here so I could play this breakaway a7
you know that works that’s not the best sound though mmm so let’s play des
eighty seven flat nine flat father do you hear that
alright and let’s change some of the tension so I’m gonna take this flat five
he’s gonna roast throw it down to making just a regular flat nine so that’s right
so I’ll play it in context you hear that it’s another one all right so so this is a seven sharp
nine sharp five chord here’s it a seven flat nine flat five or sharp 11 and so right so I can I can go back and forth
between the two and it works really cool because they’re both tribes in the right
hand it makes it work really easily so I did over here right alright let me give you another one I
like to do and so all I’m doing is going changing the tension notes so other
particularly else I avoid maybe only the major seven that’s probably the only
note I don’t a wouldn’t play but even at that never rule is is these aren’t
there’s no teacher service music theory not music truth so even then I’ll still
occasionally do it let me think of a case all right so I do this sometimes so I did this I have this this upward
moving sometimes I’ll stop there I see it all right you think I won’t keep on
now we gotten past the melody all right so we hope you’re seeing what I’m doing
I’m just kind of moving from one tension to the others so let’s kind of break down the tissue
notes so we have a very real ace a major 8 7 is to G now here’s a 9 B so we can
flat it which makes it B flat or sharp it with the mixer be sharp or C major
and harmonically I’m AC and harmonically a B sharp right so from putting C 7 I
could add the flat 9 or the truck now you see that’s one option
so I could you know do something like alright so did all right another tension
note is the 5 so you can flat it or sharp it
right so you get in you can play with this
to hear that that’s a cool sound all right another note is the 13 find
that in there and so I don’t know I’m just kidding
moving away moving towards these tension notes just trying to see what what
melodically makes sense internally and so you can really play with these really
have a lot of fun with them and so yeah many times
if I’m trying to they say all right another way I like to move inner voice
is on a dominant chord so I’m give you two let’s take C major
our c7 sorry I’ll do this so that’s back to our original one that
we initially did the first one in F I’m doing over at Dominic or
so the only difference is instead of playing it as it I would normally play
it I flat the 7 4 c7 which would be its forward to keep at Beaufort Sea because
I’m gonna keep path here alright so let me show you so in our song right there so that’s just a play off of
the initial art I showed you and so I’m just adjusting the notes that fit the
core so this is c7 which has to be flat not at B but B flat let me go back to
Kiev first my trophy well if we were playing f7 Howard
so be it would I would change it to be a flat
but this case we’re not all right so that’s two ways over major chords in two
ways over Dominic horns to changed it tensions at suspension and resolution in
a movement to your inner voices and that that’s a really cool piano hack so work
on those and I’m out let me see what you you come up with so make some videos
where you’re changing the tensions and and doing these movements there are a
lot more movements and I’m tagged me in them so I can see them alright alright
so that’s that so another really cool piano hack that
really adds interest and spices really just changes the sound of your playing
it’s adding a left hand our Pidgey ated line of some sort
someone give you my favorite line to add so in the key of F over F major up so
the the line is one five and then we go to the two or nine so at this you see that ALSO on b-flat Eb all right so you get the idea so how do
I do it over our example song well let’s give it a try I’m gonna take it a little
slower so you can hear it so here it is all right so you kinda get the idea of
its ads rip this like it’s a different style of playing and so what sort of
scare is when you’re playing two hundred voices and you you know and you can use
your left hand to feel harmonically there and this kind of playing you might
have to add one or two notes more in your right hand so three or four chords
in your right hand instead of maybe sometimes two. all right cool
that’s one my all-time favorite left hand lines. There
are plenty others that’s just one of my favorites that I like doing but
definitely work work who try to find your own evening but that’s a great one
another one that’s the other one that’s kind of
classic so it’s kind of a classic one. this one a
little different so it kind of has different sound to it
I would definitely though that’s a great way to add interest and color to your
playing so it’s a great piano hack for you so okay here’s what I’m going to do I’m
going to play through the song comment and just kind of plate how I would play
it and I’m going to try to point out on the screen where I utilize some of the
techniques that we talked about I’m gonna try to use all utilize all of them
and I’ll try to write on the screen everything I’m doing now remember the
whole point of this video is to get the small stuff so there’d be some big stuff
like some chord you might want to know what it is and I’ll explain those in
future videos but the whole idea is to get this small stuff because it’s
because the small stuff really makes the difference in your playing whether you
get the big cord or not if you’re able to do these small things like grace
notes or any movements suspensions and resolutions left-hand lines just kind of
all of that really can transfer when you’re playing more than just playing
this the big fancy court of the big fancy one so without further ado here
goes you all right pretty cool so I hope you
weren’t overwhelmed by the number of hacks and ideas for you to learn
remember my whole philosophy just get one down mastered I’m gonna move on to
the next one you don’t have to get them all by tomorrow so just get one down
really really well also definitely check out our new Instagram and Facebook pages
if you haven’t they’re pretty cool then we’ll be doing some Instagram Facebook
live starting shortly so stay tuned for that also if you’re new to this channel
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upload new material alright again my name is Corey Taylor from
SkilledMusician.com where we are helping musicians improve so hopefully
this video has helped you improve so until the next one, be blessed and happy

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