3 Ways Sound Will Be Used In The Future
3 Ways Sound Will Be Used In The Future

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  1. Laruschack says:


  2. maris brandt says:

    I think it would be cool if the was an echo location device for blind people

  3. King Anatta says:

    Interesting concepts. Can't wait for things like thing to be implemented in the ways you suggested. Subscribed

  4. rashad wilson says:

    This is tech is old news thousands of years old

  5. dka13 says:

    Problem with he fire extinguisher, it would be used to kill more often than to help

  6. OddWorld says:

    Definitely the fire extinguisher one was the coolest. I can just imagine high tech robots with these capabalities. Can you imagine two badass robots bursting into your room where you're trapped and as they enter the fire just immediately dissipates?!

  7. TheInstantoverkill says:


  8. Götterdämmerung says:

    Sound Cannons! Because words can hurt too!
    Lol Warhammer humor

  9. Seyi Bammeke says:

    I like the Low Frequency Fire Extinguisher… Probably cause i think its the most feasible of the ones you mentioned… its also cool 'cause it could be automated, and unintrusive… i wonder how small they can be packaged? interesting video:)

  10. okaywhatever says:

    Sound powered cars would be cool. The fire extinguisher was awesome! I love your channel btw! I love thinking about the future.

  11. TabletopModeler says:

    All of them are cool.  But sonic fire extinguisher!   That sounds awesome.

  12. Dryued says:

    How could you not mention the acoustic levitation?
    It seriously looks like witchcraft.

  13. EMDrum says:

    I have long dreamt of a time when we can use the sound of natural phenomenon in tune with man made beats and melodies. The sound of a sonic boom or thunder or even the blast of fire works to be some of the baseline of a song played in a large desert perhaps. I believe once we become a type 1 civilization our music festivals might include the use of these methods, hopefully…

  14. LazyMasterGamer says:

    3:00 "So stay tuned" was this pun intended xD

  15. Dawnfriek says:

    would be interesting to be able to control flame. and scary if you get low on power and lose control

  16. sharkfin18 says:

    About that fire extinguisher, if you can use sound to move things, would a "not too far into the future" invention be to have sound blasts working as what moves the piston in a car instead of gasoline and a spark?

  17. JoyfullJuneBug says:

    I hope firefighters can use the one by the MIT students soon.

  18. ZZDaikun says:

    If anyone needs sounds to check out (or maybe relax to), do a YouTube search for delta wave.

  19. Miguel Silva says:

    I've started to hear a 550Hz sine wave about 10 months ago when I'm in silence, but lately it have become louder so I'm starting to hear most of the time, I'm almost sure it's inside my brain so I'm scared it might be something bad, will be seeing a doctor soon to diagnose…

  20. Vishal Mody says:

    Always enjoy watching your videos. It would be very interesting to have sound "sprinkler systems" in commercial buildings, especially those that warehouse paper or other items that are damaged by water. Sound based fire extinguishers could be automatically triggered just like water based sprinkler systems are used now.  Imagine a fire engine that uses speakers to extinguish building fires!

  21. Dawn Maples says:

    What if we could use sound for generating energy powering cars, houses, and more

  22. Zeno says:

    so silence is the future of sound?

  23. Edward M says:

    I saw a PhD Aerospace engineering student's experiment using sound to increase the decrease turbulence cause by an airplane's wings. It was pretty cool to see.

  24. GunnerT51 says:

    What song was that?

  25. Matt Long says:

    I've been thinking about a few advanced applications of sound lately. One is microstructuring bulk materials; so instead of having a 3d printer create micro lattices, one could use a complex array of standing waves to create very strong and light weight materials. Also I think quantum devices will use sound to manipulate plasmons to control light emissions for data encryption /transmission. Lastly I've been fantasizing about using sound to create better heat engines for cars, refrigerators, water heaters, and air conditioners. I'd explain more but…

  26. Matt Long says:

    Oh!!! I almost forgot, the best future use of sound is Fusion power. hydrogen bubbles in liquid metal + ultrasonic cavitation = helium + energy.

  27. i A says:

    If specific sound waves can push specific molecules , then i think it can be used in a lot of industrial processes.
    But some evil minds can use this extinguisher as a torture machine or for example in a demonstration against states etc. Because it pushes oxygen .

  28. Muskoka Man says:

    I have said for years that Musicians are the real wizards of the cosmos…

  29. Ryan Castaneda says:

    You didn't talk about using sound waves as a coolant, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sound-waves-chill-in-new/

  30. Sunil Saini says:

    I have found a sound that can knock your socks off https://soundcloud.com/sonnywane

  31. tahi laci says:

    Doctors already use sound for diagnosis
    They ask the patients about their symptoms.

  32. signsofevil says:

    I like you even if you have no hair, because you are smart! =D

  33. Guilherme Marques says:

    Guys, have you heard about Ubeam already? This company is working to make wireless energy solutions that are mainly sound based! Imagine a world free of cables!!! www.ubeam.com

  34. ShayPlayz says:

    Nice! SOUNDS great… (lame pun)
    COME ON!!!!!! 100,000 ALREADY!!!

  35. Trystan Kolenda says:


  36. Zhuhui Di says:

    The sound extinguisher 👍

  37. john harris says:

    Wish the video would have touched on resonate frequencies

  38. Pyra Firestone says:

    i would use sound to make a sonic screwdriver!

  39. Marco Veluscek says:

    Controlling the heat of a thermal nuclear reactor so that we can make them more efficient.

  40. Synonymous says:

    Sonic screwdrivers, anyone?

  41. thecorrcetkid ok says:

    That bass though

  42. Joe G.P. says:

    the coolest application would be the one theorized to have been used by ancient aliens somewhere in South America, to move (levitate) massive boulders (like 80 ton boulders)

  43. Chael says:

    Trying so hard to be vsauce

  44. Ron Swanson says:

    The one that pushes away oxygen could be used as a way of crowd control. Blast it towards the crowd and when the oxygen gets pushed away they have to calm down or suffocate.

  45. Eli Orellana says:

    Sound waves can be used to levitate objects. Melt stone. Heal body's. And warp space. Sound waves can controls liquid mater like blood and make it actually move like a snake. Cleaning the walls of your veins. The stones of ancient paru feel like glass because they were cut with sound waves. And melted together by sound waves. Sound waves can been and skin regeneration. And control emotions.

    I only wish i could explain this mathematically

  46. Rajneesh Sharma says:

    fire extinguisher for space that's cool

  47. blissando says:

    I could see the fire extinguishing capabilities of sound really striking a chord in the future.

    Sonochemistry, and especially acoustophoresis (acoustic levitation), should have a uplifting affect on container-less mixing of chemicals soon, as well as using the same principles to manipulate macroscopic materials. I understand the physics but it's still "magical" in its beauty.


  48. Jeremiah Liggins says:

    Firefighting drones that emit sound!!!

  49. Lisa says:

    The future of sound?  Absolutely incredible.

  50. Sushant Mondal says:

    The most futuristic use of sound is to create diamonds with ultrasonic cavitation. It uses a solution of graphite or pencil lead in organic solution and is blasted with sound to produce micron sized diamonds… How can sound produce diamonds, not too sure…

  51. Chris East says:

    Drop the low frequency bass and Knife Party have no B-B-B-B-Bonfire

  52. godonlyknows13 says:

    Shoot! I was hoping for a hovercraft that operates by playing your favorite tunes really loud at the ground!

  53. Rolando Pe says:

    sound extinguisher can't be used in space craft,,,,, why? because human loaded space craft uses pure oxygen that is highly flammable.. and when ignited it's possible to cause explosion

  54. AwesomeRobot15 says:

    0:12 I thought he was gonna say Brian Williams.

  55. JD Luv says:

    There is no sound in space lol also no oxygen so no fires are a hazard.

  56. Unbound says:

    Out of the presented application, the acoustic fire suppression system *sounds cool!

    What I like to see in the future is using sound as security. Example using tones and music shorts as a form of favorite music or tone recognition like CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) but with sound. Or using music theory and/or math on tones and music to answer a login challenge by sound.

  57. Samuele Hajar says:

    extinguishing fire, definitely..  quite practical

  58. Nova Verse says:

    You did not mention acoustic Levitation.

  59. Vinícius Neves da Conceição says:

    Is there a hypothetical way to make objets levitate with sound? What about large objects?

  60. Les tutos de Jee says:

    Cool channel! Most interesting application for sound is… music ! 🙂

  61. Don Ball says:

    Fire extinguisher knocking aside oxygen.

  62. Gearbot says:

    Using really loud infrasound to destroy houses.

  63. Mikael Murstam says:

    The fire extinguisher gun is treated like a new invention when physicists have used a similar thing in demonstrations for decades. Don't know why it suddenly became a big deal, but they didn't invent it.

  64. rafisofyan says:

    you say that the sound powered fire extinguisher moves oxygen away, does that mean if you aim it at a person the person might have trouble breathing?

  65. Conner Ingram Black says:

    Sound extinguisher

  66. Evan Stark says:

    Sound can also create light! It's called "sonoluminescence"

  67. valor0dragoon says:

    or lets not forget to add that the US Military can use it to murder people from range with their sound cannon.

    MattPat covered some scary things that can and will happen(it's only a matter of time with the military) with the tech.

    it's a great idea behind all of it but with a large way of abusing this tech is something we must look out for.

  68. sub zero says:

    Dubstep now that cool

  69. pentime says:

    I learn Realy a lot.

  70. Necrikus says:

    Oh god, don't let Marvel know about this. If they learn that magnetic fields can control heat and sound, they'll make Magneto even more overpowered.

  71. Ricardo Milos says:

    Could you imagine if you could put out a star

  72. Diego Travieso says:


  73. J Nicholas says:

    the fire one is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!

  74. T-H-E-Suspect says:

    programmable dark matter is amazing I wish I could live to see happen

  75. ConfusioN says:

    sonic levitation and healing is definately the coolest 😀

  76. Hmmms says:

    can you push yourself in space with sound?

  77. Ono Northey says:

    So passionate – it's contagious. Great presentation and so interesting!

    I'd say the magnetic manipulation of non-magnetic things is… baffling! Once we hit unlimited solar (or geothermal or whatever) power I suspect a lot of "meh, not useful" science will suddenly explode in opportunities.

  78. melsuzhen says:

    I've always felt that sound is the key developing giant leaps in astrophysics.

  79. Akoo Ibiza says:

    what came in my mind was if it could be possible to stop the nuclear reaction in Fukushima with the help of frequencies and or magnetic fields.
    Let me know what you think about it.

  80. shawn fanning says:

    I'm a construction worker, I need a device to detect gas line and hole in the earth. do you have any idea, on what basis devices I need to buy.

  81. Jamie Damelos -JJParanormal-Living Dead Girl says:

    i been hearing about this for a while now ans am real interested i seeing them start getting tested in our current california fire crisis we are living in, lots of of possibilities

  82. Andrea Carlson says:

    yay! an answer to fire on submarines!!!

  83. David HK says:

    I've seen in the fire extinguisher about five years ago on youtube but it seems to have died a death but I think the Koreans are onto something pretty hot so while America sits on their fire extinguisher let's hope the Koreans can produce a good one that works that can do the job it's intended for. what happened did the university shelf the project or did the military screw it up.

  84. Dan Lewis says:

    I don't think the sound device for fighting fires is doing it the way you think it is.
    I'm pretty sure it's taking away the momentary temperature required for the combustion.
    It's doing it several times a second.
    It is not 'removing oxidizer' as that stuff's all around.


    Sound to heal. The right frequency that the instruments were originally tuned to & OM from the Shamans can help w/ that!? Hmm… ..

  86. Government.Non-Terrestrial.Tech&Research.Facility says:

    How can you vibrate ONLY oxygen or certain blood cells individually? hmm??

  87. BAD AS says:

    Tesla tried to tell ya 100 years ago!!

  88. Green Bang Music says:

    The Philadelphia experiment

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