6 NEW Champions Getting Buffed! – League of Legends
6 NEW Champions Getting Buffed! – League of Legends

What’s up guys it’s me Jeremy! So patch 7.2 dropped last week with changes
to the jungle and the way lethality works, but as far as champions go there wasn’t
many tweaks outside the Warwick rework. That means there’s still quite a lot of
champions around that are feeling pretty underpowered, and fans of those picks have been waiting
a pretty long time now to hear some good news. Fortunately we’ve gathered some info on
some of these underpowered picks and have a pretty good idea of which champions will
likely be getting buffed sometime in the next few patches, so here’s a list of champions
that are going to be receiving buffs – and what those buffs might be! And if you enjoy the video definitely hit
that like button because if this video hits, let’s sayratings, then I’m gonna
. First on our list is a name that doesn’t
come up often in the patch notes – Cho’Gath! So Cho’gath’s last buff was actually way
back in Patch 6.6, with Riot handing him more bonus health for every feast stack. However, Riot had been putting a lot of time
into fixing up the kinda buggy cone spells in the game, and Cho’Gath was a huge abuser
of these issues. The problem was whenever he activated his
Feral Scream, anyone in the cone would take damage and the silence from the ability – even
if they had dashed or flashed away from it before the animation happened. That was obviously going to be a huge nerf
to Cho’Gath who was already kinda weak even with this bug helping him out, so they decided
to put a bit more range into the ability and give it a lower cooldown to compensate. To round off these changes that landed in
6.20, they reduced his silence duration and called it a day. The goal of the changes was never to make
Cho’Gath bad – but overall, it was definitely a nerf and it ended up dropping Cho’Gath
down to a 45% winrate, which is pretty much where he’s been stuck ever since. Riot Meddler came out and confirmed that there
are definitely buffs in the works to help Cho’Gath out, but he did mention that they
were pretty experimental at the time and didn’t offer any specifics. The aim will be to put him back to around
where he was before the Feral Scream nerf, so hopefully whatever changes Riot decides
to push out for Cho’Gath will give him a much needed win rate increase, because he’s
been one of the worst champions in the game for quite a few patches now! We had a rough idea of what those changes
might look like from the PBE update, but they were actually reverted on PBE, with Riot ManWolf
saying that they just weren’t ready yet for Patch 7.3 – that probably means we’ll
see Cho’s buffs in 7.4 instead. Next up is Vladimir, another champion that
has been really struggling since the last few patches of Season 6. He’s been in a similar state to Cho’Gath
with and awful win rate of around 43-46%, but Riot definitely want to fix that this
patch by giving him a few buffs to his laning phase. The first change is +3 base AD, which doesn’t
sound like an awful lot but it’s actually a lot more than you might first think when
it comes to early game cs’ing – for example, Vayne was nerfed by 3 base AD and it turned
out to be pretty effective. Riot are also going to be increasing his missile
speed to make his auto attacks a bit smoother, and also putting some more power into Transfusion
by upping the ability power ratio and base damage. To compensate for that, they will be shaving
power away from the Crimson Rush’s bonus damage, but it should still give Vlad a stronger
laning phase which is kinda meant to be his forte. On paper, Vlad is one of the weakest champions
in the game right now, so giving him a bit more power in the early game is definitely
the way to go, since it should better prepare him for the rest of the game and mean he doesn’t
just fall ridiculously far behind in the first 10 minutes due to being way too weak. Riot have always had a lot of difficulty balancing
lifesteal or spellvamp champions, but Vladimir has actually been a bit of an exception to
that rule over the years – he’s not often been seriously overpowered or underpowered. Things got a bit messy after his rework, but
the biggest change to his power was actually as a result of the nerfs to Rylai’s, and
the changes to Grievous Wounds items that made his heal-oriented build way less effective
in general. Assuming everything goes fine on the PBE and
Riot are happy with the tweaks, it’s likely that we’ll see the Vladimir buffs arrive
in Patch 7.3 Talon is also on Riot’s radar as they recently
announced in their State of Champion Update post, and they mentioned that although they
were really happy with the design of his rework, he did feel a little bit weak at launch. The biggest issue with him right now is that
his must-buy items were definitely on the weak side, so Riot will be looking at buffing
those and hoping it will help him out, but they also mentioned that they will be pushing
some small direct buffs for him forward too. Talon has actually been doing pretty well
overall through patch 7.1 and 7.2 though, so as an assassin Riot will definitely have
to be careful not to overbuff him to the point where he ends up banned every game. He’s currently not played often enough to
get a real idea where is true win rate lies, but he seems to be getting close to the ideal
point after the buffs to the lethality items. The next few champions we’ll cover aren’t
quite as guaranteed to be getting buffs as there has been no 100% confirmation from Riot,
but they are still extremely likely since they are all in pretty bad places right now. The first two are both ADCs – Tristana and
Lucian. So the issue with Tristana is that she’s
been in a bit of a slump ever since the start of Season 6 – in fact she didn’t get a single
direct buff or nerf during that entire season. This came after a lot of pro teams found a
ton of success with her in the Season 5 World Championships, so it was pretty surprising
to see her pretty much nerfed then abandoned by Riot for such a long time. In fact, she hasn’t had a positive win rate
since 2015, and only pro teams that could abuse her long range in a ‘Protect the Tristana’
comp had any success with her at all. It seems like Riot are finally going to address
her weakness and give her a couple of buffs that might arrive in 7.3 or 7.4. They are likely going to give her a bit more
attack speed per level and maybe lower the cooldown on her Q, but they are playing it
really safe because there’s not a whole lot of ways to balance Tristana. The biggest issue with Tristana is that her
huge range is a massive advantage over other marksman champions – so if they are going
to make her stronger, they have to keep that in mind to make sure she doesn’t become
a literal god after the 30 minute mark, where she can two shot everyone in the game without
even being in range for the enemies to counter-attack. Next up is Lucian, who has also had periods
of being a god tier pick but has been pretty terrible for a long time now. ADCs in general have been having a hard time,
but Lucian was hit pretty hard by the changes to some of his core items that were originally
designed for assassins, not marksman champions. That being said, Riot doesn’t expect Lucian
players to stop picking up lethality items, so they are being kinda hesitant with buffs
until players have had plenty of time to test him out after the changes to the lethality
items that we saw in Patch 7.2. Meddler commented that there’s potential
for those changes to have a big impact on Lucian, so they definitely need to see how
those tweaks play out for him before handing him direct buffs and potentially making him
a monster. This means it’s really unlikely we’ll
see buffs to Lucian in 7.3, but depending on the power of new lethality Lucian builds
we might see some small boosts to his power in 7.4. Lucian is one of the most exciting marksman
champions to watch because of his fluidity, so it’s pretty likely that Riot won’t
want to leave him in the dust for too long – after all, League is a spectator sport and
pro Lucian players can put on a seriously cool show. Having said that, like Tristana his kit does
give him a big advantage over other conventional ADCs, so any buffs are likely to be very small
and calculated changes to avoid him dominating the meta again. The same logic can be applied to our last
champion for today, Zed! He’s had a much more turbulent win rate
history than other champions on our list today, although currently he’s not doing great. As with Lucian, he’s likely to be affected
pretty heavily by the changes to Lethality, but according to Riot Ghostcrawler he was
apparently lined up to get some buffs in 7.3 too. Considering the changes to Duskblade and Edge
of Night are both likely to make Zed a lot stronger, that could make it a pretty bad
time to hand Zed other buffs, because it could potentially over-tune him and make him a permanent
ban again until he’s eventually nerfed back in place. Zed’s kit is in a much healthier place overall
since his rework, but Riot do definitely need to fine tune him a bit to get him into the
perfect state of being impactful without being dominant. It could be that the lethality item changes
are enough to do this alone, but if that doesn’t end up being true then Riot do have a few
small buffs in mind that they could push on to Zed in 7.3 or 7.4. In terms of specifics, Meddler mentioned that
they were looking at a bigger grace period for his Shadow Reaping passive, and a slightly
longer W duration to give him more mid-fight options, but he did also mention these were
experimental changes. At the very least, it shows us that Riot aren’t
going to buff his stats like damage or cooldown directly – a very good thing if they are still
figuring out what to do with lethality. Anyway that just about wraps things up on
the champions that are getting buffed by Riot in the next few patches – hopefully it’s
a reassuring to those of you who love playing these champions and have felt kinda screwed
for a while. Riot’s focus on reworking over direct balancing
could potentially be a great thing because it gives them much more levers for balancing
champions in the future, but it also means that some picks get left in the dark for a
little too long without any love from the balance team – it’s unfortunately a price
they have to pay for improving the overall health of the game in general. Make sure you leave us some comments and let
us know your thoughts on the upcoming balance changes to these champions, or maybe suggest
some picks of your own that you think deserve some attention from the balance team. And it looks like that’s gonna be it from
me, if you enjoyed the video drop a like, subscribe if you want, thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you guys next time.

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