#7 Freedom Music - Genres: S1nger S0ngwriter
#7 Freedom Music – Genres: S1nger S0ngwriter

when I'm catching a train you're the conductor taking me although when you have the face in the crown on the platform awaiting your the ticket taker loud you are the guns in that best city blow in their kisses to their misters they will me wonderful in a plane you are I did making everyone feel say you give me those little wing you take my bags and claim that you you know what is that our way to kiss to the fellows they have means [Applause] be with you tomorrow I see today I all I see is wonderful all I see is a wonderful Oh you outside outside is cold that wild with all my winners are long but if you could come a little closer you could keep and we could leave volitans in the drawers it's a beautiful day to be with you it's a beautiful to be when I it's true the sky it's a beautiful day to be with you ah feels like rain these all these they tell [Applause] sundays are but if you come a little closer that's all April showers become this [Applause] it's a beautiful day Oh it's true beautiful day we soon so why don't you come a little closer until the sky and we can watch our troubles disappear it's a beautiful day it's a beautiful day [Applause] with you that's beyond let's be kids as to all those things that we never do that's beyond come on let's be killed let's go kick it off oh stroll around singing let's go pop it up the tree jumping in the leaves raping up bunnies singing all those things out but come on we couldn't count the shooting stars radio dommage secrets in the dark whisper catch five guys staying up all night waiting for the Sun it's been young let's be king mr. artist brand-new everything changes if you want it all you have to do is be on be a kid do all those things that you never did if he keeps this compiled upstairs c'mon thank you let's be but come on because let's be yeah I used to walk around with the shady figures stuck till marthy used to bring me down I couldn't shake this faceless version of me but with you it's okay now it's all be Holland down faded away you so bright it's so bad it's so bad you put the shine in the Sun man you make my flowers grow it's so bright you're so bright so bright I don't I still hug didn't care they scale as if the Bates had somewhere better but with you it's all changed now it's Tec me every day you're so bright you're so bright so bright but the shine in the Sun it's alright it's alright so bad I don't even know it's alright you're so right you taste away on the gray and make the colors blow so right so but I don't even know no you don't you don't even know you lock the room with every little thing that you do it's nice to finally find somebody who can always give me the blue you put the shine in the Sun he's so bad he's so bright you chase away you saw breath you're so bright although sunshine you're so bad Oh [Applause] ooh sunshine sunshine [Applause]

11 thoughts on “#7 Freedom Music – Genres: S1nger S0ngwriter”

  1. AmazonPawan says:

    fredum musik asyik


    penak e rek…

  3. Thiago Souza says:

    Pretty cool musicπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. SKRIANSI says:

    asik asik , bikin hati tenang

  5. MM CHANNEL says:

    13 menit kok iklannya 5X opo tumon? tapi saya tonton aja mbari nyedot

  6. gokil channel says:

    Hadir mbak yu nempelin jempol…

  7. ZI DAN says:

    cakep banget gan

  8. Nenda Suhenda says:

    Beuuuhhh om,lagunya enak banget….Judule apa ya.

  9. Kresnha Musik Channel says:

    Hadir! Mantap bos!

  10. Anis Yunia Akbar says:


  11. heru chanel 86 says:


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