95yo Heavy Metal Grandma Holocaust Survivor Spy "I'm Still Here" Inge & the TritoneKings
95yo Heavy Metal Grandma Holocaust Survivor Spy "I'm Still Here" Inge & the TritoneKings

28 thoughts on “95yo Heavy Metal Grandma Holocaust Survivor Spy "I'm Still Here" Inge & the TritoneKings”

  1. Abby Feldman says:

    a phenomena of courage, inspiration and will spread her power and wisdom, thank you for giving her an out let and reason

  2. slothric says:

    That klezmer clarinet got me turnt as fuck.

  3. Manubibi Walsh says:


  4. Fireguy58 says:

    This is awesome keep it up. From the lyrics to the great instrumentals this is fantastic.

  5. lionmml says:

    This is the Goddess Blessed Crone Mother of Wisdom we have been waiting for! Bless you Inge and all who help you make your music. More please!

  6. Andres jurado alvaran says:

    Genial, genial, increíble mujer en la Voz, y admiración tb a los músicos que la acompañan. Bendiciones para siempre, Que se acaben las guerras en el mundo.
    Saludos desde Bogota Colombia.

  7. pinkdostoyevsky says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! What an incredible woman!

  8. engmaikia says:

    I simply love the title of this piece and the way she speaks the lyrics! Absolutely inspiring!

  9. Tilman Oestereich says:

    I have to say, this is an awesome project! I am actually moved to tears. My grandma and all of my jewish family was not able to escape the shoah and I am lucky to have been born. A farmer family took in my dad when he was just a baby and otherwise noone would have survived.

  10. Pochon Ninjaru says:


  11. Maria Rodionova says:

    I'm so happy i get to live in this age, where is that kind of inspiration… Great woman, makes me believe it's never too late to find someting you love. And also music is great!

  12. Shoshanna Rudov-Clark says:

    yes you are still here and we love you!!! <3

  13. Tim Rogers says:

    I love this. So good on so many levels.

  14. Bárbara Guimarães says:

    I love you, girl!!!

  15. Talbot René says:

    She is my new hero….not a metal fan but when art as such a purpose I'm in!!!!!

  16. Juliet Fischer says:

    I can't find a 'closed caption' option for this video, so there's no translation. Darn.

  17. Tobias Saibot says:

    People! I want new stuff! pleaaaase

  18. Tinnitusthenight says:

    Im in love!

  19. Eric Johan Stenseth says:

    I can't find you guys on Spotify. I'd love to be able to listen to her stories whenever I want. Please let us know when you guys upload to Spotify. Amazing. Much love.

  20. Mark Shealy says:

    This is seriously good. And fascinating.

  21. S. Holloway says:

    I've been liking what I've been hearing by your group! Much respect for Inge and the rest!

    I'm just a bit curious, would you be inclined to putting your music up on a streaming service like Spotify?

    (It's my main means of listening to music – and I'd love to be able to add some of these tracks to my favorites playlist there!)

  22. Irul nyafany123 says:

    indonesia pliss in son falestina

  23. Jimenez Frankestein says:

    Yea yea yea i likeme the tritoneking exelent

  24. Amy Amy says:

    She's amazing.

  25. Laylah May says:


  26. ZorgsteinKilloo says:

    Блеааать! Ну и дичь!))))))))))))))

  27. Sairen Sui says:

    Inspiration! Give us courage to be old and still fight to express oneself.

  28. oh god oh [REDACTED] says:

    Damn this is really good

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