1. James Shannon says:

    I think I forgot to say thank you. THANK YOU

  2. musicmakerchick19 says:

    I'm so grateful for your channel. Thank you for sharing these moments in nature with us.

  3. Amber Fanton says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your magical world. You truly inspire me everyday to live an authentic life 🏔🌲🌳

  4. Faith says:

    You know, honestly, for me, nature's beauty overwhelms to the point where I'm scared to be present in it.

  5. Shane Masunu says:

    Show me

  6. sugarcube700 says:

    Can you iceskate on the lake?

  7. Kristine Bernhart says:

    You speak to my heart and soul.

  8. Martin Smyth says:

    God your videos are so interesting

  9. Vitaliy says:

    Your videos are magic

  10. Eden Fern says:

    ♥♥♥♥ Heaven is what i can say and see. Stay blessed.

  11. sylvie subirana says:

    Tellement beau ! Tu nous fait pénétrer dans ce monde de la nature avec des images et des explications tellement belles ! Merci !

  12. Majoofi says:

    You gotta be careful you don't get your ear frozen to the lake.

  13. Bewitching Charm says:

    Nature is haunting & magical. Beautiful.

  14. lovely dreams says:


  15. lovely dreams says:


  16. Elysekiera says:

    This was breathtakingly beautiful. Do you think you would ever put the part of you singing on iTunes? It’s so haunting and magical.

  17. Evgeniy Sv says:

    I can only say: number 1 among my channels…

  18. Gilberto Comirato says:

    I think it’s beautiful how you find this great harmony with nature, with ice, with earth, with these soft sounds. As if, for a moment, the matrix around us disappears and your soul connects with the infinite consciousness

  19. Михаил Полещук says:

    Check this video from National Geografic. It's about the same thing you will like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3O9vNi-dkA

  20. Sectou Dié says:

    Thank you so much beautiful Angel guardian if earth for sharing with humanity this peace of art.
    You are showering humanity with Grace by bringing us back to the true natural beauties. Earth is our Mother that holds such life forces nurturing for us to thrive and be healthy. I always say that when you discover the magical healing and empowering forces of mother earth you are a free human being. You will never need any artificial chemical . She can harmonise and balance you. All my Blessings your way. Love from Africa Mauritania.
    You make me cry with your beautifull videos. Am half Danish half from the desert Sahara and I live them both. Even if they seem so different the are so similar

  21. Sectou Dié says:

    I meant that I LIKE them both(not live them )

  22. jerry delyea says:

    you look cozy lying one the ice. at peace. (:

  23. Regan Hernandez says:

    You should consider doing ASMR

  24. 1HarryH says:

    In the fall, this singing ice is an annual phenomenon, but spring ice does not Sing every year.
    Here is spring time Ice singing 2015 two days long song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69bBTjlbKI8

  25. nassim scott says:

    J ai trop adoré ça t es tellement magnifique et belle et j aime trop tes videos et ton monde d vie et ton imagination , bravo ! et bn chance pour toi j te souhaite plus de réusite dans ta vie j te ss partout sur les réseau 😊( j ss algerien si t connais l algerie 🇩🇿😁)

  26. Shima Adil says:

    Your filming skills and effort 😍👍

  27. Sevan Kirder says:

    Heard of it https://youtu.be/v3O9vNi-dkA

  28. Viola Rossi says:

    Could you post a video where there is just the sound of the ice? It would be very relaxing💜 love from Italy

  29. Merche Levas says:

    That’s so amazing!!!! It’s incredible!😍❤️❤️

  30. Hanna Mikulska says:

    Är det redan så här mycket vinter där du bor? Jättefin kvalité på videon, jag älskade den❄️🎶💙💙💙

  31. Abooody Lbaaa says:

    Nature is very beautiful ❤️

  32. thermalrat says:

    My new desktop screen (at 2:53) i.imgur.com/iGIYDYC.png

  33. Matt Power says:

    I love listening to the sounds of nature!

  34. Matilda Norberg says:

    Ett naturljud som talar till själen, vackert i sig och vackert presenterat. Har suttit och redigerat en film i några dagar och haft riktigt svårt att hitta flödet i den… av någon anledning gav det här inspiration. Tack 🙂

  35. Madzguy007 says:

    Totally loved the sounds.

  36. Serenity says:

    Beautiful winterland, cherish it!

  37. Margaret Sims says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful voice of the lake ice and the magnificent view of our universe was just breathtaking.

  38. Love Animals says:

    I 💕 love 💕your videos

  39. limpiabotas feliz says:

    Wow 💞

  40. Gabby W. says:

    Love it! ❄

  41. calis krit says:

    Vad heter sjön? Perfekt för foton! 🙂
    Tack för en bra kanal med fantastiskt innehåll. Påminner mig mycket om asatron och hyllningen för naturen! 🙂

  42. Lullaium Lali says:

    Ive never heared it before but it sounds beautiful 😍 I cant wait to listen to it

  43. Linda Wulf Koenig says:

    Thank you, Jonna, for all the beauty you add to our lives.

  44. Geza Lakatos says:

    You are worshiping the creation, not the Creator,

  45. jules ***** says:

    Hey It is beautiful You are right The best place of earth ☺💓💋

  46. Jaymi Smith says:

    I'm absolutely speechless. This is incredibly beautiful and relaxes my soul. 💚

  47. *HEAVY METAL MIKE* says:

    Interesting ♥️👍

  48. Zainab Hamad says:

    Anyone getting Elsa vibes?

  49. Joy McKenzie Wendt says:


  50. Xsauce says:

    I wish it would snow in my country

  51. Pavel's Mom says:

    In this video, you are more brave than I am!

  52. Dana Ashraf says:

    Anyone else hate the new comments layout?

  53. Serena Niederkorn says:

    Just love how much u adore nature! These sounds are truly amazing and comforting!

  54. Mary of Ventura says:

    Wow! How extraordinary! Thank you for sharing this! Living in California my entire life – I have missed so much. But now I know.

  55. aitammatia says:

    Jonna – Isprinsessan (Elsa)

  56. Lynne Woolf says:

    This is wonderful. I have never heard this before, as we don’t get such cold weather in my part of the UK. Could you skate on your lake?

  57. Fisherman's Crossing says:

    What an awesome video! Inspirational to be completely honest. I so badly want to buy a camera and a computer. Really did enjoy this 🙂 thanks for sharing


    Greetings from Hamburg!

  59. FILKOM Komis says:

    Thank you!!!!

  60. luiz vitor says:

    I live in Brazil so… No ice
    But I wish one day I could experience that

  61. Lee younis says:

    Thankyou for sharing with us….. all praise to God for his wonderful creation revelation 4:11
    Keep sharing …. feel so relaxing seeing your beautiful home in nature… how God intended for all of us, to enjoy our beautiful home the earth… unfortunately mans mis- management is causing much heartache , but soon all will be put right by him 🙏

  62. Rachel Aspögård says:

    I know these sounds very well…thank you JJ, 💕

  63. Signe of Horses says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonder!

  64. Chelsea Murray says:


  65. Tommx1967 says:

    Wow… That is so magical…

  66. Ken Lattari says:

    Absolutely beautiful video. You are a great spirit. Please never let fame spoil you.

  67. Spitting llamas from Arizona says:

    I bet you have slipped many times

  68. Rosabella Gonzalez says:

    All the cracks in the lake makes it look like Larimar

  69. Sweet Pea Marie says:


  70. Sky Dance says:

    Sounds of heaven created to complement your beautiful singing voice. I loved your song, the strings were beautiful too.

  71. Martha Lee says:

    Gosh I'd LOVE to experience that! Jonna, that has to be done if the most BEAUTIFUL drone footage I've ever seen.. like ever 💙

  72. Victor Nugraha Wijaya says:

    Beautiful sound!! 😍😍 Sound of nature.

  73. Elena T. says:

    Please, do not stop sharing your beautiful experiences with us. Love from Barcelona ❤️

  74. Kate Baldwin says:

    How can you tell if the ice is thick enough to hold you?

  75. Azucena Pastrano says:

    Son como rayos láser jajajaja

  76. Paju says:

    Omg, I remember hearing this first time in the middle of the night on the ice! I was convinced that it was the aliens haha 😂🙌🏻 Lots of love from ur neighbor 🇫🇮

  77. French Fry says:

    Can you please record it for hours and share the mp3 to download? 😀 <3 please please would be so amazing for chilling and meditation <3 <3 <3

  78. brianmellomusic_yogi fitness says:

    Love it! 💙

  79. PosiTiva says:

    Amazing Jonna

  80. Merjem A says:

    speechless… well-made video

  81. D4rKsideBob says:

    Jonna Jinton lives in Heaven. D4rKsiDeBob lives in Hell. Would someone please un-stitch me from London and carry me off to Heaven. Because I've had enough of this horror to last me 4 life times.

  82. Earth Mamma says:

    Magic. Pure magic. It’s so refreshing and rare to find someone as yourself who sees the magic of nature. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. One day I hope to experience the ice song, along with the Northern lights.

  83. Flamingo Screams says:

    How can dislike this miracle?! What's wrong with you?

  84. My Neverland says:

    Dear Jonna, You speak to my soul or through it….if You know hat I mean. Thank U!

  85. minal hajare says:

    Thank you Jonna for another mesmerizing video! Loved it…both the magical ice music as well as the ice masterpiece on the lake surface!! You are truly my window to this magical nature.. Appreciate your love n attachment towards nature and also your efforts for putting it together for us…Else, we might not have got a chance to see it, know it. Hoping to experience it sometime in future! Desperately waiting for Nordic Aurora video…

  86. Сергей Заметкин says:

    Thank you for this masterpiece. Taiga, lakes, hills, north nature. family, own house. As for me that is that is needed for happiness.

  87. Talina Anderson says:

    Love this kind of your videos, its like an art piece, really beautiful.

  88. Redrose Setantii says:

    Ahh I remember this sound from being much younger, skating on the canals in The Netherlands… almost sounds like whales.
    Beautiful scenic filming you've done there. Stunning.

  89. Kathy Girlygirl says:

    Your song and music go so beautifully with the scenes. It is a magical time now and so glad you are enjoying it. Bless you and your honey and fur babies! :0)

  90. Valerie Richard says:

    The ice is already formed in Sweden?! Beautiful video, beautiful sound. <3

  91. Señora de Wero *Jan* says:

    Tu canal me transmite una tranquilidad, me relajas.

  92. Histoires dans le Vent says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This warms so much hearts, heals so much souls. Thank you for feeding the wolf within us all.

  93. 84proof says:

    Im always trying to get friends to venture out on the ice with me. fear is a big part of it> your so fearless!

  94. Hakuna Matata says:

    I closed my eyes during the whole video and it was amazing to hear those noises and your soothing voice. It was so relaxing

  95. niceguy217 says:

    I too love that sound, and the lakes around here certainly do it as well, but it is not time for that here yet. Surprisingly enough when we dove with whales, it sounded eerily similar(humpbacks, but also have dove with 4 other species), and to me it sounds like the earth speaking to us, reassuring us that if we take care of it, it will take care of us..please be part of that people, and you can no matter where you are by going to www.freetheocean.com and answering a simple trivia question..right or wrong it still helps. Bookmark in your top folder, and do it daily please, and don't litter, never by a water way. Let's heal Mother earth, and let it take care of us.

  96. MUSIC LOVER says:

    I remember the Ice Age.

  97. agui sa says:

    Make an ASMR video!!!!!

  98. Autumn Moonflower says:

    Your lifestyle is what drives me to have my own.

  99. uncle w0p says:

    Shoutout to Jonna's drone who records some of these breathtaking shots, lol

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