ACS music Education Material – Kickstarter Campaign
ACS music Education Material – Kickstarter Campaign

Hi, I teach music theory and my students always had a hard time
learning the circle of fifths – until I invented music dice using the shape of the letters to remember the key signatures. It’s just one minute of fun in the lesson rolling dice, and the students learn the circle of fifths in no time. We even use these dice for traditional games requiring dice. “What’s the circle of fifths good for?”
my students wanted to know. I said, “Transposing, knowing the type of triads
on the degrees of the scale and even visualizing scales and modes…” And then I realized that it would be great if I had a tool which gives me the opportunity to show all these
potentials of the circle of fifths in an appealing and intuitive way. So I came up with the idea of an interactive poster with dodecagon discs which show the major and minor scale, and simultaneously the type of triads
on the degrees of the scale – pink stands for major, blue for minor, yellow for diminished. And the magnetic center makes transposing dead easy. I also teach scales and chords,
and the students have to notate it. In times past they had to erase their mistakes
and it was more a compulsory task than a joyful learning experience. That’s why I built a game board with
3D printed note heads and accidentals and with changeable and shiftable clefs, and now my students experiment with notation, and they learn like they should learn: playfully – with clear instructions as guidelines. To this stave, the circle of fifths with inlay dodecagon discs was incorporated, and also a piano keyboard. I thought: Why not have the kids
experiment with 3D black keys? And now they don’t just memorize the keyboard structure, they literally grasp the architecture of the keyboard. Q: “Can we play a card game?”
A: “A card game in music class?” Q: “Why not?” A: “OK.” So I invented MusiCards to play games like “Scale Rummy”,
a variation of “UNO” or cooperative chord games. The results have to be notated on the stave, played on the piano and read on the circle of fifths. At open house, I wanted to get families and friends
involved in music theory education. I was looking for simple dice games
and found “Crown and Anchor” which I transformed into “Lucky Keys”. We had so much fun, the students could explain the dice, and the parents experienced that
music theory isn’t as dull as they thought. I hang the circle of fifths clock in my music class room,
and I said to my students: “For the next exercise I’ll give you a major second.” – “WHAT?” – “Ten minutes – that’s always a major second.” If you order a clock, you’ll get the whole
collection of ideas how to use it on top of it. Do you also have students walk on a stave on the floor? There are many ways to do it, but the easiest way is
a washable PVC stave banner. All of these materials will be published
in a kickstarter campaign as of May 15, 2019. You can order only dice, only a card game,
only a clock, only a stave banner… but there will also be sets available
for educators, schools or families. Most of the material yet only exist as prototypes. If funded successfully, it will produced professionally
– made in Germany. For the printed items I will use recycled paper as
much as possible – considering sustainability. I am Axel Christian Schullz,
a freelance musician from Germany. There are three parts to my professional career, number one is choir conducting, song writing, and
publishing the originating CDs and sheet music in my own publishing company since 2004. Number two is, I set the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights to music. “All are equal before the law…” [Article 7] And number three is what I focus on right now and right here: I teach music theory in different contexts. When teaching I’m always looking for playful
and creative ways so that my students can understand the topic thoroughly and for good. In these settings I developed a lot of materials to make teaching and understanding the old topic
“music theory” fun and easy. For that reason I incorporated ACS music in 2012
and sold the stuff in Germany. Now I launch this kickstarter campaign to give YOU – where ever you are in the world – the chance to also
benefit from the advantages of my materials. By the way, I already ran four crowdfunding campaigns
on and they were all funded successfully. Your money will be used to produce all of these
different items in serial production, made in Germany. Since this is a large campaign, international
postage and packaging is reasonable. After the campaign, it will be much more. Therefore: Back the campaign, get your early bird
prices, and make your music education a game. Of course there will be an app for iOS and android
to make these haptic materials sound. And there will be ready to use music education
material with exercises for students, and as a supporter you’ll get the updates of the
teaching materials which can be sent via email for free. Thank you for supporting and backing
ACS music Education Material.

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    So cool i love music.

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    very cool and creative lesson sifu 🙂

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