Adding 3D sounds to a mono film – demo – WEAR HEADPHONES –  WWI
Adding 3D sounds to a mono film – demo – WEAR HEADPHONES – WWI

Ready men?! Move out! -Rum rations!
-C’mon! Drink it. Good luck. *Praying* Men! God! On my signal you will climb the ladders and head into no man’s land. You will attempt to reach and take the German trenches where you will wait for reinforcements. Ladders! Ladders! Affix bayonets! Let’s go men! -C’mon!
-Go, old boy. Get up here! All of you now! You, up! C’mon, stop standing around! You weary?! Get up that ladder now! Now! If you don’t get to the top of that ladder in the next three seconds I’m going to have you court-martialed Get up that ladder now! Get up! Do you know what gonna’ happen if you don’t start climbing that ladder right now?! Do you?! You’re getting out of this trench and up that ladder even if Ihave to shoot you myself and drag you over! Get up that ladder now!! Solider! Take cover! Look out!

100 thoughts on “Adding 3D sounds to a mono film – demo – WEAR HEADPHONES – WWI”

  1. King Borris 5150 says:

    Having my great grandpa’s flashbacks from this

  2. Vladimir Atlas says:


  3. Diana Totos says:

    imagine this but in vr

  4. Justadutchguy says:

    Search for drumfire ww1 and you have an Idea how a ww1 artillery barrage sounded.You can image the rest…Plus screams of dying wounded people and horses around you.Its madness

  5. Thirsty boi says:

    Idk why but I like to put headphones is and run around in the wood with my ww2 french gun shooting stuff

  6. Thirsty boi says:

    To be honest it sounds bad but the scared guy is lucky he died so soon

  7. حياتي رواية says:

    وش اسم الفلم ??

  8. Selin U says:

    سعوديين هنا؟؟

  9. BellaBlue says:

    wth did he just die this is scary and did SOMEBODY JUST DIE AND FALL OVER why WARS

  10. BellaBlue says:

    why did he do a vid when he is in a middle of a war .-.

  11. Kechik Noty says:

    very scare

  12. بسام الروقي says:

    It is remind me COD 14

  13. Soo Baaa says:

    rip me

  14. paige evans says:

    I screamed at the end   my mum came in said "whats wrong with you "  I replied with  "errr nightmare"

  15. Potato Commenter: 100 sub challenge! says:

    Feels like im in a movie theater



  17. Semih Üner Sucu says:

    Is that real?

  18. Stupidity Last says:

    I peed on my pants

  19. İlhan cık says:


  20. S S says:

    thinking this really happened makes me really sad …..

  21. joshua jones says:

    just in the video getting ready and turning up the volume then on 0:34 im already done

  22. Mees Hendriks says:

    I ducked away with that last bomb

  23. Aparecido Goncalves says:

    muito bom video

  24. Chris B says:

    Turn on max volume.

  25. I GOT7 says:


  26. Thebranshow :D says:

    Que trinchera más limpia

  27. Ava Wilkes says:

    That ending tho

  28. No commentary Just Fun says:

    he is no dead it was a potato

  29. Sky Vines 4000 says:

    That freaking artillery shell scared me 1:37

  30. jay tour says:

    wow mann …. i can feel the reality of the battle ground … soldier life 😎

  31. Blac Goth says:

    Last guy reminds me playing CS:GO

  32. [GTA]monkey says:

    I think we died

  33. Otaku Kid says:

    This is called binaural sounds witch is when sound in your headphones acts like your real ears. if you dig into cooler videos you can get alot of cool sound and experiences

  34. Chaianan Thammakhun says:


  35. Chipato94 says:

    This Is a real asmr

  36. Hamit BOZKURT says:

    daha çok korku gerilim videosu olmuş gerçekliği iyi anlatmış ama fazla dramatik olmuş

  37. MSHAEL22 says:

    It’s so fear

  38. Kinghamster 1447 says:

    That first artillery shot sent a shiver down my back

  39. Pisadaporn Chotitham says:

    Holy sh*t

  40. Etienne Ouellet says:

    Scary shit

  41. Leorey Paglumotan says:

    from barbershop in italia then a war broke out.
    Indeed A SNAFU one.

  42. MegaThreat OfDoom says:

    Sooo it's a remix of WII?

  43. Budget Prepper says:

    How come ya’ll so clean

  44. Debo says:


  45. IllusivePluto38 says:

    I showed this to my Great Grandpa and he loved it so much he started shaking!

  46. Paddymysterio1 says:

    There is nothing good about War

  47. DETA-X PX ONE HAG says:

    War war never change

  48. Gabriel Videira says:

    Muito legal esse vídeo. N sei a origem mas ficou top junto com o áudio 3d.

  49. Kareem says:

    This was better than the original video

  50. google told me to enter a name says:

    As a former WW1 soldier, I can confirm this is inaccurate.

  51. Lone Bone says:

    This is my kind of ASMR

  52. mrs. vanvollen says:

    We really must respect the veteran war

  53. KUwUNatsi says:

    Max volume and VR, I dare u

  54. GhostJayden-_- says:

    I put my headphones volume up and it sounds real! Trust me

  55. Dumbledore says:

    Those dislikes must come from an heart patient

  56. The marionette says:

    Sending about 12 soldiers into no mans land yeah that’s asking for them to die

  57. - aesthetic_boi - says:

    oh wow im not going to the army thx

  58. B.G. Beats says:

    idk if i should call this good or bad

  59. Awkward ._.Fighter says:

    I cried, I actually cried, just that sound and the sight of the bomb being the very last thing you hear. . . Nah man, this was emotional for me

  60. canuckwolf says:

    Put it at full volume if you want the real experience

  61. xKacper3387 and KoxMinecrafter says:


  62. Josh Rhodes says:

    I think I had a dream like this, but I was Scottish for some reason.

  63. MertViyMonstr 2004 says:

    I get shellshoked just by watching this

  64. Ma xy says:

    why i have lag in this video ?

  65. มหาเทพ Free fire says:


  66. OleshekMax says:

    I like the new Battlefield 6

  67. Anal Rhino says:

    me: *hears explosion*
    also me: sitting down watching the video.

  68. sun universe says:


  69. Dencie Inosanto Lim says:

    Legends say that the artillery shell keeps falling

  70. HFH says:

    Wath fuck😂

  71. Dylan Murray says:

    Where can we watch the original?

  72. ItzJhief says:

    Luckily the guys tactical nuke hit before the shell and he received MVP

  73. محمد علي says:


  74. virüsçü moruk says:

    lol i wanted to climb but…

  75. Bang Chubby Unlimited says:

    What an amazing sound

  76. Bang Chubby Unlimited says:

    The missile at the end of the scene is the best 🙂

  77. Deshik Gaming says:

    AMAZING 😘😘😘

  78. Vanka Kumar says:

    God. Not in the war zone. Frightening

  79. miss queen says:

    rest in peace

  80. Mr. Cringe says:

    Close your eyes

  81. Mr. Cringe says:

    Me: Mum can i not do my homework
    Mom: 2:48

  82. HiIip_ _ says:

    thats it ?

  83. Hatem Abdullah says:

    That awkward moment when someone comes and see what’s happening in the trenche

  84. Canpolat Ahmet says:

    Kesin karşılarındaki türklerdir 😁😁

  85. Doge R. says:

    Soldier: Gets shot
    Me, about to climb that ladder: Guess I'll die.

  86. Jeff Boomhauer says:

    Watched this video with the Sennheiser GSX 1000 in 7.1 surround sound mode. Nothing for the faint of heart i can tell you that much.

  87. Yolo Play3r69 says:

    And that's how "Johnny got his gun" begun

  88. BMT115 says:

    and then they come home after going through hell with shell shock and get no veteran health care benefits…

  89. 2005 Outlaw says:

    That first mortar scared the crap out of me😂

  90. ghetto36 kreuzberg says:


  91. SALEH-SA7 says:

    Damn I feel like i in the trench with the boys ahhh good old memories

  92. ใบไม้ channal says:


  93. Jordan Notice says:

    Girls be like: I hate gym, could I use your perfume?

    Boys be like:

  94. Gab says:

    This is great but more bass is needed in my opinion

  95. Füzi 1012 says:


  96. KELON KAL says:


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