Alip Ba Ta – My Heart will go on Guitar fingerstyle | REACTION
Alip Ba Ta – My Heart will go on Guitar fingerstyle | REACTION

so, today I will make a reaction video where a while ago in my comment column someone asked me to make a reaction video towards Alip Ba Ta’s videos so I’m curious, so I opened Alib Ba Ta’s video a lot of reaction videos outside made videos about him and the most made video of him my heart will go on reaction video and i’m so curious and now we want to watch his video together how does he play the guitar while playing the flute? how he ? how does he do these two things together? crazy… I really have never seen anything like this it’s so great if the saying goes while diving while drinking water funny the flute is clamped on the leg very melodious so animating the guitar technique guys, that i like from him besides his skill in playing the guitar he can improvise the song so it sounds so beautiful and No wonder this is a lot in people’s reactions it’s really so crazy okay, let’s start again very melodious continued cool he plays the guitar nicely cool he is very animating he animates with fun wow, it’s really the first fingerstyle cover video that I watched with a makeshift background and flute equipment used by elementary school children, junior high school and senior high school and produce the original work that…. extraordinary this alone can view millions, if I’m not mistaken wow, insane yeah fast movements so the guitar’s tone only reaches here in order to raise the pitch he moved the blue tool as a result, the pitch is higher and the movements are very fast this is my first time watch videos like this unbelievably cool if people don’t watch the video and they close their eyes would think he used good tools it called improvise This is because of the extraordinary skill that results in that song apparently the video was interrupted 4 minutes more even though I want to watch the ending because I really enjoy it his fingerstyle Alip ba ta I hope you guys also enjoyed the reaction video from me don’t forget subscribe, like and comment bellow for those of you who want to ask me to make another reaction video or song clips please leave the comment thank you

12 thoughts on “Alip Ba Ta – My Heart will go on Guitar fingerstyle | REACTION”

  1. elan dahlan says:

    Keren Reaksinya
    Coba reaksi cover Hotel California ataw Bengawan Solo deh

  2. Onk Hasegawa says:

    Kereenn kakaa….baguss bgtt ..reaksi kaka terkagum2 sekaliii…

  3. R & A project says:

    Ngak gila ngk ko wjwkwkwkw

  4. Cahbagoes 86 says:

    Amazing talent kaka…… please reaction cover yg lain dari bang Alip

  5. Naros Soran says:

    mencegah copyright itu dan sering video beliau kena cekal

  6. Amex Moko says:

    Alipers hadir… Auto subreker 🤣😁👍

  7. jo mbalelo says:

    Hadir alipers menyimak..
    Reac lagi sis..
    Stile god the bluse cover alip bata
    Atau pilih yg mana aja..
    Bakalan kecanduan sis nanti..
    Jdi alipers

  8. Gabriela Josephine says:

    Hi ci cen..riview lagu single perdananya 'Goodbye' Claudia ya ci..ini udh rilis album perdananya dia , diciptain sama Alice Merton..lagunya bagus banget.. ini linknya Thank u ci ^^

  9. Hasbullah Arif Lbs says:

    Yang sambil main rubik pun ada kk…😁

  10. Flo Hery says:

    Reaction lagi dong alip bata yiruma kiss the rain,bikin mrinding.

  11. Flo Hery says:

    Itu video tadi menggambarkan kapal titanic tenggelam,makanya akhir video langsung gelap itu menurut aku lo kak.

  12. Kim Nerazzurra says:

    Aliper hadir Sis…

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