ASMR 10K Celebration Maltesters Chocolate Ice Cream Cake + SPICY Noodle EATING SOUNDS 먹는 먹방 MUKBANG
ASMR 10K Celebration Maltesters Chocolate Ice Cream Cake + SPICY Noodle EATING SOUNDS 먹는 먹방 MUKBANG

Welcome To Twilight ASMR=D Today we are celebrating 10K ! woot woot !=D Chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake I dressed up the cake with some Maltesters I had at home hehe The cake has the perfect amount of sweet !! What kind of cake do you guys like ? It’s so creamy and yumm!!

65 thoughts on “ASMR 10K Celebration Maltesters Chocolate Ice Cream Cake + SPICY Noodle EATING SOUNDS 먹는 먹방 MUKBANG”

  1. MisterTracks says:

    lovely video

  2. TracyN ASMR says:

    What a beautiful cake!
    Congrats sis, you deserve so much much more 😘

  3. Twilight ASMR says:

    Please Watch till the End , I will eat my favorite Spicy Black Bean Noodles after the cake . Please Don't forget to Give this a Like , comment , Subscribe & Share . Will Help our Channel a lot . Thank You so so much = D

  4. Lisa says:

    I feel like we have exactly the same taste in food 🙂 your mukbangs are like dreams come true for me~

  5. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Congrats on 10k sis!

  6. 丸鶴 says:

    Wow it looks so good 😍 I want a bite too TT

  7. Tonya Wykle says:

    hello twilight, nice dessert platter looks yummy. plus have a great night love. xoxo butterfly

  8. Furkan Orak says:

    Its good to see part of the cooking haha ^^

  9. Dam Bee ASMR says:

    Congrats on 10k!! 🥳🥳🥳💖💖❤️❤️❤️💫💫The cake does look like a celebration cake 😊 I love how you added the malt balls 😋😋😋😋 Love black bean noodle with kimchi❤️

  10. CURIE. ASMR says:

    Congratulations 💜💜Nicer and yummier with maltesers sis👍👍

  11. CURIE. ASMR says:

    I often do the same. Eat sweets and crave for something spicy lol

  12. DJAVA DJAY ASMR says:

    Congrats with the 10k!! The beginning of something great😁
    And the cake is incredible!! 😋🎂

  13. Viri quijano says:

    Yummy que rico y yo con hambre 💟💟

  14. Isaac Childress says:

    Oh wow my beautiful love I love the cake I want some it looks for delicious and I love you and congratulations ❤️😍😘😘

  15. Hamdanil Uwan says:

    Woowww…you asmr very good👍👍👍

  16. sally Ahmed says:

    Sound delicious 🎂

  17. PandaEats ASMR says:

    This cake is almost too cute to eat! 😋

  18. Sunday ASMR says:

    I really like Kombucha! I try to drink it a few times a week. Congrats on 10k!!!! 🥳🥳

  19. Tique ASMR says:

    Congratulations. Happy 10k

  20. billy빌리초이 says:

    congrats on 10k ~
    super nice video
    have a good day my friend 🙂

  21. Lovetoeat ASMR says:

    Congratulations once again sis… I want a slice of the cake 😍😍😍😋😋😋
    I like either chocolate cake with vanilla icing or vanilla cake with chocolate icing 🙈🙈🙈… like my cake basic 🙈
    I usually eat something savoury and then want something sweet but if I eat too much sweets then I want something savoury again 😂😂😂🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️

  22. Pogiboy Productions says:

    Woohoo 10k!! Perfect way to celebrate with some chocolate ice cream cake!!! Yum!!! You eat it so well! And black noodles too!!! You were hungry, me too, just from watching you 😋

  23. EBMIZ ASMR says:


  24. Kin kuwa says:

    The sound was so delicious that I wanted to eat it🤗👌💝💝

  25. DYF ASMR says:

    Yummy 🤤

  26. Darlene Brown says:

    YAY…Congrats Sweetheart~~ 10K…Aunt Dar is so happy and proud for you!! ~~XOX~~

  27. ASMR Makan Sejoli says:

    yummy ! Lets be friend 🤤

  28. Darlene Brown says:

    Such an awesome 10K ASMR!! Your ice cream cake..then the spicy noodles to thaw your brain freeze…LOL…Congrats Hun!! ~~XOX~~

  29. ASMR_cravings says:

    Okay now this is a celebration!!! Haha good stuff! Congrats on hitting 10k! More to come 🙌🏽

  30. Erick Clutch says:

    Lovely cake! And i always need to end it with something spicy 🔥🤗

  31. ASMR By Tempest says:

    Yay for 10k
    This cake is perfect way to celebrate 🎉

  32. misstix Asmr says:

    Congratulations😍🎉hope you get100k soon😉

  33. itsJess ASMR says:

    Congrats on 10K, great choice with cake then noodles! Always eat dessert first ☺️

  34. JM's Fun Activities says:

    Where did you buy this cake? Look so festive and so colorful.. perfect for your 10K celebration Ohana! Congratulations again.
    Wow! The noodles gosh it made me hungry

  35. 우기미 먹방 WooGiMi Mukbang says:

    Wow 10k !!
    Very nice my friend 🙂
    Keep it up

  36. Asmr Jack says:

    Amazing chocolate 🍫 😄❤️ keep going new friend ❤️🔔 keep connected ..

  37. youyou ASMR 유유 says:

    I like Cake good sound 😍😍😍👍 KIMCHI so delicious 🤩🤩🤩

  38. OSHI B. ASMR says:

    Hello my friend 💞❤️ you deserve a hugest Likes and connected. 💞💞 Congratulations 😂💞🥰pls. Visit me sometime 💞💞💞

  39. MR EATS says:

    Congratulations 🙂 Ice cream cake are the best!

  40. Hoonmin's ALL-CLEAR says:

    omg..that chocolate cake looks so yummy and that noodle is also one of my favorite too!

  41. JULY ASMR says:

    Congrat 10k sub 🤩🤩 new friend here

  42. T. Eats ASMR says:

    Ice cream cake and spicy noodles! A great way to celebrate 10k! Keep up the great content!

  43. Ari Walad ASMR says:

    I really love spicy noodles and chocolate ice cream so much😍 my friend🔔🤝

  44. Asmr Natasya says:

    Like 122 congrats my friend🥳

  45. Life full of creativity says:

    Cake looks delicious and tasty thanks for sharing 👍💞

  46. RoxyGirl ASMR - Satisfying Eating Videos says:

    Congratulations on 10K subs that is AMAZING ❤️Your cake looks so GOOD!

  47. Quitting AJ says:

    Very satifying!!!!! I love you!!!!.'


    I need some ice cream and cake or just cake or just ice cream like131

  49. Matts Playtime says:

    looks amazing. Great share.

  50. ASMR Ani Hungry KKM says:

    Looks yummy sis!

  51. Tasty Recipes & Monica ASMR says:

    Those SPICY Noodles looks so yummy !😋👍

  52. Beca Munch says:

    Cake was colorful.. Sounds so yummy..and the noodles, waaahh, making me hungry..

  53. LocalJax ASMR says:

    Congratulation to you for reaching 10000 subscribers.

  54. The Hungry Black Panda says:

    Congrats on 10k again sis .if I can send you a celebration cake I would! It would be a durian cake! Now that cake looks tasty! Cant believe how good it is!

  55. Purabi Misra says:

    Heyyyyyyy,I hope u remember me😃😃😃😃😃
    Am inactive bcs of my Xms😥😥nd m missing it vedios too

  56. Foodie JD says:

    Wow cake look super yummy and delicious too.

  57. YunChen ASMR says:

    Big congrats sis 🎉🎉🎉 Maltesers Vallina Ice Cream Cake looks so good, the inside is sooo pretty ❤️❤️

  58. The Laughing Lion says:

    OMG this is the best looking ice cream cake i ever seen! I prefer ice cream cake more than regular cake. And wow spicy noodles too! like#148

  59. artsy music girl says:

    Congrats, you deserved it girly!

  60. Gee's ASMR says:

    Congratulations!! So happy for you!!

  61. Gee's ASMR says:

    Congratulations!! So happy for you!!

  62. ungli tv pk says:

    I like your style of eating best channel Wow yummy food you are eating becoming friend of you from Pakistan 👌🔔Good work

  63. Visualsbyhamid B. says:

    Looking so yummy 😋

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