Be our Guest – The Beauty and the Beast (Flute Cover)
Be our Guest – The Beauty and the Beast (Flute Cover)

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8 thoughts on “Be our Guest – The Beauty and the Beast (Flute Cover)”

  1. Joe Hester says:

    Beautiful performance!

  2. Alvaro García says:

    No sólo me ha gustado, me ha fascinado!!

  3. Derek Strahan says:

    The Beast would be charmed by this flute playing Beauty!

  4. Music-Mindset says:

    very, very nice! I love the flute, and this is a nice musical piece. love your work😀👍

  5. Your Majesty. says:

    Cómo lo dije en un comentario anterior! esto es hermoso! Y gracias a ti me dan cada vez mas ganas de estudiar Flauta💜
    Es hermoso ! Una de mis canciones favoritas de mi película favorita ¡Hermoso!

  6. Yxung Mxy says:

    what are the notes I want to learn it it's one of my favorite songs!!😀😀😀

  7. Clap Flap says:

    Love ur playing! Sounds amazing!!

  8. Maria Encar Dalo says:

    Oh i love this song.

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