Beautiful Octopus ‘Dances’ for Scientists in Submarine
Beautiful Octopus ‘Dances’ for Scientists in Submarine

it’s really putting on a show for us scientists aboard a marine research vessel recently got a special treat an octopus showed off its stuff for them seemingly dancing amid the deep sea currents you can hear the researchers astonishment it happened in the Central Pacific Ocean off of Baker Island about halfway between Hawaii and Australia huge [Music] the dancer and its audience were about a mile underwater the octopus’s believed to be a member of the sara chiusa dye family one of the two main kinds of octopi but whatever its name there’s one thing you can call it beautiful huge Inside Edition calm you

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    Alternate Title:
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    That could be his mating dance n I'mma eat you for dinner dance if u don't leave me alone. Don't be fooled. Everything has a protection mechanism. Smh

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    this octopus is better at dancing than me!I have performed publicly a few times when I was five,a few years ago

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    Squid ward dances for scientists

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    That must have been an AMAZING experience. Whoever give this video a thumbs down must be completely miserable to not be able to see the beauty of that moment.

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    Why not give the name of their YouTube channel? They upload quite often. Kinda weird that a channel reporting stuff on YouTube that found something on YouTube wouldn’t give the source to their audience… on YouTube.

    It’s NautilusLive btw, great YouTube channel. A gem for sure.

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    Dancing octopus?
    I'm flashing back to Squidward's talent show dance in my head

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