Beginning Recording Electric Guitar with the Focusrite Scarlett – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro
Beginning Recording Electric Guitar with the Focusrite Scarlett – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

100 thoughts on “Beginning Recording Electric Guitar with the Focusrite Scarlett – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro”

  1. Darin Martin says:

    Well done! Thank you for your videos! 🙂

  2. JRN Music says:

    I always watch your videos about recordings !! 😀

  3. Ozan Yavuzbilge says:

    i own focusrite 2i2, bbe magnum di box and 7 string guitar that have active pickups. i am not really pleased with results with hi gain stuff. what should i buy to increase quality of di signal? i am looking for couple options= Triton Audio bigamp (jfet di box) Boss NS-2 (noise gate), mxr eq pedal. Or go and buy straint preamp stuff like amptweaker tight metal pro, amt ss-30, amt p2…

  4. cult peasemnt says:

    intelligence doesn't always have creativity or taste solid example

  5. Ernesto Griessen says:

    When a DI-Box is necessary to integrate in the signal path??

  6. Rúni Arge Mortensen says:

    Hi Warren, great video ! I read below that you use Ultrasone's headphones for mixing and Extreme Isolation for recording. Is it "necessary" to use two different headphones do you think and why ? If you would pick one of them, which one do you prefer or do you have another favorite ? thnks !

  7. Dalibor Turković says:

    can I plug in zoom multieffect in scarlett Multieffect has a lot of good sounds of acoustic guitar. I'm a beginner… 🙂

  8. Alex Oliveira says:

    How does this compare to the appolo twin duo?

  9. Cristian Augusto Neira Guerrero says:

    i have the scarlett but i dont buy the eleven because a dont have money hahaha

  10. Leandro Cecilio says:

    hey there is there anyway to deal with the hiss problem on this thing? I wanna know if its coming from the background or an internal interface problem itself.. if I put it on a soundproof studio will you still get that hiss?

  11. Vittoria says:

    Hi Warren! Do you think that you could use this recording method if you have to produce something professionally?!

  12. Sodacake says:

    Man, no matter what I do with this damn interface there is always a huge amount of latency when I'm using BiasAmp. I can't understand it – doing everything correctly.

  13. GS MUSIC says:

    I am a professional Singer.I wanna set up a home studio.
    and my friend a guitar player.
    After connecting to audio interface which device will best 4 me mixer or sound controller or sound compressor.i want awesome output plz say

  14. Jyotisman Saha says:

    is this 2nd gen or first gen??

  15. Clint McLain says:

    I am currently using a focusrite audio interface which works great but have just got a Fender Mustang modeling amp that can record with usb . How can i set this up with Cubase so I get playback from my focusrite and monitors if I have to change the audio interface to the Fender asio for the mustang amp I get no playback thru the focusrite .

  16. Rahul Kamble says:

    sir can I connect my keyboard In solo and if I can connect it so in which Jack left and right

  17. MusicHunter says:

    PLs if you can help me to choose usb interface…What to bay in price range up to 200$, stainberg, scarlet or focusrite? i was considering Behringer 204hd as well.. thx.

  18. Harry Scott Elliott says:

    Just lazy, why not use a valve amp and mic it up? It sound s way better.

  19. Dipson Nakarmi says:

    can i use a real guitar pedals instead of the plugins??

  20. NooblyGamer says:

    What is this audio editing program?

  21. thewindowsxp32 says:

    That salmon guitar though jk nice guitar man!

  22. David West says:

    i used to have an Alesis i04 audio interface, that had great preamps.. but it got stolen…. i need a new audio interface but am a bit confused, the ports on the front of most look like they won't fit guitar leads and micrphones into them? do they? or do i need a certain one? – see that one, on the back would my mic cable fit into that?

  23. Hussein Hamdoun says:

    Hi! I bought the focusrite 2i2 Gen 2 and I'm having a problem with it. I'm using pro tools 12, i plug in my guitar immediately to the 2i2, I'm not liking the sound im getting. I'm not using any amplifier sim or anything of the sort just the guitar and the 2i2. Am I doing it wrong? is the amp sim a must? or should I plug in my amp to the 2i2?

  24. Darren Chan says:

    Hi Warren, love your videos! Was wondering for electric guitar, is there a recommended recording level? for example, should I record just below clipping levels or is there a favourable level to give more headroom (i've read -18dB somewhere). Thanks!

  25. Jamie Wilson says:

    Did you add any gain to the input?

  26. Alejandro del río says:

    Genious Warren! A question: I hear a noise on the guitar background. On my recordings it is much worse. What do you do with that noise on the mix, generally on digital amp guitars?

  27. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    can I plug both my guitar and pedals into the focusbrite? or can I plug my amp into the focusrite and just have my guitar and pedals go through the amp into the focusrite? please answer thank you

  28. Norman Longstaff says:

    Hello I had a scarlet 2/4 and it had an instroment/line switch .. when switched it produced a fabulous powerful electic guitar sound. I just upgraded to scarlet 6 bigger and has midi imputs.. But with this I have lost the fabulous volume boost switch for guitar..
    Are there any plug ins to get my fabulous electric guitar sound back. Or should I just go and get another 2/4 1st generation scarlet? Norman

  29. Gertz S. da Palma says:


  30. Prakash Bashyal says:

    Do we switch to line in or instrument in for recording electric guitar

  31. sherriff woody says:

    Hey! I have a question: Can I get a similiar or exact sound of top guitars with cheaper guitars, for example: to get the sound of gibson with a guitar of ibanez or every guitar company?
    Because I'm not rich in all to possess so many guitars and I want to produce like a pro even on a level of a beginner or medium.

  32. Athul Rajeev says:

    what was that applicationn name?

  33. RavenMadd9 says:

    so Warren no need for a direct box with a focusrite solo?

  34. Pratim Banerjee says:

    Will this work with my electric violin?

  35. Teleport-X says:


  36. Walter West says:

    I have the same interface and whenever I plug my guitar in, I get a buzzing sound. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

  37. Sheens Music says:

    hi, afaik sing a D.I. box with a ground function would prevent Warren becoming the ground (not desirable) in case of an electrical error somewhere in the circuit from his electrical system at his studio/gear.

  38. ratonlucho says:

    Am I missing something, every video says that Eleven plug in is free, but I use my iLok and it says it doens't work. I've checked everything and now I'm getting really upset with this.

  39. ELAR MUZIK says:

    Hello!very useful video!please tell me can i do the same with m-audio m-track interface?and different daw

  40. onthelibrarycomputer says:

    I like that blending digital guitars with real amps caper for a huge sound.

  41. Elliot Shulman says:

    Gives me motivation to home record. Thanks!

  42. Dey Dreams says:

    What about the noise? How to remove that? Kindly guide us…

  43. Moo. says:

    what software is he using?

  44. The Online Busker says:

    Hi Warren, how do I record my electric and vocals at same time? (for a cover of Hey Joe)…. I mean, I use Jamvox and guitar rig for the guitar when I play for fun, into scarlett then turn on my speakers and jam away…..but if I want to record vocals too, what should I do? turn the speakers off and play the guitar "acoustically" then add effect later? it feels weird singing at full belt to a strat with no sound…or do I keep the speakers on and sing , but then there'll be a lot of bleed into the vocal mic..

  45. A Z says:

    I did exactly what he did and got no sound.

  46. The Online Busker says:

    Hi Warren! Marvelous video as always man but I’m struggling with something slightly different……How do you record electric guitar and vocals together, at the same time? With audio interface and no amp……I want to do Hendrix cover but no idea where to start? Plug both into interface and then do you monitor the guitar (through the speakers) as you sing, or just strum acoustically then add the tone later? Or monitor both signals with headphones and play and sing? Any advice appreciated!

  47. Doug Wallace says:

    Starting out and needed a basic video to Record Guitar in Pro Tools. BTW, what type of headphones are those. They look kinda slick

  48. Jan Kosior says:

    Hi, Is there any way to control effects with some sort of physical pedal ? For example if I want to use wah or some extra distortion while playing. Thanks !

  49. Sajin Ahmed says:

    hey warren, can u make a video of recording electrick guitar from amp.please

  50. C 'Los Music says:

    Hey Warren, how do you get rid of the background amp noise when you record guitar?

  51. Alexis Ortiz Sofield says:

    Please excuse my ignorance..I have the Liquid Saffire 56 with Instrument Inputs. My question: What kind of cable going from guitar to Input? Balanced or Unbalanced? Thanks for great vids. I just subscribed.

  52. Ray Johnson says:

    I like watching your videos because they're informative, well produced (as you would expect) and delivered in a nice relaxed manner. Nice one !

  53. Leerey Lem says:

    How about the guitar cover.????

  54. Leerey Lem says:

    I just want to know sir if how to do a guitar cover while the music is playing

  55. Christophe Assier says:

    Hi Warren, when you mean blending the DI and amp sound, you mean in unison? blending the two signals as in identical guitar parts for instance?

  56. De-Salvation Records says:

    Hi Warren. Just found your channel it's awesome. A lot of information and stuff, just great. I have a question that may look kinda stupid. is there some difference between eq DI guitar track and eq real deal I mean already recorded amp? And if I eq DI should I eq dry signal or already reamp one?

  57. lil_nanners says:

    helpful as always!

  58. Terence bean says:

    Warren I enjoy learning from the videos, I just picked up pro tools 12,do I need an interface to play my les Paul thru or is there a way to record directly thru my USB port. I have an instrument cord with USB on one end and the guitar jack on the other. It's designed for it but I'm not sure if I can communicate with pro tools with it

  59. Eraldo Fontana says:

    What cable is it? a mono jack to mono jack?

  60. Crenious says:

    Hi Warren, i jsut got the focusrite solo studio and im finding it hard to get the plugins on my windows computer. I do not have the eleven amp of pro tools which is really frustrating and i do not know how to add it

  61. LuisFer Ruiz says:

    nice bro! you used preamp to reecord to electric guitar???

  62. Jacob Howden says:

    Can I not just run my own pedals into the focusrite instead of using all the pre amp software?

  63. TUBETI BROS says:

    No latency?

  64. Strong Bear says:

    Thanks very much! This is so helpful. Do you tend to use software plug-ins to get the distortion and other sounds for your electric guitar rather than using actual hardware pedals? What is the advantage of using virtual plug-ins to pedals? And is there any disadvantage to using actual pedals? I was thinking of getting an all-purpose pedal board unit like the Boss GT-1 effects processor, but if I am doing mostly studio work, can I save money by just using plug-ins rather than buying a physical unit?

  65. Dinay * says:

    Please can you tell me about recording real amps combined with plug-ins? Love your vids!

  66. Jake says:

    Awesome vid again mate. Question for you, does the guitar pickups make a difference to the sound when you DI?

  67. Azhar Dwi Arianto says:

    What application do you use on the PC

  68. El Mástil Del Guitarrista says:

    I can’t get any sound to come out of my guitar through the Scarlett, what gives?

  69. Chilli Soda says:

    what cable do u use dude

  70. James Purdie says:

    Hey Warren. Thanks for putting up these awesome videos. I actually got the Focusrite Scarlett few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it compared to older ones I had. And the main question I've had for years is getting satisfactory guitar tones. So it's nice to see this vid. I got the free protools and gonna check to see if that guitar plugin is there. Normally I use Nuendo 4.3. But still was never satisified guitar tones. I don't know if it was my previous interface an old steinberg ci2, but micro-phoning the amp, a roland cube and boss gt-6 sounded very disappointing. Do you think these onboard guitar plugins are the way to go? I would like a killer distortion when I need it, but also love clean tones like Coldplay for example. I did record the Boss Gt-6 plugged directly in and got some pretty nice Coldplayish kind of tones. Definitely sounded better than that Steinberg unit. With great tunes, I would pretty inspired. So any input is quite appreciated and thanks for the awesome, creative wisdom Warren!

  71. dpre100 says:

    Hi Warren thanks for your amazing videos ive learnt a lot from them, when i use Eleven when recording guitars i get a very loud hiss, probably because of the gain from the presets, and i have seen other videos from other people and they get the same hiss,but you dont seem to get it,any idea why?i can get away with it using the noise gate from the Eleven plugin but still kind of annoying,btw im using pro tools first,scarlet 2i2, and an epiphone with humbuckers, thanks a lot!!!

  72. Vadim Martynyuk says:

    Tried almost all the 2ch audio interfaces available now, focusrite Scarlett were the only ones with crackling sounds getting recorded. Behringer and Focusrite pretty much are the worst

  73. Darkoffee says:

    what about the mixer behind you, do you use it for recordings? its expensive too :=

  74. Hastyle Beats says:

    Thankyou!! didnt even know the quarter inch can go into the mic input lol!

  75. tony coles says:

    Hi I have a Scarlett 2i22nd gen runn9ng into reaper…am I able to hear guitar with effects before I record like you just have.

  76. TheMillerwireless says:

    Can you use Adobe Audition CC to record?

  77. Arcadian Sounds says:

    I've been using Logic Pro X, A 6i6 interface focusrite interface (2nd gen), and a Shure SM7A, but I have to turn the gain all the way up and I get a lot of hum/hiss, after I compress a bit just to make it sound loud enough.. any tips or maybe im doing something wrong and I need to learn?

  78. brownpunk says:

    Thanks for this

  79. Dream of Juvan says:

    quick question how to remove that electric buzz sound?

  80. Route 11 says:

    Hi Mr. Warren! Thanks for the lesson.:) I'd like to ask about your big productions. Do you record using line instead of mic working with Aerosmith, Korn, Matisyahu? Regards

  81. Marvin Joseph Morales says:

    Hope you can demonstrate how to use PC

  82. tri com says:

    Hey Warren, I ordered a Focusrite Scarlett and it hasn't arrived yet. I'm wondering if I can plug in my passive pickup guitar into the instrument socket without any problems or does Scarlett require it to be either active pickups or line level? Thank you

  83. Josh Leeming says:

    If I use a 32 track mixer/recorder as opposed to a Mac could I still use the Scarlett?

  84. John Evans says:

    im using Guitar xlr out from my friedman runt. Its an XLR plug in to the Focusrite. Do I switch to Line or inst pls? Thanks!

  85. Fort Hacker says:

    Nice song

  86. Oystein Soreide says:

    It is not a cheap setup when you have that Gibson , Les Paul Guitar 🙂 But except for that it is quite cheap 🙂 But of course it is cheap for a Gibson. 🙂

  87. Hossein Zaraine says:

    Thank u for shearing this men, didn’tu need a preamp here?

  88. Jay-r Moderacion says:

    Greetings sir!,,,do i need two guitar track,,,for L &R ,,,using an interface

  89. Gusde Harista says:

    why there’s no guitar sound out? please, i’m sick of this

  90. Mark McPeak says:

    Just found this video. Good information for a guitarist who is a beginner at recording like me. Thanks

  91. Kitty Cat says:

    If I wanted to use Nux Solid Studio amp and mic simulator would that work with the 2i2 or am I limited to the plug in amps etc

    Best regards

  92. David Diaz says:

    Grat video 👌, i have purchased a scarlett solo 2 gen, my idea is use pc as guitar amp and effects, but hear it through speakers conected to pc, not headphones on the scarlett, how can i route the sound blaster Z as output for hear signal processed already from the scarlett with effects? Would this give an unplayable latency? Couldn't route with guitar rig 5, gtr3 or cubase so far

  93. Fuschia Phlox says:


  94. Zigi BG says:

    fuck mac

  95. Ronaldo Murphano says:

    I keep getting buzzing when I record with the th3 in cakewalk. Am I doing something wrong? Everything sounds great except for that slight buzzing. I got the scarlett solo.

  96. Nazil Hamza says:

    Can u tell which type of scarlet it is????
    I mean model name

  97. Charlton Moore says:

    What's the best way to go from a tubed amp into this interface? The loop?

  98. kiezerk seresula says:

    Can I use pro tools for learning guitar lick or removing vocals to hear clearly the sounds I want?

  99. Fuguex says:

    Does anyone know what kind of headphones I need to record with focusrite scarlett solo? I'm not hearing anything right now, with the headphones im using.

  100. TeleJazzer says:

    Can you record on Focusrite Scarlet with an Amp in between?

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