BEST PIANO for BEGINNERS | How to Choose Your 1st Piano
BEST PIANO for BEGINNERS | How to Choose Your 1st Piano

So you have decided to learn to play the piano You are a serious student who aspires to eventually play technically complex pieces by Bach, Beethoven Tchaikovsky, and Chopin But you don’t want to spend too much money on your first piano If that’s you take a second to give this video a thumbs up The worst place to get buying advice is from YouTube videos made by music shops selling the pianos and the brands that they represent You see these shops can only recommend you the brands that they carry and that they are a partner with They cannot tell you which other brands that they are not carrying is better because that will be bringing business away from the shop I am an independent musician and I am also a music teacher for the past 25 years With no affiliations to any brands or shops therefore in this video. I will give you my very honest and Independent advice and review on which is the best Beginner budget piano to get I will share with you five features that are extremely important if you want to get a correct Digital piano, you might just be a beginner you do not have the experience or the knowledge to get the correct instrument I will tell you what other keyboards or pianos that you must absolutely Not spend your money on because it does not meet these features in addition I will have a list of top 5 digital pianos across various brands that Meet this requirement and will be suitable for you as a beginner piano player because this video is about budget I will not be recommending anything above 499 US dollars in this video If you’re new here welcome, my name is Jeremy See and in my channel I make reviews tips and tutorials about arranger keyboards and digital pianos if you want to benefit from content like this Make sure you subscribe and smash that notification bell icon Many beginner piano students or those who want to start out learning the piano are confused They make the mistake of confusing and mixing up keyboards with pianos Keyboards and pianos are really quite different Instruments and you want to make sure that you are choosing the correct type of instrument for the objective that you are trying to achieve the first thing you want to look out for in a digital piano is that it must have 88 keys if it doesn’t have 88 keys anything lesser than 88 keys 76-73 61 keys. You have to reject that instrument Immediately that is because most if not all classical pieces By all the famous composers are written to take advantage of the range of 88 keys in the piano so if a shop tries to sell you something with fewer than 88 keys and tell you that this is suitable for you as a beginner piano player Don’t trust the guy and leave the place immediately Feature number two that you want to look up for is that the digital piano must have full-size keys That is the same size as that of a regular real acoustic piano Some shops will ask you to buy a mini key keyboard because it is usually lighter It is smaller more compact and is almost definitely cheaper and it’s always easier to sell someone a cheaper instrument or a cheaper piano however you need to make sure that you definitely must buy a full-size keys digital pianos because that will enable you to be able to play the piano pieces no matter where you go you go to some other concert hall a Friend’s place that has a real piano If you have been playing on mini keys, you will not be comfortable with playing on this regular-sized keys feature number three that you should be looking out for is scaled hammer action. So look out for these three words It has to have a scaled hammer action a lot of pianos out there are cheap for a reason so there are three kinds of Action primarily we have the non weighted keys action, which is usually found in keyboards We have the semi weighted key action which is found in more portable and beginner pianos and we have the scaled hammer action Digital pianos you do not just want it to be weighted because weighted just means that the keys are heavy But you want it to be a scaled weighting what is scaled weighting? Scaled hammer action just means that the left side keys of the digital piano It’s heavier than the right side keys of The piano as you play it from the right side to the left side of the piano The keys will just get lighter and that is exactly how it is on a real acoustic piano Because the strings on the piano are thicker and of a heavier gauge on the lower registers of the piano So make sure you look up for scaled hammer action the four feature you should be looking at for is a damper pedal Function you want to make sure that the digital piano you are buying has a damper piano that’s included with it the damper pedal also commonly referred to as the sustain pedal is an integral part of playing piano music feature number five that you must be looking at for is a built-in metronome a Metronome is a device that helps you to keep time It gives clicks and bells so that you know your timing that you are playing in how fast or how slow is the music you are playing in this is extremely important if you want to be good at piano playing because one of the criteria of Improving quickly is to make sure that you can play accurately and on time Some people watching this video might say that hey That isn’t a critical feature, right? You can have an external metronome or you can even download a metronome on Your smart phone these days as an app and that will work as a metronome But let me tell you you will only use the metronome most often when it is convenient, and it’s next to you So nothing can be more convenient than a metronome that is built right in to the digital piano that you’re playing Instantly it’s there at a press of a button your metronome is turn on and you can practice along with it Now that I have covered with you the five critical Features that your digital piano must have I’m gonna tell you what to avoid Do not ever ever buy keyboards from the Yamaha PSR range or the Casio CT-X or CTK range because these are keyboards these are 61 keys keyboard that has no weight at all on the keys and In no way does it represent the actual touch response of a piano it might have a very good piano sound but the feel and the response and the touch sensitivity is Nowhere, like the action of a real piano. Don’t get me wrong. These Yamaha PSR E-series, s-series, the Casio CT-X, CTK are really excellent arranger keyboards But they are keyboards and they are simply not digital pianos So two models that popped up very frequently in the comments section of my videos that has been asked by my subscribers and viewers is should they buy the Roland GO piano or the Roland GO piano 88 keys or should they buy the yamaha Piaggero NP 12 and the NP 32 My answer is don’t touch this models at all That is because the original Roland GO piano has only 61 keys. That is the first problem the second problem Is that the Roland GO piano even the 88 keys version is Not weighted. It just looks like a piano keys But it doesn’t feel like a piano keys at all and that is the same thing with the Yamaha NP 12 and the NP 32 so the NP 12 comes with only 61 keys and the NP 32 comes with only 76 keys and firstly it doesn’t meet the 88 keys requirement and It is not weighted at all so these two models that I have just mentioned the Roland GO pianos and the yamaha Piaggero NP series just doesn’t have the features of a real acoustic pianos even though they are marketed as digital pianos now I will give you my top five recommendation across all the brands as to which digital piano I Recommend from my personal experience with more than 25 years as a musician and more than 25 years teaching music and piano independently as a private teacher and If you need more information about this five pianos that I’m mentioning in this video You can find direct links in the description below and there will be more information for you number five on my list is the Alesis recital Pro 88 Keys one of the main reason why I have included this piano on this list is because it is One of the cheapest at 349 US dollars, it has four out of the five Requirements the only one feature that it is missing is that it doesn’t have a scaled hammer action It has a hammer action. It has a weighted hammer action, but it doesn’t have a scaled weighting so the other issue I have with Alesis is that Alesis is just Quite different from its old glory days You know when I was much younger chap Alesis was a brand that we all looked up to however Alesis is just simply not distributed in many countries so the other issue I have with Alesis is not being well distributed in numerous parts of the world is because of the parts availability And if you need to service the instrument if it breaks now That’s gonna be a problem. If you don’t have a service center near where you live Number four on my list is the Korg b1 digital piano So this called b1 digital pianos fulfill all five criteria that I have listed earlier on it costs US$ 499 currently and It’s about four years old. So, it does feel dated. I just feel that it is not as well-constructed and not as robust as Other brands that I will be mentioning in this list one other thing that the shops will not be telling you the damper pedal on the Korg B1 actually uses a proprietary plug so out of the box It comes with a damper pedal and sustain pedal, which I mentioned in the top features earlier on It uses a proprietary plug and that Means that if that pedal would stop working you cannot just go buy a third party pedal that is cheaper You have to go back to Korg and buy a Korg pedal with the proprietary plug Number three on my list is the Yamaha p45 One of the main reasons why it is on this list is because of the Yamaha brand So Yamaha is such a strong brand that if you need to sell this piano in future, it will pretty much retain Most of its value also. Yamaha is well known for providing Parts for their pianos for up to 10 years. It is cheaper than the $499 budget that I have set aside it actually costs 449 US dollars it has been replaced with the p125 so to speak the p125 is a much better piano, but the problem is that it is priced significantly higher than $499 number 2 on my list is by Casio. It is the CDP-S 100. It costs only 399 US dollars and it is the second cheapest on my list It meets all 5 requirements that I have said earlier. It has a very decent Piano sound and what I like most about the Casio is that it has a real texture keys that simulates ebony and ivory on real pianos that makes playing quick passages a lot easier and less slippery Unlike the other brands like the Yamaha and the Korg Pianos which has shiny plasticky slippery keys if you sweat a little bit you find that you will just have your fingers flying everywhere and not being able to play quick passages as Fluently now we come to the number 1 on my list Which is Roland FP 10 FP 10 was very recently announced and recently launched and that explains its price tag of 499 US dollars it has a very Assuring and confident touch that is very close to a upright piano. It also has a very reasonable Good sound That is well loved by many of the Roland fans and to top it off it fulfills all five requirements The roland brand is also very well established in the market And therefore you would have no problem with resale value if you intend to upgrade to something else in future Give this video a thumbs up if you found it useful and let me know in the comments section below which is your favourite digital piano and what are the features and functions and Things that you loved about that piano till the next time. Bye bye

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