Bob Dylan – I Want You (Audio)
Bob Dylan – I Want You (Audio)

100 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – I Want You (Audio)”

  1. Michael Brodie says:

    I don't know anyone who can't mimic Bob and sing soooooo bad.

  2. Gabe Thornes says:

    But I did it because he lied, and because he took you for a ride, and because time was on his side, and because I… want you

  3. Michal Ico says:

    This was the first Dylan´s song that caught my attention… I was 8

  4. I am Captain says:

    Am i the only one who thinks he sounds a little Mr Burns?

  5. Greg Francis says:


  6. Mateja Rezonja says:

    Dear Bob .. you are for me not an icon .. you are human man .. with feellings and problems .. have a nice day and drink a cup of tea .. Mateja Rezonja

  7. jane oughton says:

    Iwas 21 yearsa old when this classic came out now im 74 years old ,,,,I always thought Bob Dylan was singing this to me ,,,,Iwish xxx

  8. Matheus Rios says:

    Prefiro a versão do Skank hauahauah 👀

  9. thedoorsforever256 says:

    The piano playing quick 8th notes at 1:23 is always going to be one of my favorite moments in the 60s, and I have no idea who the musician is. Anyone have any idea who played piano on this track?

  10. Deanne North says:

    Sophie B Hawkins Sent me here…

  11. Joshua Lane says:

    I always enjoyed this album from Bob Dylan, and I still do

  12. Joyce Folinazo says:

    ♥ ♥ the best ♥ ♥

  13. Greg Francis says:


  14. cascarudo dorado says:


  15. TommyCoopersMagicCarpetWeaver. says:

    Is this really the 1st time Bob used a bridge in his songs?

  16. Marie McIntosh says:

    For you Jacob open the gate for me

  17. hirak silmi says:

    Une de mes chansons préféré durant ma jeunesse, merci Bob.

  18. Sara Allison says:

    One of my favorite 6

  19. Thèrése Walczak says:

    Comment resister a une chanson pareille…une vraie pepite!

  20. Sara Bridgman says:

    send me money to go top as conc art I am, I am a great artist with no paint no blue should I die

  21. Dezső János Toth says:

    A frenetikus dal a mesterek mesterétől ! ! !

  22. Mauro Ramos says:

    Hermosos recuerdos en el olvido ❤️

  23. cb stanfo says:

    you gotta luv that organ

  24. david campbell says:

    THE best non-singer singer.

  25. Ka Ro says:

    Because time was on his side and because I want you

  26. bloodthirsty gal says:

    skyline brought me here

  27. Diego Lunkes says:

    My favorite love song <3

  28. Mike Crake says:


  29. John Toppin says:

    Top 20 in the UK; no.2 in the USA for Bob Dylan during August 1966.

  30. Milagros Bautista says:

    Esta es la música que nunca pasará de moda

  31. Michel Bahamondes says:

    Es simplemente maravillosa esta canción, la primera vez que la oí tenia 12

  32. Robert Gibson says:

    I remember this groovy summer radio hit.. 66..

  33. tjoris51 says:

    When I first heard this (about 1970) it was an absolute knock-out. It probably helped that I was unhappily in love…. Still great song.

  34. Ben Salt says:

    You matter to Ben the C The Sea Sea, mister writes in blue wet

  35. Paco Lucena says:


  36. Robert Lutman says:

    Their is know one like Dylan

  37. alexsandro s domiciano says:

    Que música ótima !

  38. GG Allin says:

    I want you… So bad!

  39. Ellef Henry Rasmussen says:

    Yes I love you and I want you V.S.

  40. Lauryn Gibson says:

    she knows where I’d like to be, but it doesn’t matter

  41. Ben Salt says:

    and I plural

  42. Asmita Gautam says:

    That "Sooo bad" 😍

  43. John Trexler says:

    Thank you dear Monica

  44. Joe Lev says:

    If I outlive Bob Dylan I will flip out when he dies

  45. leila armeni says:

    …i want you…i want you….so bad… of my favourites of the great Bob Dylan…..

  46. 万俊彦 says:

    Very Nice !

  47. david campbell says:

    And people doubted his Nobel prize?

  48. BODYBUILDING 4 ALL v says:

    i wasnt born to lose you

  49. Tim Byrd says:

    Thanks again. Magical stuff my friend.

  50. 420 GAMING says:

    He sold his soul to this song little do u know

  51. 420 GAMING says:

    And because iiiiiiiii

  52. Ishmael Smith says:

    You can always buy the fucking records, y'know, instead id whining that you can't access them freely.

  53. Amir Pi says:


  54. Denise Morissette says:

    So happy to find this song ! Thank you so much.

  55. erens says:

    shes so heavy

  56. Nicolau Cabral says:

    Uma das mais belas cançoes que ja ouvi

  57. Nicolau Cabral says:

    Dylan e uma lenda viva a sua musica e intemporal

  58. Karmen Jazbec says:

    i 2want you too you just you bob dylan

  59. Gary Smith says:

    Absolutely fantastic song an amazing upload yours sincerely Gary

  60. Tracy Abernathy says:

    Another good Bob Dylan hit when did the song come out? In the 60s or the 70s.

  61. Jean Brown says:

    I just love his music

  62. Skipraida says:

    Been bingeing on Dylan all night coz I just realised he was on you tube (no body told me) anyway this one a particular favourite of mine,memories 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

  63. Renan Alves says:

    I want you too, Dylan.

  64. Ronnie says:

    I still have the original 45 of this that I bought in the summer of 1966. My favorite Dylan song.

  65. Bev Ducharme says:

    Is this the greatest pop song ever written? Yup. Surpasses all others.

  66. Fabio Joplin says:

    …e i gatti sul tetto,pazzi d’amore gridano nelle grondaie…e sono io ad essere pronto…pronto ad ascoltare,mai stanco,mai triste,mai colpevole….❤️

  67. A.T.W. Horses says:

    My most favorite Dylan song, when i was young, now and forever!

  68. Crazy Dazy says:

    In love with this song and the songwriter 🙏👁💜👁♥️🧡💛💚💙💜🌞🌈🍀🦋🌻🎺🧜🏾‍♀️🐬💜🧬💜🙌🏻🤓✌🏻🕯

  69. Alexis Ramón says:

    Beautiful song.

  70. Fernando Acosta Sánchez says:

    It's so damn happy

  71. conchi dominguez says:

    Mi Dilan favorito 🤗

  72. Lucas Monte says:

    É tanto… É tanto… Se almenos você soubesse

  73. BODYBUILDING 4 ALL v says:

    i wasnt born to lose you

  74. Gary Smith says:

    Absolutely fantastic upload respect yours sincerely Gary

  75. Ulisses Souza says:

    É tanto,é tanto,se ao menos voce soubesse

  76. Alan Marshall says:

    That opening verse…genius

  77. Colin Jennings says:

    The best Dylan song imho….and Robert George Dylan Willis RIP..

  78. Ross Heathorn says:

    I second that comment, it never looses its charm at all. Easily one of my best Dylan tunes, one of 50 lol he has alot. Doesn't remind me of one girl reminds me of all of my girlfriends in a mad kind of way. You can feel his love in how its played it's so happy and full of joy. I got some ruff acoustic tunes on here put in Ross Heathorn. Flattery is addiction song theres couple of conspiracy tunes and others. Hope someone somewhere likes them? Peace world x

  79. João lucio bortolani Bortolani says:

    Sou joaoluciobortolani

  80. João lucio bortolani Bortolani says:

    Sou joaoluciobortolani moro em Mauá.

  81. 657BIueArmy says:

    Just pure genius.

  82. Jack Rollins says:

    It's so groooooovvvvyyy

  83. Randall Leonard says:

    I thought the lyric was "the drunken politician WEEPS"

  84. Joseph Rigan says:

    best everything, best album

  85. Karmen Jazbec says:

    you did refuze me

  86. hadj nani says:

    The voice and the song… I want you

  87. marjo kamp says:


  88. Rajesh Singh says:

    The master has spoken.

  89. Pat Downs says:

    I was just thinking why it is that this song works so well. Could Sinatra have done it? How about Nicki Minaj? Elton John? Very very few, if any. The Byrds? Maybe. Maybe even probably. Ok, they definitely could have. But they didn't. So, whatever.

  90. Sam says:

    The drunken politician leaps?
    Bob Dylan was so fake! A lot of people thought he was a leading thinker, but he turned out to be a fake, composing songs just for composition and money, nothing else. He never openly opposed anything, just like Baez once said. What a fake!

  91. Auriel Filho says:

    Foi dessa musica que o Skank chupinhou e fez a canção Tanto

  92. Nicole nedobejkine says:

    cher Bob Dylan : on t'aime pour ta tendresse occultée

  93. Nicole nedobejkine says:


  94. Karmen Jazbec says:

    yeah i want you too

  95. Dreary Novelist says:

    The Soul man.

  96. Gilbert Garrido says:

    I love this one.

  97. Tilly Myers says:

    Can you imagine any current musician even being capable of writing lyrics like this?

  98. Carlo Testa says:

    Brian jones …….

  99. Lenon Kitchens says:

    Bob Dylan has always been an absolutely amazing song writer, and an equally shitty singer.

  100. Ron Weasel says:

    I remember like 10 years ago there was a video of this song dubbed over visuals of Mr Burns talking. I loved that. You have a thought. You look up if someone had it before you and voilà, absolute perfection.

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