BTS SUGA – Interlude: Shadow (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)
BTS SUGA – Interlude: Shadow (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

I wanna be a rap star, I wanna be the top,
I wanna be a rockstar, I want it all mine I wanna be rich, I wanna be the king
I wanna go win, I wanna be … I wanna be a rap star, I wanna be the top,
I wanna be a rockstar, I want it all mine I wanna be rich, I wanna be the king
I wanna be me, I want a big thing Oh boy let me see, I got a big dream yeah Woo I wondered everyday how far I’d go
I came to my senses and I find myself here Yeah, hmm, shadow at my feet
Look down, it’s gotten even bigger I run but the shadow follows
As dark as the light’s intense
I’m afraid, flying high is terrifying No one told me
How lonely it is up here I can leap in the air but also plunge
Now I know running away could be an option too, pause People say, there’s splendor in that bright light
But my growing shadow swallows me
And becomes a monster Up high, high, and higher, higher
I only go higher and vertigo overtakes me I rise, rise. I hate it
I pray, pray, hoping to be okay The moment I’m flying high as I wished
My shadow grows in that blasting stark light Please don’t let me shine
don’t let me down, don’t let me fly Now I’m afraid The moment I face myself brought lowest
It so happens that I’m flying the highest Please don’t let me shine
don’t let me down, don’t let me fly Now I’m scared Don’t let me shine I wanna be a rap star, I wanna be the top
I wanna be a rockstar, I want it all mine I wanna be rich, I wanna be the king
I wanna go win, I wanna be … I wanna be a rap star, I wanna be the top
I wanna be a rockstar, I want it all mine I wanna be rich, I wanna be the king
I wanna be me, I wanna be … Yeah I’m you, you are me, now do you know
Yeah you are me, I’m you, now you do know We are one body, sometimes we will clash
You can never break me off, this you must know Yeah yeah can’t break me off, whatever you do
Yeah you’ll be at ease if you admit it too Yeah succeed or fail, whichever way you flow
Yeah you can’t escape, wherever you go I am you, you are me, now you do know
You are me, I am you, now do you know We are one body and we are gonna clash
We are you, we are me, this do you know Thanks for watching! :3

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  1. Student A says:

    how do you all not see how deep this song is….nvm

  2. Jiya Mathew says:

    1:17, 1:29

  3. Jung Kookie says:

    Startin……Y tf does it sound like interstelar….like if u agree lmaoo

  4. monique 25__ says:

    😢suga …….

  5. Momehad Saleem says:

    Superb 😊😊😊

  6. Adeela Zaidi says:

    Relatives:what you want to be when you will grow up?
    Suga: INHALES. I wanna be –

  7. Peachy; says:

    2:03 it's wrong, yoongi said "I wanna be me" not "I wanna go win" ✨✨💛

  8. [_Ichi_El _Zorro_] says:

    D0u :v no se que decir asi que… Me gusta el pan y esta cancion

  9. Taehyungs girl says:

    this song is so sad :((

  10. ニアピートゥングケルシ— says:

    Bruh I’m learning about shadow, persona, self, ego etc in my Psychology class. I didn’t realize how badass they were, basing their entire albums and theories on something so relevant to our every day lives 😭😭 I wonder if my prof knows about them lmfao

  11. Kimmm Hoseokkk says:

    Just wanna say, does armys now only hungry for viewers in the actual mv? I'm not saying it's bad but THIS IS TOO OVERREACTING get a life plz, pretty sure everyone in here already have watched the mv themselves, STOP MAKING A HUGE PROBLEM JUST BECAUSE OF A LYRICS VIDEO THAT'S MADE BY A FAN geez

  12. clavicle. says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!🥺🥺🥺👏🏽

  13. v.dmnty mint icecream says:

    suga: i wanna big dic— 0:36

  14. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    I really hope some people get the message here😔

  15. Kim Ary says:

    Сначала двери-возможности закрыты, однако открывается новая(ранее закрытая дверь-Музыка)
    Поскольку всё не может быть идеальным, то у Мина со временем развивается вторая личность, которую он начинает воспринимать за *Себя,
    Мин не знает куда пойти дальше (стремиться) 2л(Вторая личность ), начинает развиваться
    И когда он "взлетает выше,то 2л проявляется всё больше. И он боится что 2л его захватит, если он продолжит *взлетать. Поэтому Мин и просит: " не дай мне летать, не подвели меня".
    Когда двери, будучи открытыми закрываются, это символизирует то что у него были и другие варианты, однако он не захотел испробовать именно их, ( оставил всё как есть) и со временем они закрылись, не давая ему исправить совершенную ошибку .
    Люди в масках, как по моему мнению- либо комплексы, либо хейтеры (они достали его везде, даже там где ранее был он один). А его вторая личность его хейтером и является мешая ему жить. На самом деле выход есть.
    Дверь за ним( на ней написано "Exit" что по Англ. -выход) ,однако он не знает как в него попасть, ведь возможно когда Мин поймёт, то будет уже поздно и вторая личность убьёт внутреннего его( и, да это кстати возможно, поскольку он реально подсознательно начнёт воспринимать себя за него. Хотя если они имеют общее тело, это не значит что они один и тот же человек. Мин ведёт себя открыто с музыкой и некоторыми людьми из его окружения, но с большинством он закрыт, и я не знаю кто ему в этом помог(закрыться).
    1) Виноваты не Вы, а человек или люди из-за которых Вы закрылись.
    2) Постарайтесь быть более открытым со многими, (не со всеми) или найдите занятие которые помогут Вам выражаться.
    3) Ты не убил себя.( Ты ещё жив, можешь радоваться))
    4) Считать, то что ты слаб, и есть слабость.
    5) Ваша слабость, является твоей силой, и хоть звучит как бред, Вы поймёте.
    6) Не бойтесь если ваша 2л Исчезнет, то с вами всё будет нормально, но поймите, что идеальная жизнь не возможна
    7) Пусть вашей целью сейчас станет реально принять себя. А если вы думаете что вы уже себя приняли, то это полный бред, иначе вторая личность бы не развивалась.

  16. M says:

    Omg….Min Yoongi….🔥🤯

  17. Myrtille Le chat says:

    Merci pour la traduction❤️

  18. Lamiye Mustafayeva says:

    l Love Suga

  19. borahae bts says:

    Guys imagine all of these views are on the official video, so please watch it instead. The official video also have lyrics on it tho :"((

  20. salsabil touil says:

    oooooosooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm ssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggaaaaaaaaa omg omg omg

  21. Salma EL says:

    Is it just me or the melody in this one does remind you of "BTS – Let me know" ?

  22. Janet Q says:

    Can you guys please not watch this and actual stream the actual MV it has subtitles too idk why you guys want to watch this instead of the actual mv

  23. wajeeha javed says:

    "People say there's splendour in that bright light,
    but my growing shadow swallows me and becomes a monster"


  24. G.Pelin Akarsu says:

    Suga is succesfull singer, her is perfect 👏👏😊😊

  25. Park Jimin says:

    why does he sound depressed😭

  26. Raneem Awaji says:

    Not really trying to be rude over here but…
    I really hate it how people keep saying;

    Yoongi: i wanna be the king
    Army: but you already are a king

    It’s just so annoying, like he’s telling you that being famous has a dark side to it and you just keep saying the same thing over and over like why don’t you just stop with this nonsense and understand what he’s trying to tell you? If your over here to know what the lyrics mean then you should understand what he’s saying but instead you just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again just pls stop and understand the message he’s trying to tell you pls he’s just telling you that he doesn’t feel like himself anymore because of all this fame because he’s always surrounded by these flashing lights no matter what…
    like the toxic army’s keep invading his privacy as if there’s nothing left to hide anymore people just share everything with the world no matter what it is even if it’s really really personal

    Pls just understand the message from the song and stop with this stupid nonsense

    And remember….

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜~♥️♥️BTSxARMY FOREVERMORE♥️♥️~

  27. Angelina Strela Airs says:

    Suga : I wanna be a rockstar
    Me : I wanna be as cool as u

  28. Yerina 123 says:

    Did anyone else realized that the chorus sounds like girl let me know

  29. tae95 girl says:

    Kill me I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much more than my fuking live ♥️♥️

  30. 유지은 says:

    헐 방탄티비가 이 영상 시청했네…대박이다

  31. BTSArmylover Sarange says:

    Min Yoongi: I want it all mine.


  32. Narayani Adhikari says:

    Suga: I wanna be rich
    Me: You at that level not rich then what I am

  33. Tina Liu says:

    Love Suga and this song so much! The lyrics are so meaningful and good💜💜💜

  34. Aarthi lodh says:

    Your hard work is yours charm😍💓…. Fighting 🥰

  35. Just a roll Of toilet paper says:

    Me here memorizing to make a cover

  36. I’m Tired says:

    The theory’s I’ve seen are quite depressing and it kinda makes me feel sad cause it’s like we’ve always seen them as something more than human when really that’s just what they are! They’re human, they have feelings,burdens,and more and it’s hard for us to understand because we don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes. We don’t know the pressure they feel as an idol. We don’t know the mask that they force themselves to wear for us. We don’t know how they truly feel. We don’t know how it feels to be chased around or to be crowded by fans every time their location is leaked. We don’t know anything. We just know what they are like with the mask but we never know what it’s like from behind the mask. We always pay attention to their stage characters but never their true selves cause that’s just what we do. We never consider other people’s feeling cause we always assume that they are “okay”. I’m sorry if I’m ranting but I just want to put this out there that we should probably try to at least respect the fact that Idols aren’t just gods or immortals and that they are humans! Instead of crowding around them and shoving phones in their faces respect their personal space and be considerate of their feelings!!

    Please don’t attack me btw!

  37. Gvanca Golinzovskaia says:

    Yoongi aah you are so cute :))

  38. Ṃ Răwi says:

    I wanna be everything 😁

  39. Kpop Is my life says:

    1:57MY FAVORITE💙💖

  40. Jo Korea says:

    OMG, this guy's growth, Amazing as expected^^~~

  41. Tea Freak says:

    I usually am not into solo rap songs, but every solo song I’ve ever heard form Suga/Yoongi has had a deeper meaning and always sounds honest. I love him and the rest of BTS and ARMY is here to carry on their legacy even after they move on to the next chapter in their lives.

  42. Park Maria says:

    Suga: I wanna be a rap star 🌟
    I wanna be the top ⬆️
    I wanna be a Rockstar 🎤🎶
    I wanna be rich 💵
    I wanna be the king 👑

    Me: I wanna be yours 💜💜

  43. yongis ass says:


  44. Ivy Does Art says:

    The chills I get while listening to this song

  45. _kpop_ idk says:

    WATCH mv INSTEAD OF this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. HobiSK ND says:

    wAaiiiTT hold up did Suga just say "I want a big thing" HmMMmmm Muhyo?

  47. *Ateez are aesthetically pleasing* says:

    Y’all are funny, with the Jaeguchi sells “fake merch”, y’all do know that fans make fan made merch right? Ever heard of Etsy? The merch aren’t fake, it’s just fan made. If the merch were supposed to be “official”, than why don’t y’all sue jaeguchi for their scams. Also, I watch these videos to pay attention to the lyrics, it’s hard to focus when there is the background playing.

  48. truc le says:

    Bài hát nói đừng để tôi bay cao.nhưng bài này sẽ giúp anh bay cao

  49. twilight says:

    there is a difference between “r”s and “l”s in korean!! this is so confusing!! 😩

  50. vanesa Jiménez says:

    I love this song 💜💜💜💜💜

  51. Nicole Yee says:

    Ahh my baby suga we want it but do we need it🤔
    -I feel it the pain of that loneliness you expressing in that song my dear Yoon-gi.
    getting all we want is like chasing the wind but getting what we need-
    now there is where the true mission of one's life is

  52. 1_800_hobiwater says:

    Just realized this album is gonna be dark. That means for the tour we’re gonna get BST and Fake Love on the setlist-

  53. 프프 says:

    정말 방탄에 관심 없는 사람 중 한 명이지만 살짝 걱정이 되어 올립니다. 최고의 자리에 올라갔지만 "연예인이니까"라는 말에 예전부터 당연시 되어온 범죄들에 대해 방탄 멤버들이 지쳤고 더 나아가 무서움을 느낀 것 같아요. 뒤 가사를 보아 이제 때어놓을 수 없는 사생에 대한 대처를 시작하려는 것 같고요
    저만의 해석이고 물론 다들 욕하실 것 알지만 저에게는 이 곡이 자신들이 힘들다고 말하는 것 같아서요. 방탄 멤버가 라이브로 무섭다?라고 말하는 것과 뮤비에서 카메라를 들이밀며 사진을 찍는 모습… 전부터 상처를 받아온 것 같은데 사생을 대처하는 과정에서 더 큰 상처를 입을까 그냥 걱정이네요. 이게 만약 제가 해석한 의미에 조금이라도 맞는다면 중요한 기회일 텐데… 괜한 걱정이겠죠?

  54. Jada Hudson says:

    2:03 and forward really killed me like I really said 🤰🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽

  55. CHANGBEANIES says:

    bop of 2020

  56. Ashley Crouch says:

    Wow I am really loving this song as a whole. The break down part was insanely good. Love this so much overall. <333

  57. Ema Carvalho says:

    Yoongi: I wanna be-
    Me: And my my mom says I’m the indecisive one.
    time goes by
    Yoongi: I wanna be –
    Me, at age 90: Min Yoongi make a decision! I haven’t got many years left!
    time skip
    Yoongi: I wanna be eating Lamb Skewers
    Me in the afterlife: ARE YOU KIDDING??? YOU TOOK THIS LONG JUST TO SAY YOU ARE HUNGRY??? GO COOK IT THEN because in case you haven’t, I Joined Casper the friendly ghost!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Rachel B says:

    I had an advertisement for a drink that contained "0 sugar", LOL!!

  59. Just a lazy Potato says:

    I think the part when he says he wants to be a rap star ect. That’s before he got famous and then he gets famous and says don’t let me fly don’t let me shine cause infact it’s lonely and not what he expected each time he achieves something like what he says before he’s famous a part of him gets taken away… 💔

  60. Sofa says:

    I think he's not doing okay.
    Depression is so draining. It takes whatever hope you have and makes you feel like you have no purpose. I wish people would look into the song's lyrics more and really think about the things he's going through.

    It feels like people/fans only want the 'happy' and the 'okay' side of him. People use idols names so easily, we feel like we 'know' them, but they never want to really know the flaws/struggles of the idols.

    I mean we've already lost Hara, Sulli, Jonghyun, etc. This could be a cry for help, and if it is, then it would hurt him so bad if nobody let him know how much we love him and how we're there for him.

    I hope he feels better and that he knows he's a good person ❤.

  61. Cindy Vang says:

    How much people do you want in the video?

    Yoongi: yes

  62. Ruth Angela Choque Millan says:

    Me. enamora MUCHO loamo

  63. cche16 says:


  64. Luisa Da Costa says:

    I want to be king I wan be me I wan be rockstar

  65. iMJeonJungsHoOk _BTSJIN says:

    AHHHHHH im so happyyyy~~~

  66. myg 123 says:


  67. Jasmine Lengsavath says:

    The meaning behind this song is just amazing. A little jist of what the meaning is about it’s how people only care about who he is on stage and it’s like a shadow of his personality and how it’s fading because people don’t really care about who the real HE is. Also a scene where people are all taking pictures of him is evidence as how people only care how he is on stage and camera.

    Edit: Some of this information might be wrong so watch a real theory if you are actually curious. But I think this is right

  68. Mint Kody says:

    Yoongi in the first half: His usual self, just being him, all amazing. Not perfect because perfection is the worst thing ever. 'I respect my other self but he's so bad at the same time'

    The next half: 'I'm a fucking bad bitch and no it's no fucking joke, I hate everyone for everything. I hate my other self'

    The lighter you as a person is, the darker your shadow is

  69. Mint Kody says:


    One random person: Don't watch these videos, watch the original video

    Other random person: jaeguchi sells fake merch, copies BTS and does some random shit

    To the people saying this, let everyone be themselves, we watch what we want, don't force us to do shit

  70. VerelLupin says:

    I like the first half of the song, the rest is kind of jarring, which I’m assuming it’s what he was going for but not my cup of tea.

  71. Amanda Reinersman says:

    Sounds like hes talking about anxiety a little which just makes me want to give him hugs. I hope that's not what it's about but that's what it sounds like to me

  72. Luisaa says:


  73. Rodrigo Gardiola Jr says:

    Persona is the question
    Shadow is the answer

  74. ATaylor Productions says:

    Yoongi always makes such amazing solo songs..
    I'm so impressed… and I'm always hoping he succeeds at his dreams.

  75. v zylyy says:

    Even this have lyrics i still
    : Negaiihwukwiyaynisjakknhjdhbskkakjwjiiido

  76. Emily Arias says:

    I’m he said (I wanna be rich) I thought he said (I wanna be a witch)😂😭


    *persona is the question
    Shadow is the answer*

  78. F Mochi says:

    shadow monster

  79. Twilight Crystal says:

    Dont let me shine


  80. Ada Ada says:

    "The moment I face myself brought lowest , It so happens that I'm flying the highest "

    That hits , dear suga all armies luv u and rest of bts members💜

  81. 지민딸기 Jimin Strawberry says:

    노래 너무 좋아ㅠㅠ진짜ㅠㅠㅠ

  82. ArMy Of BTS says:

    at 2:09 i think thats his anxiety talking

  83. ARMY ATHOKPAM says:

    Bae Suga💜

  84. •Toasted Bagels And Gacha• says:

    Guys when yoongi says this thing he could be talking about him or his thoughts in O!RUL8,2? Or it’s coming from his shadow wanting to be as good or better than him currently, or he wants to be his shadow, as bigger than he is (No not like that ya nasty)

  85. TaekookiesNcream says:

    Yoongi's lyrics always hurt me 🙁

  86. M O O N C H I L D says:

    It gave me a tear vibe

  87. excujiMellow 14 says:

    Ugh!! This song is so awesome, I think I'm going back to be fan of bts again.

  88. Park Vjola says:

    Omg love you suga .You are the best rp😜

  89. 방탄보라해 says:

    미쳤어 윤기오빠

  90. САША Магомед says:


  91. 짜짠짜잔 says:


  92. chloe Eum says:

    한국인 없나요ㅠ

  93. Kristina Serebryanskaa says:

    Hi guys, let's all vote for BTS in mubeat together.

    Привет ребята, давайте все вместе голосовать за BTS в MUBEAT пожалуйста скачивайте и голосуйте.

    안녕 얘들 아,모두 무벳에서 BTS 함께 투표 다운로드 및 투표하시기 바랍니다 수 있습니다.

  94. BANANABOAT says:

    when suga said "i want it all mine" i thought he said "i really don"t mind"

  95. Only Facts says:

    "I came to Seoul become a songwriter, but strangely, I didn't want to be famous" (Min Yoongi)

  96. lilshafz says:

    Suga: "i want a big thing"
    Me; OMG excuse my dirty mind

  97. 명므네 says:

    '아무도 말안해줬잖아 여기가 얼마나 외로운지.'
    '나의 도약이 추락이 될수있다는걸'

    가사 슬프네.

  98. Ryleigh Jin Ackerman says:

    I wanna be a tutubi na Walang tinatagong bato🤣

  99. ARMY Adriani says:

    Don't be afraid,Yoongi.. We'll never let you down. We always be with you.. Fighting,Yoongi yaaa.. Saranghae💜💜💜💜

  100. Kpop Krazy says:

    BigHit- Sha-
    Jaeguchi- Shadow Lyrics
    BigHit- ಠ ೧ ಠ *TRIGGERED*

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