Calming and Relaxing Music for Your Guinea Pig!
Calming and Relaxing Music for Your Guinea Pig!

34 thoughts on “Calming and Relaxing Music for Your Guinea Pig!”

  1. Why put dumb ads on it that will just scare the Guinea pig

  2. My guineapig likes to Liston to this. But her favorite song is come and get your love by red bone

  3. My babies fell asleep so fast.

  4. Mimi Suarez says:

    I just got my first guinea pig and he was really anxious and stressed. When I started playing this he visibly calmed down and is currently eating half of a tomato.

  5. Mines name is midnight when he heard this he completely froze

  6. I played this for one of mine, and he just climbed to my chest and looked at me

  7. Knightway16 says:

    I was going through loads of your vids looking for one my guinea pig likes and I found it here

  8. Chipmunky says:

    Both of my piggies love this music. I play it for them whenever we clean their cage because being out of it for too long stresses them out, but the music keeps them calm, at least until my dad puts their food in the cage. Then they start climbing all over each other to be the first to be put back in lmao 😂 😍

  9. Tiany Lui says:

    this calmed my guinea pig and my cat too

  10. Richard W says:

    Incredible! My Edgar can be pretty chill once I get him out of his room. But THIS brought him to a whole new level of contentment! 😱

  11. river plate says:

    Sleepimg my guinea pig

  12. Sofia Cuevas says:

    My guinea pig love to eat my phone

  13. marhoho says:

    It doesn’t work for my guinea pig 🙁

  14. Funciona mis cuyes se duermen con esta musica

  15. I’ve never seen my guinea pigs so calm and relaxed they’re all cuddled up in my dressing gown and won’t move I’m I try to get them out they dog their claws into it so they can’t get out this is my new favourite thing 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️ thank you so much

  16. My guinea pig curled up in my leg and fell asleep

  17. My guinea pig didn't care and just ate his cabbage

  18. My guinea pig is right now sleeping in my armpit 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Farm Life says:

    Worked well for my guinea pigs and me!!!😆

  20. De verdad funciona…mi cobayo, esta más q estiró a sus anchas y duerme

  21. Thank you so much my guinea pig and my brother's hamster fell asleep on this

  22. La China says:

    La mía no se duerme solo se relaja

  23. Mia Mayberry says:


  24. Mia Mayberry says:

    My pet Oreo he fell asleep and I almost did to

  25. This worked so well for one of my piggies she wouldn’t stop squeaking but when I played this she stopped and layed on my shoulder with her head resting on me and her blanket this also made me very tired as well 😹

  26. Mi cobaya se tranquiliza escuchando kppop 😀 :3

  27. Mine kept purring at certain piano strokes of the music and he just sat there, barbecue sauce on his tiddies.

  28. La pequeña escucho la música y comenzó a acomodarse y se durmió

  29. skye elliott says:

    When the ads came on my guinea pig Alice stopped licking me lol!!!

  30. I have been watching this for five mins and my guinea pig is not asleep yet

  31. Gus & Henry have passed smooth out in my lap.❤

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