Can I Make my Bike a Drum Set?
Can I Make my Bike a Drum Set?

Future Ali: Check out what I made! Future Max: Whoah! You made a bicycle? Future Ali: [Laughing] Shut up! Hey Best Pal-y, I’m Ali, and you may have seen me drum on my bike before Which is weird, I’m the only one that’s ever done that Totally a normal thing No it’s not, and you shouldn’t hit your bike! So I’m going to turn my bike into drums Also a normal thing And obviously the first step is to get some tiny drums But not like super tiny, just ones that won’t get in the way So it can still be a bike And an instrument I just spent entirely too long searching for introductory drum-sets Amazon now thinks I’m a cool mom! There’s like a wide range of really small plastic-y ones All the way up to really nice ones That are better than any adult ones I own But! I have decided ☆☆☆ Editing ☆☆☆. Dope! It’s here Look, the company’s called Music Alley That’s so perfect! Get it??? Music… Ali…? They spelled it wrong Woo HooOO!! Before I start fitting this to my bike I obviously need to try out my sick new instrument I want to be the coolest kid in fifth grade! I got everything out, and I ripped the instructions… This is already going great [ ♫ Outrageous Montage Music ♫] Whyyyy?!? I’ve been turning for at least an hour And I thought it was me, but it turns out this tension rod is all messed up And I can’t get it to work It is not me, it is Music Alley’s fault I’m putting the screwy screw on the front, so hopefully it will be ok [♫boom boom♫] If the back is still working [ ♫ Outrageous Montage Music ♫] hoo Hoo HOO hoo! It’s coming together Also, how am I sweating doing this? [ ♫ Outrageous Montage Music ♫] Rad bro! [ ♫ Bum Boom Boom Tish ♫] Haha, oh yeah Hey Best Pal-y, I’m a neighbor’s nightmare [ ♫ Outrageous Drum Solo ♫] [Laughs] Now for all all of you following along, doing this tutorial at home The next step to make a drum set bike… is to take the fur off your bike Now, if you’re not a new Pal-y, you know I have a fur-cycle Because I covered my bike with fur Because Outrageous But a fur-cycle that you can also play like drums, that’s just like, too much So… I’m going to take the fur off Because I like… like one clean concept that makes sense Which is actually a pretty big bummer. This thing gets a lot of attention Way more than I can capture, but here’s some Past Ali: These girls are just shouting at me Past Ali: Just took a picture Past Ali: Hey, tag me ok?! [Laughs] Outrageous Fans: [Shouts]
Past Ali: YEEEaahhh! Past Ali: Did I say attention?
Outrageous Fan: Yeahhhh, your bike look goooood! Past Ali: She stopped me to say that. You’re awesome! [Laughs] But it’s time to move on! I’m gonna be like Seinfeld and stop before things get Super dingy and then no one likes it anymore That’s what Seinfeld did right? [ ♫ Outrageous Montage Music ♫] Ah god.. AHHH Sorry, I should have put a trigger warning out to all the furry bikes out there [ ♫ Outrageous Montage Music ♫] There we go He has been Unfurred Disfurred Unfuzzened? We are now down to glow bike, which was an even earlier Outrageous decision Wonder if he still glows? Whaaaaat? Sweet! Holy crap! Turns out Ashton has been glowing under his fur this whole time Ahh, still gotta take it off though We gotta… we gotta get back to normal I mean you can’t have a glowing drum set that moves That… sounds awesome! That’s too much! By the way, Ashton’s the name of my bike if that wasn’t clear I’m getting one final ride on the glow version of him To get zip ties! I’m sure this is the only thing I’ll need to make this work This weird tuft situation wasn’t the most flattering thing to be biking around with So… let’s get you naked! [ ♫ Outrageous Montage Music ♫] I had to get the time lapse because Ashton got embarrassed when you could see his butt Now’s the part of the video where… I’m not sure if I’m going to post the video… Because I actually have no plan for how or if this is gonna work We want ’em here Well I can’t anchor it to this, because I gotta to make sure it moves with the handlebars so… Like.. that Maybe… up here? Oh god! Ok, I got it Ya gotta put the brace on the wrong side, and then facing the wrong way This sounds wrong… Ahhh… they both won’t fit up here without hitting my brakes Ok, no brackets and this plan might make my knees uncomfortable But I think it’s my only option. Let’s do this! [ Ziiip ziiip♫ bum bum bum – bum bum bum ♫] [ Ziip ziip ♫ bum ♫] Ok, third one was a poor decision Just realized I stopped my handlebars from turning Alriiiight! I think this is gonna work [ ♫ boom boom ♫] Ho hooo! I want this to go under.. and then In through this side so they match perfectly Not that that matters at all, but I care! Now is where I become and ASMR channel really quickly [Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip] Ahhh, so satisfying I was actually able to anchor both of these with one in the centre So, you know, if you’re budgeting to do this, you don’t need as many twist ties as you think It’s… working…. question mark? [ ♫ Mini bike drum solo ♫] Ho hoooo! It’s totally happening.. this is… OK… Errrr… figure out the cymbal Errr, I’m entirely too pumped right now Where are we doing this… here? Into my face… Just become a jousting rod Might do a little…. shoving Shoving sounds good! Yes. Welcome to my DIY channel You will be shoving That’s…. fine… Yeah! OK Another bit of an anchor Didn’t know if I was going to use these baby ones, but I’m glad I got ’em [Clang Ting] [ ♫ bum bum bum ♫] ha hooo! Look at him! In all his glory You are no longer a bike, you are now officially a drum set Don’t deny it, you wanted it all your life I mean you were born with drum… pedals [ ♫ Ba dum tish ♫] Ha! [Laughs] I cannot wait to get my new invention out on the open road Plus I gotta show Max the stupid thing I did Ali: Check out what I made Max: Whoah, you made a bicycle? Ali: [Laughing] Shut up! Ali: This is my newest invention Max: Does it work? Ali: Ah… I have yet to ride it so… Max: Ohhhhh
Ali: That’s what we’re… we’re gonna do that now Max: It’s pretty cool Ali: I’m… somewhat concerned getting started, and hitting my knees on this Ali: Gotta bit of a restricted turning radius here Ali: I’m gonna have to do a lot of leaning
Max: [Laughs] Ali: Mounting this jousting horse while holding 2 weapons Ali: I mean I’ve done this before with sans drums Max: Yah… you’ve ridden a bike before right? Max: Yeah, why don’t you go skateboard?
Ali: Why didn’t I just skateboard Max: That would have been so much easier
Ali: [Laughs] Ali: Why are we even in the same video together, we’re just the same writer Ali: Here goes nothing Ali: Oooo Ali: Hah? Ali: Oh, my knees aren’t hitting! Oh I thought for sure they would Ali: Ok, this is great Max: [Laughs] Ali: I can’t turn as well, but I can turn … Max: Easy on the turning radius there Ali: Alright, I also need to get some speed before I let go Max: Wide t…
Ali: It’s weird having this weight up here Ali: This is not the most practical of transportations Max: [Laughs] Oh god
[ ♫ ba dum ♫] Ali: A little POV, what it’s like to be a bike drummer Ali: Terrifying. I don’t think I can let go here Ali: You’re getting one hit [ bum ♪ ] ok [ ♫ Bike Drum Solo ♫] Max: [Laughs] Ali: This is not the most practical instrument I play Ali: Although, I do have a saxaphone [ ♫ Bike Drum Solo ♫] Max: [Laughs] [ ♫ Outrageous Bike Drum Solo ♫] Ali: Try some swing this time? [ ♫ Outrageous Swinging Bike Drum Solo ♫] Ali: Yessssss! Max: If I give you a joke, that you can then accentuate
Ali: I did it already Ali: [Laughs] I already shot that at my house Well that was harder than I expected I mean, the extra weight, why did I not think that would screw me up? And this one’s heavier than that one, ’cause of the snare. I don’t know I’m making excuses now, but… It worked. It worked! I’m an inventor! Ali: Thanks Max: No problem
Ali: I appreciate the help Max: Very impressed. For the record I can’t even ride a bike, so… Ali: Ohh, it’s true
Max: This is pretty embarrassing for me Ali: Well it’s not a bike, it’s a drum set, so you can probably do it Max: Easy. I apologize Ali: If you want to see me actually play drums on a bike and it looks cooler And… more in control, I’ll put that down there. Thanks!

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