Can you hear the difference? | Flutist playing with and without emotion
Can you hear the difference? | Flutist playing with and without emotion

We all know the situation too well, I think. You’ve practiced all week, you like: “Ya,
I got this piece down, my teacher’s gonna be so proud of me. I worked on my phrasing and my dynamics like
I got this one sorted. I even marked my breaths for this lesson,
I even marked my breaths.” And you get to your lesson and you play, you
play your heart out, and the teacher’s like: ” Can you please play with some more expression
though.” And you’re like: “WHHHAAAAAAT? I just like gave it my all. I’ve like literally played my heart out and
you’re telling me that it’s not enough.” So today we are going to have a little bit
of fun. This is inspired by my last Patreon video,
where we were practicing playing with and without expression for very specific purpose,
um, but, I am going to check out: can we hear the difference between playing with expression
and without expression. What I am going to be doing is, I am going
to be playing with all the same dynamics and even vibrato, phrasing, well, at least I am
going to try my best to do as much dynamics and vibrato and phrasing. So it’s not that I am playing deadpan I am
doing all the correct things. The only difference I’m gonna try and do here
is put the heart in or leave it out. I’m going to encourage you guys to close your
eyes when I start playing. I’m gonna put a little like screen for you
guys, like: Close your eyes now and I want you to first listen and see if you can hear
the difference and then go back and watch it again and see if you got the right answer. Mostly, cause when I play with expression
I think I am going to probably show it in my face and my body a little bit more. Okay, let’s dive straight in. So what’s the verdict: Can you hear the difference? What are the differences? Comment below the things that you notice. I think this is quite an interesting thing
for all of to do, record, check ourselves out and also realize that sometimes you feel
like you are playing your heart out, like, you know, you thought maybe in that lesson. But sometimes we need to go a little more
overboard than we think. If you have not yet subscribed to my channel,
I’m gonna encourage you to hit subscribe down below and hit that grey notification button
so that you get notified when my new videos come out. Kepp playing beautifully, keep playing your
heart out and I will see you guys soon. Happy Practicing.

22 thoughts on “Can you hear the difference? | Flutist playing with and without emotion”

  1. మాధురి ఎన్ says:

    With or without emotion i am just amazed by the sound..btw i am beginner in bamboo flute

  2. Bil A. M. Sibarani says:

    Thanks Honey

  3. Amidala says:

    1) What piece are you playing?
    2)Sneaky gal.


    You interlaced them. I kept wondering why it kept switching back and forth from "oh, this is the bland one" to "but wait, this phrase sounds brilliant."

  4. Miera&Maria says:

    How you play is so amazing.

  5. The Prayerful Flute says:

    I could actually hear the difference, but good grief! You play beautifully with or without emotion!

  6. child says:

    Emotion definitely play the crucial part of playing flute.

  7. Jasmine Jackson says:

    I couldn’t tell the difference in sound or dynamics but I think you gave emotion on the second play rather than the first. The first time felt a lil bit rushed, like when you know something well enough you don’t have to do a lot. But good playing as well, and a good topic for all musicians too.

  8. Beatrice Hernandez says:

    I can tell the second have more emotion then the first one.. quite bit different with dynamic tone.

  9. JoachimMink says:

    I thought the beginning was emotional and later I was not sure. If I watched the second time, it was more easy but I wasn't able to hear all differences. I must admit, I am not a professional, but I play just for fun… 🙂
    In any case it is a nice and emotional piece…

  10. Sari Jones says:

    You’re good either way

  11. TheHarmlessCactus says:

    I noticed it after you started the second time, I thought there was more variation of dynamics and even clearer tone and articulation.

  12. van Patatje says:

    I could 🙂 when you played without emotion, my immediate reaction was "wow, this is excellent platying". When you played with emotion, it was more "oh, this music is so beautiful"
    Love your channel 😉

  13. Per-Olov Skogsberg says:

    Much better with emotion.

  14. Manny Singh says:

    Can u play titanic ?💕
    Thanks 🙏 💕💕

  15. MusicByKarthik says:

    Hmm.. this is what I lack I think.. though I'm a beginner in this flute I'm not able to express my self emotionally comfortably😁 may be over a time it builds.. Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention ❤️

  16. Alistair Hillis says:

    0:19 haha that impression is everything!!!

  17. Bishal Banerjee says:

    Only vibrato

  18. Thomas Mulligan says:

    Difference was you pushed the dynamics dramatically more, played through the phrases to their climax and had much more depth in your vibrato when "playing with emotion"

  19. Marcel Simom says:

    YOU ARE MY EMOTION DELICIUS GIRL.I LOVE YOU BABY. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  20. Raghavendra Venkatasubbaiah says:

    I think and feel that performing with or without emotion is a very personal thing. This is applicable even to the listener.
    I've heard some really good music with the performer not making little or no body / facial movements.
    Whereas we have even seen some who overdo their bodily expression.
    The ear knows it all.

  21. riguepeu says:

    La différence est la même qu entre faire la vaisselle comme une corvée et faire la vaisselle comme si on contemplait les chutes du Niagara, de l'attention, de la presence et de l'amour, de la tendresse et de la beauté que l'on envoie à l'univers entier en soufflant dans ce tube tout bête.
    Je t'adore Tatiana, tu me fais rire, tu es enthousiaste et last but not least…tu es belle!😙

  22. Madhav G Nayar says:

    It is so easy to identify. the initial part sounds so mechanical. I play the South Indian carnatic bamboo flute. When I'm playing a song and listen to the lyrics in my head instead of the notes, it sounds much better and more enjoyable. It took me a couple of years to develop this skill but now I find it easy to do. My teacher used to tell me I was playing without feeling – I finally understood.

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