Christoph Schneider back on DW drums – Interview / Rammstein Stadium Tour 2019 (English Subtitles)
Christoph Schneider back on DW drums – Interview / Rammstein Stadium Tour 2019 (English Subtitles)

100 thoughts on “Christoph Schneider back on DW drums – Interview / Rammstein Stadium Tour 2019 (English Subtitles)”

  1. Sebastian Unic says:

    "sounds awesome blabla"
    – triggers entire kit.

  2. Uwe Hoffmann says:

    Schneider ist cool, wirkt bodenständig und hat Recht. DW baut super Schlagzeuge…👍

  3. JESTER`S QUEST says:

    War ne phantastische Show in Bern !!!! Drumsound war fett wie SAU :))))

  4. Headley ́s Wood & Steel Shop says:

    Ich fand das Sonor Drum wesentlich besser. Habe selbst ein Sonor Set und hatte auf der Bühne öfters die Gelegenheit ein schon aufgebautes großes DW zu spielen. Ich habe das DW zwar immer getestet, aber dann doch jedesmal zur Seite gestellt und mein eigenes Set aufgebaut. Außerdem bin ich der Meinung, das solch ein großer deutscher Drummer auch ein deutsches Set spielen sollte.

  5. Flight Channel says:

    That blows and blasts properly, as we say!😅

  6. JusticeForGermany says:

    Ich finde immernoch dass das Schlagzeug von der live Berlin 1998 DVD und allgemein dieser tour am geilsten klingt. Richtig geiler sound.

  7. darthslather 89 says:

    we don't get rammstein interviews very often, but when somebody of them is giving one, they talk about the thing that i want to hear: something about their music
    i am not interested in their family stories or if they have married. I am interested in the most important thing of a band

  8. CoLdFlaMe says:

    I just watched it so see some Live Footage haha 😀

  9. Alasdair Perry says:

    I've heard him criticised for being basic, but his style matches rammstein's simple but crushing riffs perfectly. For example imagine if he played ridiculously fast blast beats in Du Hast… it just wouldn't work and Rammstein wouldn't be the same

  10. hdrumnp says:

    Hi Gewa, can you tell me, what shape/ kind of bearing edge is used in Jazz Series shells?

  11. i n says:

    In Dresden ❤

  12. Flüster Text says:

    Wie oft da DW übersetzt wird, wo gar kein DW gefallen ist. Top.

  13. Markus Jonzeck says:

    Wie hoch ist denn eigentlich der Trigger bzw. der Natursoundanteil bei Herrn Schneiders Set?
    Am Ende könnte man meinen, das da der Natursound garnicht so die Rolle spielt!? Clever gemacht das Promovideo. 😉

  14. Andreas Müller says:

    Ich interessiere mich gar nicht für Schlagzeuge… Daumen hoch

  15. tommy subandriyo says:

    this guys has a metronome built inside his brain very robotic

  16. Cotoramm says:

    we need that version of TATTOO now. Sounds an amazing quality

  17. Jellybeantiger says:

    I would love a kit with a clear outer shell with led lights placed on the outside of the inner shell so you could change the colour of your drums.

  18. Galao says:

    hmmm…was sich jetzt wohl Sonor denkt und am liebsten sagen würde ? Frage mich ob das jetzt nun wirklich seine Überzeugung ist oder ob ihn DW einfach ein Angebot gemacht hat mit Geld ,Unterstützung und Service das man nicht ablehnen kann ?

  19. ExoRides says:

    Nach dem enttäuschenden Rammstein Album einfach fantastisch! Wird Zeit für ne Lindemann Tour.

  20. Me you and the Animal says:

    Most overrated band ever. Absolute shite

  21. Тот кто смотрит и видит says:

    Сколько заплатили за рекламу?

  22. Brian Phillips says:

    Love the set-up.

  23. Alan Cuadrado says:

    este vato es muy profesional, creo que se nota la tecnica alemana de trabajo en su música, a parte de que siempre estuvo muy bien equipado y utiliza todos los recursos, la mejor presentación sin duda fue en el live aus berlin del 98

  24. Ich Will Ficke says:

    Plain words, ich liebe Rammstein

  25. Ich Will Ficke says:

    Plain words, ich liebe Rammstein

  26. MetalGame97x says:

    Ich hab durch dieses Video, dadurch dass da mehrere Lieder live aufgenommen wurden, das Gefühl, dass ein Live Album am Kommen ist.

  27. Rammstein45 says:

    The King of the drums!

  28. daddlkern yus says:

    Viele Aufnahmen aus Dresden, danke! 😁

  29. Toad P says:

    Ok promo blabla but please, release those full live tracks drum cam with proper sync and then I would consider buying dw

  30. Kai Krummel says:

    I love everything about this video.. and about him

  31. Shane Allison says:

    It's always so damn cool to see both live performances and get production facts from the drummer's view. I feel as if drummers are always looked over a lot, so for so many companies to do this kind of behind-the-scenes stuff and give us a look at music through the eyes of the drummer is really neat. Schneider is fantastic, and DW produces quality products, too. Looking forward to more of these videos coming out.

  32. Adrià V. says:

    Will you upload a full drum cam? That would be great considering the audio quality that you got. 🙂

  33. Mitch Zimmerman says:

    Yo, he needs to send that old DW to Chris Heuer for a touch up. That kit will sound better than it ever has before, and remain the incredible piece of history it deserves to be.

  34. ZoahPorre says:

    im surprised they didnt do the new sonne solo lol

  35. Batman-68477 says:

    Mi maestro por el me gustó tocar la batería 🥁

  36. earthling2007 says:

    I cannot stand the German accent. So cold and deadly. Fucking holocaust

  37. Mahling Photography says:

    Toller O-Ton, tolle Aufnahmen, gutes Color-Grading. Nun weiß auch ich als nicht-Drummer, dass Schneider DW mag und DW wohl sehr hochwertig produziert 🙂

    Eine kleine Anmerkung habe ich dennoch: Die Musikspur unterm O-Ton noch einen Dezibel runterfahren, dann irritiert die nicht 🙂 (dafür werden mich einen Fans wahrscheinlich verfluchen).

    Alles in allem Top Video!

  38. WhiteFire Gaming says:

    er ist absolut sympathisch

  39. Goodanic says:

    His drumming on "Radio" is just awesome!

  40. Emre Gedikoglu says:

    He is not a drummer,he is a musician.

  41. Aggelos Samaras says:

    Why roland triggera on whole kit?

  42. SirBender says:

    Nothing beats a TAMA STAR Kit! BEST sounding drumkits ever

  43. ToBree says:

    In the beginning you mean DDR instead of GDR. But besides that, great video!

  44. linc thomas says:

    what happened to sonor?

  45. Luis Tim Schwenk says:

    Its not called gdr its ddr

  46. Nico Altamirano says:

    En español pls

  47. Даша Привалова says:

    Русские кто есть

  48. TechTom says:

    Der Sound ist doch eh Hart durch den EQ gedreht…

  49. LUIS ALONSO says:

    Amazing drummer !!…I wonder why he changed to DW ??? ..he had a drum set Sonor EQ 2 one of the best in the drum industry.

  50. Anton Dillét says:

    Rammstein are famos as hell and they’re seem to be still natural and nice, almost shy. I like that!

  51. Mikhail A says:

    Where to find these original pro-shot videos???

  52. Ronny Ruppel says:

    Nun der labert da halt schon viel bullshit, das gleiche was jeder drummer über die firma sagt die ihn endorsed, am ende habt ihr alle ein drumset womit ihr üben könnt egal ob tama dw oder pearl

  53. drunkman beta says:

    Шнайдер джемит исключительно с раммами х)

  54. ItsNikoHimSelf says:

    Der Schneider. Feiner Kerl. 👌

  55. Guds777 says:

    DW better then Tama, WHAT…

  56. Amy Rice-Oxley says:

    thanks! it is an excellent interview and Schneider is a wonderfull drummer, actually a musician. I love his style.

  57. Валентина says:

    Ничего не понятно, но смотрю всё равно)

  58. Cliff-fishing says:

    5000 mark waren und sind viel geld, davon kann christoph sich heute hunderte kaufen, wenn er wöllte 😀

  59. Georgia's New Horizon Official Channel says:

    schneider is germany machine! <3

  60. Hopespot234 Youz says:

    Great drum tone/sound!

  61. Gum B says:

    What a modest and nice person he is.

  62. Stephan says:

    Also das was aus den Boxen während eines Rammstein konzertes kommt, ist richtig gut, mir ist nur nicht ganz klar wieviel Einfluss die Qualität der Boxen auf das Schlagzeug hat. Schlechte Boxen machen bestimmt das beste Schlagzeug kaputt.

  63. Serj Frankovich says:

    Не врубаюсь что они тут строчат..но 🤘😻🤘

  64. TerriblePeril says:

    Dudes definitely got groove, showmanship, keeps almost perfect time always. That puts him in the top tier of drummers in my opinion.

  65. alan4tattooz says:

    20+ years later and still can't speak English.

  66. Leonaяdo DiCapяio says:

    I’m impressed by the onstage concert footage. I even stopped reading the drums story because it’s not interesting compared to the footage.

  67. Angélica RS says:

    I❤ Christoph Schneider.

  68. PirojOK Из Ролтона says:

    Give me a russian subtitles plss

  69. CLuv says:

    Actually it's Christoph Doom Schneider

  70. Markus B says:

    From the DDR not GDR

  71. Tanya Sheleg says:

    Какой же он красивый♥

  72. Dany Meyer says:

    Starkes Interview =) Schön anzusehen und -hören =)

  73. Анна Ф says:

    He lost his mustache! 😭😭😭😭

  74. Paul baldadig says:

    IF you guys wanna hear a great drummer….type in the names; "Thomas Lang, Marco Minneman, Virgil Donati, Simon Philips, Todd Suchermann, Dennis Chambers and I can easily give you a lots of other names. I bet Christoph Schneider would agree with me IF he has got some reflection.

  75. Thomas Mo says:

    Ein feiner Mensch und Musiker. Eine amtliche Kombo: Doom & DW.

  76. Tom Marvolo Riddle says:

    Schneider ist der Puls von Rammstein.
    Mit dem Drummer steht oder fällt eine Band und Schneider ist konstant stark. Ganz viel Respekt von meiner Seite hierfür.

  77. Tristan Theuerkorn says:

    Christoph is a really really good drummer.
    Nice style of playing the drums and a damn heavy punch combined with subtle elements to make their songs interesting to hear. It's musically absolutely fine and wellrounded.

    I know and partially have seen some of these freaky oddtime-metrechanging, polyrhythmic, ostinato and speedy drummers with incredible abilities, but since I began to deal again with Rammstein after decades I must admit, that Christoph is very talented and simply not replaceable, even as a human and founding member.

    The only thing what irritated me in a way from the drumsound-perspective is, that the Sonors were equal sonically to the DW's. But just my l'opinion petite. 🙂


  78. burningkarma says:

    How does this mix sound better than any Rammstein live album? Hire whoever recorded this for the next live album.

  79. Aishwarya Dasgupta says:

    Big thumbs up for making this video with Schneider. Even the video with the interview very well crafted, and choosing the song Mein Herz Brennt was the best decision, hands down. Great job, DW.

  80. Drumho13 says:

    Kickass drummer……….great personality……..Awesome drum setup !!!

  81. Karl Sinkovits says:

    dw suck…sonor is much better!

  82. Upside down says:

    I saw a pic once of what i think is his home, and your saw his kid on the drums that was awesome,
    I have 2 fave bands and had to class one as rock and one as metal,
    For the rock its the foo's
    For the metal its rammstein,
    Also enjoy correcting people who think rammstein are bad as soo many assumptions that people make which are wrong because of the sound,
    If you believe in freedom believe in rammstein as there ethic is amazing

  83. karen ortiz says:

    Hermosooooo ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  84. Rebecca Singleton says:

    Christoph could play on. paint buckets and sound excellent! I absolutely love this man!

  85. Kristaps Krastiņš says:

    Where was this Rammstein live show ?

  86. Warren Doudle says:

    Love that Drum kit

  87. suzy Salama says:


  88. Jackie Planck says:

    Chris is a AAA endorser. I wish you would have stayed with soner. Wonder how much DW is paying him to endorse them?

  89. Лилия Жихарева says:

    Нихрена не понятно, но очень интересно

  90. Fabian says:

    Is he playing with metronom live?

  91. Miroslav says:

    A M A T I !!!

  92. suzy Salama says:

    Wie konzentriert er ist wenn er spielt. HAMMER

  93. Robin Atkin Downing says:

    Perphaps he is not a drummer like Dave Lombardo or Neil Peart or someone like them, but what makes Schneider one of the best drummers in the world is his simplicity. That feature makes different from others and makes him better than drummers who plays solos in any metal concerts.

  94. Bjarnone Games says:

    I think it's unfair to say that the musicians of rammstein are worse than others just because they play some easier stuff. It's always this which is harder to play and faster which decides the more skilled musicians but rammstein compared to other bands make almost no mistakes in live performances and they also have some very difficult drum fills for example in Benzin. Also while others may have that difficult to play music it doesn't make it good and the riffs of rammstein may be more basic but they always hit it right and everything fits perfect into their songs

  95. Soroush Khayati says:

    Es lebe rammstein und schneider für immer alles👑👑👑👑👑❤🇩🇪💎

  96. Michaela Duran says:

    Ich hab mir grade ein Interview von Richard angeguckt da ist ja wirklich ein schlagzeug😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. burt turdison says:

    If you try and play these songs on drums 1:1 you will find it is very tricky because long monotone stakkato parts get interrupted by great fills and accents.

  98. Björn Bodin says:

    So nice to hear such a humble man analyzing His kit.. though I play Noble &Cooley.

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