CLC(씨엘씨) – ‘Devil’ (Choreography Practice Video)
CLC(씨엘씨) – ‘Devil’ (Choreography Practice Video)

[SEUNGYEON] Black and dark Sunglass Red colored Lipstick Even if I don’t have those things on me I can always be worse than you imagined [YUJIN] First of all, it’s really hard to look down on kind opponent (What?) You’ve learned bad things somewhere And you’re a clumsy impersonator [ELKIE] I tried to be so polite But why do you keep bothering me? [SEUNGHEE] It means nothing
to me to put an end to you A truly cruel Devil, you’ll never
know from the outside Oh oh~ [SORN] You’ve awakened me to the nature what I’ve so hard to calm down A truly evil Devil, you’ll never know
from the outside [YEEUN] How dare you try
to flirt with me? I know what you’re trying to do A clumsy trick, tears,
and the light you received I’m gonna take all of them It’s a price for what you’ve done Yeah, I don’t mind if you
call me bad, I’ll do what I want [EUNBIN] Eye line with raised tail And a tight Black Dress on body I don’t need them A Devil you’ve never seen before,
try to provoke me [SEUNGYEON] I tried to be so polite Laugh your heart out,
this is your last warning [YUJIN] It means nothing to me
to put an end to you A truly cruel Devil, you’ll never
know from the outside Oh oh~ [SORN] You’ve awakened me to the nature what I’ve so hard to calm down A truly evil Devil, you’ll never
know from the outside [EUNBIN] What should you do? Excuses,
apologies, they all don’t work anymore You have crossed the line [ELKIE] You’ll cry and beg me later,
and I won’t bat an eye [SEUNGHEE] It means nothing
to me to put an end to you A truly cruel Devil, you’ll never
know from the outside Oh oh~ [SORN] I’m gonna have a lot
of fun, just like you wanted A truly evil Devil, you’ll never
know from the outside stan CLC ♡♡♡

100 thoughts on “CLC(씨엘씨) – ‘Devil’ (Choreography Practice Video)”

  1. Elly Kpop says:

    Love sorn

  2. Mugiwan says:

    Seungyeon stop it, what are you doing with me? these shorts are too short.

  3. dracyoola says:


  4. Naen says:

    Sorn slaying so hard this cb!!

  5. Duarte Pereira says:

    Vote in Starplay for 3rd win the CLC PLEASE CHESHIRES VOTE PLEASE

  6. Ben Sasithorn says:

    I cannot choose one of them. They are sooooo gorgeous.

  7. Siti Nurma says:

    CLC tiap comeback gk pernah mengecewakan 😍

  8. Lidya Natalia Gunawan says:

    Wow seriously cant take my eyes off yeeun, i dont know why but her dance is so good

  9. Soobinie Dimple says:

    My fav comeback from CLC so far

  10. PANDA Warrior says:

    That iconic "I triiiiieeeeed to be so polite" <3

  11. Krill says:

    can't be just me that is obsessed with yujin's waacking at 1:33 right?

  12. Sutthinee Maneechot says:

    Love sorn รักนะคะสร💕

  13. Hania Nizami says:

    The chorus reminds me a bit of Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood and I have no idea why

  14. 에이틴 says:

    승연 춤 대박이네 딱봐도 눈에 띄면서 강약조절 잘하넹

  15. Koo Kar Chun says:

    😍😍😍 awwwwww

  16. I M says:

    They're really HYPNOTIZING us with those Moves with perfect Sync😍😍❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  17. Ace Ignacio says:

    This is Seunghee's era and you can't tell me otherwise…

  18. ぽぽ says:


  19. Hannah Kuok says:

    Where to buy Elkie’s long black skirt

  20. Shreyas Batra says:

    The return of Pepe-era CLC has me so excited! Love this dance, it works really well with many of the sounds in the song, definitely really well choreographed.
    Can CUBE please create a subunit with Yeeun, Seungyeon, and Elkie? I want my three baddies in a sub-unit together ASAP

  21. Favkpop says:

    ไม่รู้จะอธิบายยังไง ท่าเต้นมันดีนะ แต่ไม่สุด ขัดใจยังไงไม่รู้ มานต้องดีกว่านี้ได้อะ คือตอนที่สาวๆ เปลี่ยนตำแหน่ง ไปอีกที่ มานดูขัดดๆตาบางที คือเดินเหมือนหุ่นยนต์ มันไม่มีท่าทางตอนเดิน แขนขาตรงเหมือนทหารเดินสวนสนาม แบบๆประมาณว่า (เดิน เดิน เดิน หยุด แล้วเต้น )อันนี้คือดูหลายรอบมาก พยายามคิดว่ามันแปลกๆ ตรงไหนตั้งแต่แรกดู โดยรวมก็ดีนะ ชอบตั้งแต่แรกจนจบท่อนอึนบินยืนคนเดียว หลังจากนั้น คือเรื่องท่าทางการเดินเปลี่ยนตำแหน่ง และอยากให้ choreographer คิดแบบให้สร้างสรรค์กว่านี้อีก CLC ท่าเต้นแต่ละเพลงมีเอกลักษณ์นะ เป็นกำลังใจให้ละกานนน สู้ๆ

  22. excusemee.jiminie says:

    Ooooo~ I'm getting the Pepe vibes 😆 I LOVE IT!!!

  23. CARMEN GUEVARA says:

    This comeback is fire 🔥…. I hope you don't sleep on promotions CUBE….

  24. Mr. Stay On Top says:

    Yeeun and her amazingly sexy body… MMMM!

  25. extra plus ordinary lovesbeingextra says:

    Seungyeon is soo good at dancing

  26. Anais says:

    큐브 애들도 좋아

  27. KPop Eonnie says:

    I love this song so much ❤️
    My heart melted when I saw Elkie being evil 😂💕

  28. sugasister zaya says:

    Elkie is so beautiful omg

  29. thegigsup1 says:

    I love you Jang Yeeun 😭💕

  30. mamamood says:


  31. Ade Rizqih says:

    Elkie and Sorn Always Got my attention😍😍😍

  32. Nico 06106 says:

    1:15–1:16 This is the best dance of Yeeun ♥ LOVE It so much

  33. Vir. says:

    Can u guys see they make big improvements in this comeback? Let's stop sleeping on them

  34. Maxi says:

    Sorn is out here feeling herself and living her best life. She better slay

  35. wckdjungkook says:


  36. ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ ʙᴏᴜǫᴜᴇᴛ says:

    seunghee is such body goals omg 😭😭

  37. Random Person says:

    much respect to the girl dancing in a skirt, i couldn't never do that

  38. Rosa Liliana Romero Diaz says:

    WoW sunghee US beutiful

  39. Delio Augusto says:

    Sorn makes me want to cry

  40. KPOP HOE says:


  41. lisa U says:


  42. Pau Galeana says:


  43. Abigail Paasa says:

    Elkie's outfit!!! so prettyyy

  44. yoyo army says:

    amazing cb☆

  45. br rk says:

    CLC is KILLIN IT. My 2 comeback but got into then after seeing No mv the day they released it and here I am. Wish they release a mini or full album for me to buy my first album as a CLC stan. Does anyone know where can I buy CLC No.1 album ?

  46. Cris Joy Castillo says:

    Why does no on talking about Yeeun?

  47. Don't Mess Up My Tempo says:

    This is such a bop and a great evolution from Pepe I love it

  48. IvonRocks15 says:


  49. i’ll have tae with suga and a kookie please says:

    seunghee dances so calmly and effortlessly yet she still looks so amazing?? what!!!

  50. Emily Shen says:


  51. cv z says:

    Seungyeon Queen

  52. naki laki says:

    I really like this kind of concept, and the choreography is sooo good~~~
    CLC really be owning 2019

  53. K - Nights says:

    Ok i know I’m not the only one getting SLAYED right now😂😂😂😂😂

  54. TWIC-XO ! says:

    "Lets wear pants and not tell Elkie"
    -CLC 2019

  55. Alison Gail says:

    damn clc

  56. Darlyn Valenzuela says:

    I jut fucking love this comeback! Everything about this is perfect, the song, the looks, the dance…they all get to shine together!!!!

  57. Star270 says:


  58. I M says:

    I'm being BIAS WRECKED by everyone…

  59. Hạnh Hạ says:

    I wanna know where to shop Elkie's dress!

  60. Cassandra Robertson says:

    Finally Sorn and Seunghee are getting more attention! This gira are BOOOOMB! 😍😍😍
    CLC FIGHTING 😍😍👸👸🤘💪❣❤

  61. blair says:

    hey, let’s all wear a shirt in a shade of grey and not tell sorn

  62. Claysie Naya says:

    Iklannya gw dapet, "kehidupanku di Seoul yang sudah lama kutunggu tunggu" sambung kalo kalian dapet iklan itu😂

  63. Ji Young Lee says:

    If your caption is on and is in english, at 2:54 there is a subtitle that said stan CLC❤️❤️❤️

  64. Guizinho Mariano says:

    This comeback has SLAYED my life.

  65. nocole hyejoo says:


  66. Bangtan Home Channel says:

    Love the last part of the sub

  67. 鮭子 says:

    まじで全員可愛いし、mr removedで検索かけたらわかるけど歌唱も全然手抜いてない。まじでもっと売れるべき。

  68. Moshawn Lowe says:

    Can we just talk how much seunghee improved because she has way more energy then she use to have when the debuted this is seunghee era 🤪

  69. Rina says:

    1:14 why does it sounds and seems like yeeun's part in ME

  70. White :.: Cherry says:

    Ok but can Yeeun stop wrecking my bias list?

  71. thank you namyu says:

    yujin walked straight outta pepe dance practice ❤️

  72. thank you namyu says:

    eunbin and yujin are killing this comeback

  73. Danni Habriansyah says:

    eunbins outfit in this… its like classy egirl chefs kiss

  74. 초코주CHOCOJOO says:

    이런 애들이 대체 왜 한국에서는 인기가 없는 것이야…

  75. elixir says:

    sorn's hair..

  76. elixir says:

    their outfits look sooo cool wow

  77. elixir says:

    wow eunbin wow.

  78. elixir says:

    wow seungyeon woow

  79. elixir says:

    im in love with this cb

  80. elixir says:

    can sorn and eunbin stay with these hairs forever?

  81. しび says:

    yeeun is cute❤

  82. Tofa Mryramry6 says:


  83. Kim Karol says:

    Okay I love this song so much

  84. natu99 says:

    They have to do a global audition to have a new group of girls. And that in the global audition this included Argentina please

  85. Hailey Chan says:

    CLC = perfect girls.

  86. Mes Sam says:

    انا احبكم❤❤❤

  87. Maya Landgraf says:

    Shit this is hard

  88. Michelle Siah says:

    I don't know why I laugh at 0:23

  89. Usagiaoiropop says:

    I really love when groups put the name in the subtitles of who’s singing. It’s really helps new fans make connections with the face, voice and name. And for some ppl, having more than 4 members gets a little harder to learn who’s who. So I wanna say thank u to whoever did this

  90. Pipo Gaming says:

    anybody watch the dance videos for the subtitles?

  91. djjaewon says:

    My hips hurt just watching them dance..

  92. Eric Fontaine says:

    This album is so good. The girls are totally killiN it ✌😉✌

  93. DYMABASE says:

    Listen to the nightcore remix

  94. ᄋᄃᄋᄉᄂ/ᄃᄇᄋᄌ/ says:

    remind me PEPE and HIGH HEELS vibe ❤

  95. Manuhh Souza says:


  96. This gull is on fiyah says:

    I've decided to stan CLC 💛

  97. Sarai Polio says:

    Omg look how tan Yeeun and Seungyeon are! 🤩🤩

  98. Isaac Bridges says:

    Sorn's hair is literally reflecting light that doesn't even exist. It is CREATING LIGHT!

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