Current Value – Drum & Bass Mix – Panda Mix Show
Current Value – Drum & Bass Mix – Panda Mix Show

Drum and Bass Mix 2013
Current Value Mix Current Value has been creating hard-hitting Drum and
Bass for almost a decade now. Taking the production of Drum & Bass’ dark sub-genres from
roughly produced and pushing it to more refined and polished sound, while maintaining its aggressiveness. He’s
in the mix for us now for almost an hour, so tune in and as always
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83 thoughts on “Current Value – Drum & Bass Mix – Panda Mix Show”

  1. Hidden driver says:

    awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Michiel Drost says:

    3 weeks seems like such a long time.. thanks for uploading.

  3. Andrey Rada says:

    wooow, so sweet

  4. theacidweedman says:

    Massiveeeeeeeeeee x______x

  5. Maras01 10 says:

    Sooo nicee XO

  6. xs0ulLess says:

    yow panda

  7. kilmer009 says:


  8. djfortify says:

    CV on panda!!! <3333

  9. zebrapadskitta says:

    liquid dnb pls

  10. demberfuturama says:

    I want more watios in my speakers!!!!!!!!

  11. Drum&Bass Attic says:

    Holy crap this is pure quality!!

  12. robaaaax says:

    Current Value = Mastermind

  13. drdts says:

    If you like what you hear… lol. I dont like it… i LOVE IT!

  14. MrNuvas says:

    This is the type DnB i remember hearing back in the day, heavy not featuring any vocalists (not that thats a bad thing) and actually good.

  15. IWouldLikeTheSong says:

    At last more mix'es !! ;D

  16. DJ Dremora says:

    Omg. Thanks for posting ny Idols mix ! :')

  17. Squrieelwax says:

    more smooth or shockone please!!! <3

  18. Jimplusyou says:

    DAMN!!!!!! Like=)

  19. ssO says:

    Current Value!

  20. Ih8myM8s says:

    Nice, didn't hear of Current Value for quite some time

  21. iSkotenok says:

    My house has been destroyed. WTF DAT BASS!

  22. Ch3N8O says:

    Really enjoyed thank you! Liked and Subd. Keep em coming!

  23. DJ Dremora says:

    & Dislikers? Up yours, you just like Weak music.

  24. oo Remix oo says:

    This is neuro dnb. Check it out

  25. k k says:

    I haven't heard that sob in 4 years, so glad to know he is active!

  26. Marek Vodicka says:

    Lovin it yeaaaaah

  27. Alvinacid says:


  28. Mali Turk says:

    Last night i was at a sick Drum and Bass party and was pretty sad it ended… but then this came! Thanks for the extension Pandadnb! Love you! BIG UPS

  29. Briansimon2 says:

    Neuro and darkstep as well.

  30. Matteo P'inzon says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3 ______ <3

  31. domboughnique says:

    current value always starts his sets with the sickest track you've ever heard

  32. Michal Neštepný says:

    OOOOOO!!!! hami yami 😀

  33. vejiceee says:

    nadupanej set!! Current Value je hovado :D:D:D

  34. Christopher Woods says:


  35. James Johnson says:

    awesome thanks very much CV is the nuts!!!!

  36. Simone Racaku says:

    first track?

  37. syruf says:

    this mix is about aliens

  38. JJim says:

    Current is not from this planet

  39. альви исханов says:


  40. Vintage Tech Repairs says:

    Wow – My Brain is melting out my Ear- Awesome

  41. Vesta9 Obliu says:

    AWESOME *—*

  42. Drum&Bass Attic says:

    Must Know Name Of First Song!

  43. DerTiger says:


  44. Ed Unce says:

    more hard. no liq

  45. DJ Dremora says:

    Little do you know of Current Value's Superior Production talent.

  46. Robert Baumgartner says:

    This is why i love it

  47. Kuldar Leement says:

    Superb man this Current Value guy – bough all his Björk remixes on vinyl and I have to say – there is nothing that good as those remixes are.

  48. Ed Unce says:

    bought a new sound card. using this to test it. i think my ears are dinosaur marshmallows

  49. Ed Unce says:

    Current Value – TBA (TSM)

  50. Ed Unce says:

    в гугле пробей ютуб ту мп3 (пишу кириллицей чтоб не заспамили) по первой ссылке найдешь, введешь линк и качаешь)

  51. Сомалекс СОмалекс says:

    very fast. BAD

  52. Manta says:

    omg this is So Badass!! :O *__*

  53. mo says:

    This mix is fu***** awesome thanks current value!!

  54. jahcSoft says:

    Thomas if you can see this, ta for the vid!!!

  55. bocajs says:

    HOLY SHIT! one of the best dnb mixes ive heard in forever!

  56. Sal Amato says:

    i love it dude, awesome, we're featuring it today on EDM America TV's slide cast on the home page. great stuff, excellent production

  57. Sebastián Vélez Orozco says:

    This is really music for my ears… I'm so excitaded

  58. RapiDEraZeR says:

    raunchy.i like it

  59. schrun says:

    great shit !!!

  60. Honza Sláma says:

    Uplná erekce ty vole 😀

  61. DnABLACKOUTx says:

    16:00 arghhh phucking smexy!!

  62. otakuxtc says:

    almost a decade? u mad! he did a live act at my wedding 13 years ago and I heard his first productions in 1998…

  63. DJ Dremora says:

    I bet the people who disliked this, are all a bunch of wimps who got their ass wooped by this mix because they can't handle this colossal and superior Complexity ;]

  64. tetroxide1 says:

    My face melted by 4 minutes in. Then it was reencarnated as a decepticon

  65. Andrew says:

    This shit get straight into the brain

  66. LogicLab Prod says:

    this aint the hardest.. it is hard, yes.. and a good mix.. but NOT the hardest.

  67. Mykhailo Medvediev says:

    Sick stuff

  68. Ernis P says:

    "Hardest drum n bass mix ever"? lol

  69. Shayna Ranganathan says:

    iiiimpresssed 🙂

  70. Syro Nesis says:

    Excellent sounds and production. Please come and check out my new tune "Macronym".

  71. THE ERROR_ says:

    if you call this hard you have never heard of noisia

  72. Rusu Alin says:

    Hardest? , were is katharsys?

  73. PerFie says:

    Just name this like Hard Drum & Bass Mix. that's enough. Don't add any -est or ever into the name of tha mixes. Otherwise good mix 🙂

  74. Dante Thomas says:

    This for some reason is my favorite mix from CV! So complete

  75. Todd Swepston says:

    Still, this is still the best! Keep it up!

  76. MERKITMGMT says:


  77. UKSeed Bank says:

    The sickest artist i've ever encountered. True German engineering ! #Bitin'Back

  78. MoG Team Gaming says:

    Is that you Ed Sheeran?

  79. Фархат Янбеков says:

    What douz he was doing with left hand?

  80. Enrique Balzaretti says:


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