Dance Central 2 NEWS – Interview with DC Choreographer Ricardo @ PAX Prime ’11
Dance Central 2 NEWS – Interview with DC Choreographer Ricardo @ PAX Prime ’11

hey guys it’s MMC of the mighty me creative channel on YouTube and I’m here at Dave free a pax here in Seattle and I’m here with the choreographers of Dance Central and he’s actually been there from the start we just did a song this was this is how we do it by Montell Jordan actually Ricardo choreographed it central one so we can get an idea of your choreography style okay um I was the one that did days gone by which is on disc I did brick house I did a word up Wow I can’t remember me new ones for dance central that are actually released yes I did this is how we do it I did mahi-mahi the Numa Numa song everybody knows about that and we just released these six songs so I did two of the six songs which is the Humpty dance and Usher’s yeah YouTube channel videos would say about the fact that a lot of like guys will like leave comments and say this game is just for girls what’s what’s your thoughts um honestly I understand because like even though like back in the day everybody used to think dancing was for girls only and so on but being a guy and being a heterosexual male it’s all good I mean what we try to do is we try to make a lot of the routines more masculine a more high energy for dance central to because we realize that so that a lot of our choreographers were female so we decided alright Marco’s Devin myself we decided all right instead of you know going to like you know just playing it easy and making sure that it’s a general thing we want to give it a little bit more oomph just so that guys feel like there’s some testosterone in the game so we decided to put a little bit more power into a lot of the movements we decided to put a lot more strength a little bit more floor moves so we try to push the connect to its limits by doing some more floor moves and we just decided you know what we don’t like it when guys feel left out because honestly that’s what I think it is when a guy says oh that’s what girl so now I can’t do that it’s because he feels left out you know so we want to make sure that all the guys you got look I understand I’ve been there I’m telling you it’s not just for girls it’s for guys too we’ve made sure that it was for y’all to see y’all can feel like men after you do it he they always feel like you know you had to do girly movement and I mean yes and I have to say as a female that when a guy can dance it’s it’s very attractive so hey you know if you don’t know how to dance you get Dance Central and you you know you work on the moves like that the manly ones you know right like can you tell us a couple of manly songs well definitely massive attack Nicki Minaj yes it’s a female artist but when you do man has to attack there with this chest pound and is pretty bananas another good one actually is darude sandstorm is definitely like high-energy cardio really like massively light let’s go let’s go go go go so it’s kind of athletic with that one and true and also you can also flip it to like rude boy we all know yeah it feels like you know a female’s on but you can make every one of those movements masculine every one of them is when there’s a little bit of like the the hip hip kind of vibrant waviness like it just give us an idea of how you can do something like change it up to be more masculine focus more on the arms like a new boy you definitely see this going on but exactly but what I do is that um and I still get a flawless score so I’m giving you guys tidbits on the game guys just really like move more back and use your arms more that takes away all of the things that may be uncomfortable for you but being able to really like whip it down you connects those seeds that you’re doing the movement and it still reads you has a flawless score you just got to make sure that everything is clear and precise so you can focus more on the arms and being over damn masking that dominant effect rather than being really you know and and I think that facials help too you know I’m all about the performance aspect and and I think that if you use a little bit of stain s ta NK that you know you can make it like a little bit more masculine so like you know can you can you show me your stank face like there’s now it’s dirty dirty it’s so bad you don’t even want to share you just all this is like you want to use it when you’re dancing because it’s like it’s so dirty that it’s like it’s good exactly yes you all right I should talk about was the battle mode because that’s exactly what we just did and I know that I almost beat you just by like a little smidge Amaru but people kind of want to know what they saw because I know that when I first saw it I was like what are those square things where you’re just doing those moves you know tell us a little bit about the battle mode okay with battle mode the main thing is to go and have the complete idea of head to head so when you have two crews going at it like old-school when you have two crews going at it it’s all about being able to top the other crew period so it starts off with you just learning with doing the choreography like regular but then we have a free-for-all now we’re free for all this is basically you have a series of four moves that each player can actually try and get over the other person so if you and I are going for the same move like we’re going for a hammer at the same time it’s all about who’s doing it better and who’s doing it at the correct timing and that person is going to get the points for it and then we have this little incentive the OMG card which is the gold card the gold card is the one that gives you the abundance of amount of points so whoever gets the gold card first that’s when you get the large amount of points so the free-for-all is all about getting the move first getting the points first and getting the most points and then you go back into you know basically going head to head or one person going at one level and one person going to another level but yet still doing the same song same choreography about four dance central to everything I’m excited about it everything about that central to the battle mode the new co-op they like all of the different features that we have great thing is that you can actually import all the DLC that you got from Dance Central one onto Dance Central too as well so all the songs you have on desk on Dance Central one and all of the DLC that you have an central one is also compatible with the in central two as well as getting more DLC for Dance Central too so we’re going to have over a hundred songs on both discs so you guys are really in for it so you guys are gonna have a huge selection and we have almost I maybe I’m estimating I’m guesstimating but we have I’ll just keep it safe to say we have a whole lot of moves like a plethora Oh a plethora of moves yes I have to say that it was definitely amazing to see just though that the evolution from dance want to dance to light so many things were changed so many things were tweaked all the things that you guys want it different we made different and better and stronger more fun so if we’ve just basically made it Bionic so it’s gonna be amazing so you guys I’m telling you go out get it you’re gonna definitely enjoy it thank you we all want to thank you for this fantastic choreography and the guys especially what you just talked about making the moves a little bit more powerful more manly stuff that you can maybe do in the club to come hither the female and we’re so excited about down central too and thank you so much for this interview Ricardo thank you alright mm see signing off

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  1. Selena Stan says:

    SECOND 😛

  2. Isabella Blackburn says:

    Do you have any extra bandanna's? <3

  3. Isabella Blackburn says:

    Can you do a interview with Marcos? He does the voice for Angel and I love Angel so that would be cool…. :3

  4. Chimera Artz says:

    @darkria4 Angel is Caliente!!!

  5. Isabella Blackburn says:

    @khatzeye Si! <3 Me papi chulo! Haha.. :3 One of their choreographers(named Marcos <3) does the voice for him… Pfft.

  6. MMCvlog says:

    @darkria4 Would've loved to, but Marcos wasn't at PAX..neither were Frenchy or Devin.

    C'mon people, show Ricardo some LOVE! He's SUPER COOL! 😀

  7. Chimera Artz says:

    @darkria4: Man, with a voice like that he's gotta be all that lol.

  8. Isabella Blackburn says:

    @khatzeye Ohh, yeah <3

  9. Isabella Blackburn says:

    @MMCvlog I know he's cool!! Haha XD He's super cool!

  10. Alisan Saglam says:

    I want a scarf!

  11. oth1channel says:

    Ricardo is awesome. Great dancer! <3

  12. InMiddletown says:

    So basically, he did all of Maccoy's songs?

  13. RJ says:

    I was wondering who was that guy who always dance in the background with you. And that was Ricardo! Hahaha.. I never knew that he was a choreographer not until you told us so in one of the Song Previews (This is how we do it) ang he is never introduced in the DC2 Behind the Scenes interview. I always see Marcos and Frenchy. hehe.

  14. Melissa Pacino says:

    He's nice that Ricardo !!! Great Interview Mimiboo 🙂

  15. Chimera Artz says:

    @darkria4 Add me so we can score battle ;-p not many of my friend own a Kinect, my GT is paradoxiam10

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  17. MMCvlog says:

    @ramz12345Same here, Ram. I didn't know Ricardo was a choreographer either bc I have never seen him in the previews that are out there, which is why I was thrilled to have this interview with him! 😀 I learned that there are a few more choreographers that are not really mentioned, but you will learn about them in my interview with Chanel coming soon!!! 😀

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    ROFL! The whole stank face thing had me dying omg!

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  21. DELTABOY04 says:

    this interview is awesome great questions!!

  22. Donny Nguyen says:

    lol I am a guy, i loved Dance Central, and I don't give a damn about people calling me out on it, I love the game and I am so getting DC2!

  23. glv456 says:

    Great interview, thanks MMC!

  24. Pororia says:

    I love all your glasses!

  25. Iresha R says:

    Rico is so cute and funny! I love him!

  26. Malik Johnson says:

    they were right my friends were trying to laugh at me for knowing how to dance and then when the school dance came along and they seen all the girls wanted to dance with me they asked me to teach em lol

  27. Kenya James says:

    Wen I danced like that I got nice and flawless

  28. snowpez says:

    ricardo is fineeeeeee and has too much swag when he dances lol.

  29. BossPlaya4Ever says:

    does he have any advice for Bad Romance's Diva Walk?

  30. Jun Nee says:

    lol Come Hither the FEMALES. where did you get that line from ? XD

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    1:38 TF2 SNIPER!

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    i love his hat and sweater 🙂

  34. Victoria Melo says:

    Just. Dance. 2018. Animais unlimited

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