Dance Moms: Abby & Co Arrive in Miami, FL (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime
Dance Moms: Abby & Co Arrive in Miami, FL (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

31 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Abby & Co Arrive in Miami, FL (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime”

  1. When McKenzie does the push-ups

  2. Mila Muro says:

    Why was Abby so nice then but so mean now it makes no sense

  3. Jessica Thai says:

    Paige is like a sister to Mackenzie…..She was picking kenzie up 😀 I mean maddie could have hold her…but whatever I am not complainng

  4. Abby should take the new elite team newest elite team to the Miami Beach

  5. R Fields says:

    50 push ups 50 push ups 50 push ups 😂

  6. Chloe Huynh says:

    is it just me or it looked like chloe has clout glasses

  7. girlonlaptop says:

    ahhh so sad to think about how these girls abandoned Abby in her darkest hour

  8. Miami Florida! Ö! I live in Florida!

  9. jasmine c says:

    I saw a pride flag !!

  10. Sunny_ Sky says:

    “Yehey no kids no Abby!”

  11. Can we talk about how they had a small clip of a pride flag?

  12. At 1:38 does anyone see Chloe’s sunglasses in the water?

  13. Flopped Flan says:

    this makes me so HAPPYYYSYSYSY

  14. Milo Rendon says:

    If you look with a microscope I think you can see that kenzie is bending her arms on those pushups😂💕she was so cute

  15. Josie Davis says:

    Abbie:Where is mckenzie ????
    Mckenzie:I could have been lost at sea

  16. Amna Kazi says:

    Paige acts like a real sister to Mackenzie as she was carrying her in the sea☺ she could have enjoyed with her friends and leave Mackenzie behind but she didn't 😘

  17. The bird in the beginning tho 😂😂

  18. Hey Hey says:

    Kenzie doing push-ups is hilarious

  19. RCL VIDS says:

    Abby in the end was skinny

  20. Did anyone notice the pride flag???

  21. Kenzie was so cute wen she sind i could've got lost at sea

  22. Nia and Holly being the best

  23. Prixy Prot says:

    If I was assigned to watch a movie, my excuse for not watching it would be: I didn’t pay good attention to it because it was boring.

  24. Sophie D says:

    Omg they went to Miami that’s where I live

  25. Dayana Diaz says:

    0:38 woah there those are some amazing push ups there Mackenzie best one there😂😂
    But fr they were so cute

  26. Alma Najem says:

    No one:
    85% of comments: Mackenzie is so cute! I could’ve got lost at sea!

  27. All the way down the beach you can kind of see it is where my hotel was

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