Dance Moms: Abby Doesn’t Raise Brats (Season 8, Episode 3) | Lifetime
Dance Moms: Abby Doesn’t Raise Brats (Season 8, Episode 3) | Lifetime

Any predictions
on the overalls? Abby didn’t give us her
predictions yet on who she thought was going to win. You know,
honestly, it’s like– I can only do what she gives
me, so I’m just going to make it my best and hope that– hope that I come out on top. Because her words don’t matter. Abby’s words don’t matter and
Abby’s opinion doesn’t matter? Joanne and I run in a
little bit of the same circles because we’re both
from New Jersey. But I don’t think
Joanne is a team player, and I don’t know
if Gia is either. Those words, to me, are
disrespectful to Abby. You said that you can
only do what she gives you. Does that mean you don’t
really like your dance? I love my dance. But yesterday I thought you
said she was crying because you didn’t like the dance. It’s not that she
doesn’t like the dance. It’s just, you know, Gia
doesn’t do sassy jazz. Like, if she does
a jazz dance it’s– it has more strength to it. It’s not so pretty and sparkly. That’s all. It just seems really fake. All of it seems, like, really– What’s fake? Because it just
seems so contradictory. Like, you say one thing
and then you’re saying something completely different. It’s like, pointless
to even speak. Like, you love it, you hate it. Five minutes later you love it. It’s cheesy five minutes later. The truth is, it was hard
and it’s just an excuse– Then you know what
I think you should do? Why don’t you look up the
definition of perfect? You’ll see me and my kid, OK? Because we come from
the professional world. All that matters is Gia
goes out there and slays it and shuts you all up. Joanne, I think you’re
a confident woman. Thank you, Michelle. I love that you
speak from your heart. I wouldn’t say confident. I would say cocky, and I
think there’s a difference. I’m conflicted right now. It feels like moms
are piling on Joanne, and Joanne’s trying to
stand up for her kid. And sometimes kids don’t
use the right words. This week the group dance is
extremely important to Abby. So if she finds out
what GiaNina said, Abby’s going to be pissed. Soloists, I know you’re
putting your final touches in, but come on up here. Hannah, you need to dance
like it’s the last time you will ever dance. Because it just might be. GiaNina, you have a
sassy jazz dance so this should be easy-peasy for you. Have the same style
and the same sass and the same attitude you had
in the trio as the devil right now. So that’s what we
need to see again. All right? I love my dance,
and I feel that also fits my personality well. And I love all the tricks and
things that are in my dance. OK, Joanne, seriously. OK. That’s not what you’ve
been saying all week. Wow, and all morning. What? What are you talking about? That’s the exact opposite
of the entire conversation of the week and this morning. You actually called
her dance “cheesy jazz.” Yeah, she is not used– Gia doesn’t– yeah, Gia– right. GiaNina, I don’t
appreciate some 13-year-old kid talking about
my choreography or Gianna’s. I don’t want a brat on my team. I do not raise brats. And Gia’s not a brat, so. She just said
before she actually doesn’t care about Abby’s
opinion or her words. That came out of her mouth. I’m so frustrated that
everything my daughter’s saying Ashley and Stacey are twisting. They’re feeding it to Abby. It’s ridiculous. You’re grown-ass women. Shame on you. You said, I don’t
care about Miss Abby’s opinions or her words. Did I make that up? Save your tears
for the pillow, kid. Wake up. This is real life, and you
are not going to talk about me behind my back, or her. We have raised winners. Winner after winner after
winner after winner. And a child who dances for
me with my name on your back is going to talk that way
about anything at this studio? No. No way. All right, come on. We gotta go. We gotta go. I mean, did I want
her to get in trouble? No, but at the same
time, like, I also don’t want the rest
of the kids to think they can say whatever
they want and not be held accountable for it. I feel bad because she’s a kid
but, like, at the same time– OK, girls– [SOBBING] Stop crying! Stop it! There are little kids that can’t
afford to take dance class. There are children
dying of cancer. Do you understand that? Is she really
screaming in Gia’s face? I don’t know whose face
she’s screaming at, but– There are kids that don’t
have legs that can’t even dance. You should be grateful
for these opportunities. You should be grateful that
you have a mom and dad that can put you into
these things and leave work and come and deal
with this every weekend. There’s kids that
are in pain, kids are being kept alive on a
machine, and you’re crying? You have issues at home. You need to fix them. Come on.

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  1. Lifetime says:

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  2. Autumn Sunflower says:

    Wow what Abby said to gia in the end that hidden because it’s true and of course she may cry but Abby was right and gia just had to hear that I think

  3. Addaire Morris says:

    We can all agree that the old dance moms was kinda the best

  4. School And FriendsVideos says:

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  11. Squishy Lover143 says:

    I know she shouldn't have said it anyways but the mom didn't have to go and snitch on her that's petty.

  12. Lilly Brown says:

    I love how Brady has his AirPods in trying to ignore the fight going on 😂😂

  13. darren williams says:

    i cant believe that happend
    i feel so sorry if agree like or coment

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    Abby needs to be taken to a mental hospital and locked up.

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    Yo Abby dropped some truth on that girl and she was right she should be grateful I’ve been begging my parents to put me in dance classes and they don’t have money to do it so now I just dance by myself and look at YouTube tutorials. I really wish I had the opportunity to be able to dance at a dance company :/

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  67. FizzyDizzy Studios says:

    "Abby's words don't matter, her opinion doesn't matter"
    Oh for the love of… Every single girl from season 1 to 8 was told to think that!!! Why are they blaming her for saying it out right? You make a kid think that, don't be surprised when they say it out loud because they were fed to believe that!

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    Is Sarah's mum the only sensible one here? "Sometimes kids say the wrong things" Poor Gianina got caught up and I don't think she's a bad kid. If you're the same age as her or similar and saying really horrible things about her it's because you're not yet mature enough to step back and think about it from a different perspective. Children and teenagers act in these ways all the time and there is often no malicious or ill intent, it just the way they are. I'm sure there are many times you've been caught up or caught out, poor thing must be feeling really embarrassed and wounded. I can also see she's trying to stick up for herself and her mum and the same time, which means she's having to contradict herself, I think she's a very kind hearted girl who's caught up in a bit of fame and excitement and may also be going through a (cocky?) phase but she's only 13!! Who cares? Love to this sweet little girl, and the rest of the girls on the team who get caught up in all this manipulated drama by producers.

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