Dance Moms: Let Mackenzie Do Hip-Hop (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime
Dance Moms: Let Mackenzie Do Hip-Hop (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

We have not had a
good pyramid in weeks where Abby was on time, showed
up, gave out the dances. I know. So is anybody else
quitting this week? No. Whether Abby
admits it or not, I think hearing that
Maddie and Mackenzie were leaving affected her. Three weeks from now, the
ALDC elite competition team will never be the same. Maddie, Mackenzie,
and I, we’re moving on. We love you guys so much. Come here, girls. I think deep down,
Abby won’t admit it, but she is mad that Maddie
and Mackenzie are leaving. She is losing her
right-hand man, Melissa, and her number-one student, Maddie. I’m nervous how Abby is going
to treat Melissa and her kids for the next couple weeks,
because it can’t be good. This weekend, we are traveling
to Sacramento, California to attend Expressions
Dance Competition. JoJo, you will be
doing a solo this week. It’s going to be hip-hop. I love you. “Million Dollar Baby.” That’s my girl. Brynn, you will
be doing a solo. It’s also hip-hop. And the name of your
routine is “Freak.” I’m excited that
the dance is hip-hop, because Brynn is actually
a really good hip-hopper. It is important at
this point for Brynn to show that she can do more
than contemporary and lyrical. Because the more
well-rounded she is, the more valuable she
becomes to this team. My last solo for this
week goes to Mackenzie. Yay, Mackenz. Hip-hop? Actually, you
are doing “Hoedown Showdown,” a gymnastic routine. It’s what you do. Mackenzie’s
amazing at hip-hop. You should let them
all three do hip-hop. I have never done
a hip-hop solo. And I feel like I’m really
improving in hip-hop. So I hope she changes her mind. OK, so then you’re
not going to do a solo. That’s what’s going to happen. Kenzie’s only here
for a few more weeks. She’s never done a hip-hop solo. She wants to do a hip-hop solo. I mean, it’s not
like she’s going to be able to have multiple
opportunities after this season to do a hip-hop solo. You know what? Guys, do whatever you want. No, Kenzie– Nope, it’s fine. I have so much work to do. The group routine
is “Broken Dreams.” Oh, my god. Mackenzie will
soon be moving on. Why not take the
opportunity to work with me on her
technique, her releve, her turnouts, her lines? Dumb mistake, Mackenzie. Dumb mistake. I know, honey. Kenzie, I know. Don’t worry. We won’t be here much longer. We almost had a normal pyramid
without someone storming out. Almost. Abby knows full well
that Mackenzie has been dying for a hip-hop solo. This is one way for
Abby to get back at Melissa by giving
everyone else a hip-hop solo except Mackenzie. Kenzie, you guys should
not be in a straight line. Mackenzie, you should
be on the outside. Last time from the
top, then we’re done. I think it would
be a shame if Kenzie leaves never doing a hip-hop
solo or duo on this team. Oh, well. You know, the fact that you
have never, ever in five years asked for a solo. No. And you asked, and she
did that, is a shame. What do you have to lose? I’m just tired. You have three more weeks. You can be tired after
those three weeks. I think if nothing else, she
owes it to do that for you. If you do what’s right and
you stand up for what’s right, you can’t control the
outcome, but at least you did everything within your
power to do what was right. By you just settling
back, you’re just enabling her bad behavior. As a mother, you should
be saying to Abby, this is the right thing to do. Say something. Why wouldn’t you? I’m going to stand
up for my daughter. That’s it. We only have three weeks left. I don’t want Mackenzie
to lose this opportunity. She’s the best hip-hopper
on the whole team. This is a genre that really sets
Mackenzie apart from Maddie. And I really want the
whole world to see. I just want to talk
to you real quick. Shut the dorr! Get out! Get out! Get out! I’m done. That woman is crazy. [music playing]

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