Dance Moms: Yolanda PUSHES Christi Until Christi PUSHES Yolanda (Season 7) | Lifetime
Dance Moms: Yolanda PUSHES Christi Until Christi PUSHES Yolanda (Season 7) | Lifetime

98 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Yolanda PUSHES Christi Until Christi PUSHES Yolanda (Season 7) | Lifetime”

  1. Lifetime says:

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  2. Mary Brodnax says:


  3. Nicole Topham says:


  4. Nicole Topham says:

    Hi xx

  5. Frank Opoku says:


  6. Susan Higgins says:

    Last time I was this early…
    Jill: Well my little Kendall

  7. Melissa Chapman says:

    Hi x

  8. lauren laidlaw says:


  9. thankyou next says:

    Y’all need to stop playing with Christi.

  10. thankyou next says:

    Chloe is so successful already does she really need a solo. She’s already worth so much dance is just a hobby at this point not a career.

  11. Evangeline Buah says:

    Yolanda annoys me like nothing elseeeee😤

  12. Rachel Cole says:

    Christi is kind of stuck up saying Yolanda wants to be her and Ellianna wants to be Chloe! First of all ,they both take things way too far ! Christi should have never pushed another person ,know matter how annoying they are ! Plus Ellianna is a much more advanced dancer than the older Chloe she's just way better ! She wins all the major prestigious dance compatitions, like TDAS and the like! She has been on Broadway, and was a professional dancer on so you think you can dance junior's ! She was also invited to a worldwide renowned ballet compatitions in Spain and she won her age group! That's probably why she got the part of Clara on Broadway! CHLOE was never on that level ! I'm not trying to be mean or put anyone down , it's just the facts ! Chloe is successful in alot of things !

  13. Robert Davis III says:

    Wait can we take a second Jamie was so right! Camille and Camryn were thrown to the curb with the irreplaceable tour.

  14. Lazy Lemmon says:

    Early squad where u at?

  15. Truse med en D says:

    What? When did Yolanda push Christi??

  16. Judy B. says:

    Not a fan of Christy or Yolanda and I like Chloe but lets be real….Elliana is a way better, highly trained, prodigy, TDA winner, dancer than Chloe.

  17. Aesthetic Aldc says:

    Elliana is doing more stuff than chloe in 2019 sorry chlo

  18. Yaas Nabavi says:

    oh my god christi and holly holding each others necks has me dying on the floor HAAHAHAH

  19. starxrays says:

    first time i'm watching the WHOLE thing and i'm shocked by the editing, i mean they didn't even bother. Cutting a scene while someone's in the middle of a sentence. the "fake" comebacks, and more! this episode was poorly edited, tho.

  20. Aryan Rai says:

    last time i was this early jill was stealing the rosa parks from nia

  21. TheBlanka57 says:

    lifetime be like
    Please make sure you PUSH that like button and PUSH that subscribe button! Also make sure to PUSH that bell icon to enable PUSH notifications!!

  22. ceciliarpereira says:

    I think Christi made a mistake when she said Elliana wanted to be the next Chloe. It's actually Yolanda who dreams of being the next Christi. She's obsessed with the original mothers.

  23. Stephii Mogan says:

    Hey Christi I wanna be u 😂

  24. Chenoa 222 says:

    Mean girls

  25. Julian says:

    Okay yes Yolanda hit below the belt, but they pushed her to that point

  26. Julian says:

    Holly and Christy pretending to choke each other was a new low 😂

  27. Julian says:

    Here we go again with Camille doing anything to get some camera time.
    If Yolanda and Ashely were more famous Camille would’ve been fighting on
    their side and picking on christy. 🤦‍♂️

  28. Steven Taylor says:

    Christi: “ I’ve dealt with bigger, badder meaner and drunker”
    Me: thinks of Leslie

  29. Susan Lawson says:

    These women are like a big version of little women🙄😂

  30. Amy Erlanger says:

    I love christi and holly

  31. private account says:

    Chloe's  mom    is  so  bad…. tough  …but   when  she  meets  that   crappy  Cathy  she  runs  with her  little  tail  between  her  legs- useless.

  32. Montagerz YT says:

    Just shut up Yolanda

  33. Morning dream says:

    Talent really prevails! Eliana is a star now, so shut up Christi.

  34. Lisa Marie AP says:

    with dance?
    shut your mouth.
    with dance?
    shut your mouth.
    with dance?
    shut your mouth.

    with dance?
    shut your mouth.
    with dance?
    shut your mouth.
    with dance?
    shut your mouth.

  35. Athulya S says:

    holly and Christie, are the definition of beauty

  36. John Tera says:

    I’m soo early


  37. Millie Ashwood says:

    Love this

  38. Cassidy Roux says:

    Yolanda is so embarrassing

  39. Jordan.D says:

    DOEs CHloE HaVE A SoOoolOOoOo??

  40. Abrielle Grizzard says:

    I hate Yolanda 🙄

  41. Juwairiya Umar says:

    Yolanda was so drunk.. it's too cringey

  42. U M says:

    Ugh I hate Christi, she’s so ugly and rude

  43. kendall says:

    kamille, they didn’t want you on the team though…

  44. 「Sunshine Angel」 says:

    “I’ve dealt with Bigger, Badder, meaner, and Drunker”
    Instant Flashback of Leslie

  45. Montagerz YT says:

    Lifetime it's Yolanda Azaxa

  46. Kamilla Vanessa says:

    “With dance?”
    “Shut your mouth” x10000000

  47. Sunny Quan says:

    Christi is a G!! Love her 💕

  48. Kamilla Vanessa says:

    Jill went through the whole scene and didn't talk about Kendall, she just beat her record, bring her a trophy.

  49. Hannah Wilson says:

    America is wild lmao

  50. wild peanutt says:

    Yolanda is stupid

  51. GracePaya says:

    Last time I was this early Chloe and Christi were leaving ALDC

  52. Mahogany. Applebum says:

    Christy wanted all the smoke.

  53. Morgen Pencille says:

    I feel so bad for Elliana her mom is so annoying

  54. Eleanor Smith says:

    Am I the only one who hated Yolanda!???

  55. Chloe Is Kween says:

    I love Christi. I love Chloe. I love Elliana. I hate Yolanda. Someone get Elliana away from that psycho woman.

    For once, I agree with Stacey in season 8. Yolanda is psycho. Also, I regret sticking up for Yolanda in the season 8 trial now that I’ve seen this full scene.

  56. Phoebe 109 says:

    Yolanda did drugs before this clip

  57. ALDC Lemonade says:

    The host of the specials…?

  58. ALDC Lemonade says:

    Yolanda: I don't know who Christi thinks she is right now.


  59. WeepingAngel1999 says:

    Yolanda was so drunk 😂 She’s just jealous that Chloe and Christi are more famous than Her and Elliana

  60. Shadow Dragon says:

    Last time I was this early Chloe was on the team. 😂

  61. Beka B says:

    2:45 when Christi high fives those guys omfg what a power move

  62. Missez Versnoyen says:

    the last time I was this early Cathy didn’t melt because of the water

  63. Simione Vueta says:

    Doesn’t anyone just love when the moms have there day off

  64. Julie Garbs says:

    Yolanda shut up geez

  65. Quesadilla says:


  66. Perfectly Normal says:

    I swear I just love Christi

  67. Miranda Ann says:

    Holly Christi and Camille are the best people on the show

    And Yolanda said that like chloe wasn’t the best girl in the team lmao

  68. Sofielicious says:

    This is my first time seeing this fight, why is nobody paying attention to it in other videos? Like, this is probably the craziest fights I’ve seen.

  69. Lost Internet Girl says:

    Jamie (who I've nicknamed country Karen) sitting back and enjoying everything is me

  70. Ana - Play says:

    am I the only that thinks that Christy was wrong?

  71. Beth Katic says:

    Oml Yolanda was sooooooo drunk. Her words were so slurred lol.

  72. TexasGirl22 says:

    The editing in this from the producers is crazy.

  73. shaila grace says:

    christi: your not gonna be me
    yolanda: witch cackle

  74. Eddie Black says:

    This is why Christi is in the platinum teir.

  75. Yummy Desserts says:

    Christi did Chloe win the TDA?

  76. ygclapped says:

    yolanda rly was wasted asf here shsjsj

  77. mero nagi says:

    At this point it's getting really stupid and annoying 🙅

  78. Kk's Gacha Fam says:

    Seriously Yolanda has to be on some kind of crack

  79. Niamh Robinson says:

    I love Camille and Christi together I wish I’d seen more of them lol

  80. Niamh Robinson says:

    YOLANDA is psycho

  81. Emily Graham says:

    “Bish Swish Swish!” XD I love Christi so much.

  82. Niamh Robinson says:

    OMG Christi got physical YASSS

  83. leandriitoxx says:

    mmmm… where did i see him? 0:40

  84. Katie B says:

    what did yolonda even say before christi shoved her?

  85. Taylor MacDonald says:

    Yolanda is so drunk

  86. Isabella Nicolini. says:

    Elliana is more famous at her age than chloe ever was tho. And is a far better dancer than Chloe ever was. Same with Lilly.

  87. Brigitte H. says:

    Yolanda: “With dance?”

    Christi: “Shut your mouth”

    Yolanda: “With dance?”

    Christi: “Shut your mouth

    Yolanda: “With dance?”

    Christi: “Shut your mouth

    Yolanda: “With dance?”

    Christi: “Shut your mouth b****”

  88. Rose Xx says:

    0:43 I mean Jamie was right. They did a tour and didn't invite her

  89. Alyssa Valot says:

    Also, yolanda is so pathetic that she when Christi was talking about all the things Chloe has achieved, the only comeback she had was, "Does Chloe have a solo?"

  90. Rose Xx says:

    "You want your daughter to be Chloe"

    Sis Chloe left the team for 4 years and randomly appeared again. I get she's a good dancer but that's a bit conceited lmao.

  91. Rose Xx says:

    Sorry what were Chloe's 3 movies? And what was her book?
    Not even trying to be rude but I've never seen or heard of any of this

  92. EmilyMarie says:

    Lmao Christi is not the one

  93. Samantha Schagrin says:

    Christi pushes Yolanda

    Kelly while watching this:

    “I’ve taught her well”

  94. Rose Xx says:

    The moms are so conceited oh my god Christi no one wants to BE YOU.

  95. grey says:

    if yolanda turns out to be a psychopath, i wouldn't be surprised that's all im saying

  96. Rose Xx says:

    Christi talks about class then pushes Yolanda ok then

  97. Xx_alwaysme_xX says:

    Yolanda was acting she was 5…..😂😂

  98. Justin Mulcahy says:

    “You choke people because you’re so classy”…. 5 minutes later “SHOVESS yolanda into the next hour” 😂

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