Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix – Obama Girl Contestant Bio
Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix – Obama Girl Contestant Bio

AMBER LEE ETTINGER: Hey guys. I’m Amber Lee Ettinger from And you may know me from my
Obama Girl videos, which are political satire videos
on Barely Political. But I am here in sunny
California. I’m originally from
Pennsylvania, and I recently moved here from New York. And I love it here. This is awesome. And I’m so, so, so excited to
be on DanceOn right now. It’s pretty much like a dream
come true because for me, I love Dancing with the Stars, and
this is kind of the same thing, except it’s all
YouTube stars. How fun is that? And who doesn’t love to dance? I love to dance. [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] But by no means am
I a pro dancer. I mean, I’ve taken classes
when I was little. I was a cheerleader. I remember dancing
in my dorm room. Me and my roommates used to jump
on the bed and just blast the music and just go crazy. And it’s the best
stress reliever. So I love to dance. I think my favorite music
to dance to is hip hop. For me, I think who I’d want to
have a YouTube dance battle with would probably be Epic Meal
Time because they came to my house and they kicked my butt
in the kitchen, and I’m going to kick their butt
on the dance floor. Yeah. So in this competition, we are
getting paired up with four of the best choreographers
in the US right now. I’m so excited. For me, I really want to win
DanceOn because A, I’m really competitive. B, I think I’m an OK dancer. Like, I can like– I need to learn a little more. But I think I can shake
my booty a little. And I think the biggest
competition in this would probably be Hot for Words. But is she hot for dance? We’ll see. A wish. FEMALE SPEAKER: I
wish for you– AMBER LEE ETTINGER: For Amber
to win DanceOn competition. FEMALE SPEAKER: Amber, I wish
for you to win the DanceOn competition. AMBER LEE ETTINGER: So make
sure you guys tune in. Check out all the videos. Vote for who you think I
should be paired with. Vote for all the videos that you
like, and just stay tuned. This is going to be awesome. ALL: Vote for Amber!

100 thoughts on “Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix – Obama Girl Contestant Bio”

  1. T.A Block says:

    Or it just looks like that;D

  2. italyanoQ8 says:

    i want HER !

  3. Philip Hoffman says:

    no top comments now my time to shine… her boobs rock

  4. azertyui azerty says:


  5. beddsoffa says:

    llalalalalallalalalallalaa lalalalallalalalalallalalala
    lalalalallaa allllalaalalalala lllalalallalalaalalala

  6. Drymarro says:

    RON PAUL 2012

  7. WhatsUpELLE says:

    This is So cute! Love your intro vid 🙂

  8. Andrew Miller says:

    that music sounds formilliar

  9. Carl Christel says:

    Binarpilot! Like!

  10. Claire Sproule says:

    She should be paired with…… OBAMA.

  11. Claire Sproule says:

    Nope, CHUCK TESTA.

  12. ZZCAR1 says:

    obama girl go to hell plz i hate obama obama is a reoff

  13. ALM4STER says:

    hahah i hope u win Amber but plz show us some hotness of urs haha 🙂

  14. HERP DERP says:

    Hot Dayme :O

  15. conan300000 says:

    She is funny – why are so many bitter trolls posting?

  16. Mr Ward says:

    obama girl. if u wanna bang. hit me up.. u got my numba.

  17. Amber Ettinger says:

    haha thank you!! xoxo


  18. 3s10 says:

    Damn you are hot,if the dancing doesn't work out for you,and i am NOT saying you are bad at it at all,but you could always go for a model 😀

  19. Zurassh says:

    Please do PORN!!!!

  20. IPrefer2Win says:

    Why the dislikes?

  21. KtK says:

    i think i've seen her on youporn

  22. Amber Ettinger says:

    nope sorry!

  23. ryan boswell says:

    yea i wish

  24. Morphis says:

    You know what would be great?! An youtube boobs contest!!! Youtube's Best Boooobs…who got best boobs? Does size matters?…or do you prefer something smaller but more perfect. Vote now on Youtube's Best Boooobs!

  25. Zurassh says:


  26. xsited1 says:

    She'll be remembered as supporting the worst President in American history.

  27. SuperDano007 says:

    Amber is the best !!! Talented, funny & a wonderful dancer !!!

  28. DJ Mic Lamb/ /QNC says:

    can i vote 4 myself as the dance partner haah

  29. Reijien4u says:

    Is it just me or does it look like Micky mouse is and Minnie or doing a drug deal in the background? 0:16 – 0:24

  30. Xitrax says:

    Please, God

    If I had five seconds with her ;~;

  31. Blazetrak LLC says:

    Amber is incredible! She has killer moves! We vote she will WIN the Dance Showdown! And yes, we may be a little biased. 🙂

  32. Corey Stanford says:

    Watch Amber do her thing! She gots this! I already know it.

  33. feludaify says:

    BarelyPolitical likes this.

  34. A pluma says:

    obama girl is pretty hot \\yeah||\

  35. Raj Bhullar says:

    so…. it's like Adam Chu Dance Crew vs Miley and Mandy?

  36. Renata Love says:

    I LOVE AMBER!!! She is so cool. I will vote for her… and hot for words he he. Will be fun!

  37. Nanbopally says:

    I know where you are. That is my town. Good luck breaking the video scene. Sooooo many people in the vid / dance scene. You should go back to the mid-west and represent. They need more cultured love, not the coasts…coasts over populated with talent. Go Californians! GO to the plains and spread the talent love!

  38. sdaftermath123 says:

    shoenice better be in that dance off. best youtube cha nnel there is

  39. hussain Jr says:

    when is the competition?

  40. YNMZB says:

    It mean Obama's a Two-Timer!

  41. shellyb11 says:

    She's beautiful, talented and such a wonderful person! Good luck Amber, you got this!

  42. Keith Ng says:

    Her knockers knocked me….

  43. Amber Ettinger says:

    Hey Guys! thanks for checking out the video! Stay tuned for the next one! Share this on twitter lets all use #GoteamAmber!! Love all ur support! lets get rid of the dislikes! Negativity gets ya nowhere! Luv ya!

  44. Amber Ettinger says:

    It starts April 5th! @amberettinger

  45. MrFreakyzee says:

    Go amber u gonna win no doubt!!

  46. Temple of KEK says:

    what city is this?

  47. Anthony95 says:

    Naaaaa best dance battle @amber vs @iwantmylauren 🙂 please do it even if its not for DanceOn

  48. break$123 says:

    Starts April 5

  49. OnEInk Graphics says:

    ill vote if u gve me a lap dance

  50. conan300000 says:

    You are welcome. I think that you are very talented and you going to get a major part in a movie or TV show real soon 🙂

  51. ShaunMilesTV says:

    Hahah She has a lot of dislikes too. Not as much as xJaws but still a lot. I can already see whose gonna be out soon. Shame. I would have liked to see what outfits she wears later in the competition.

  52. ShaunMilesTV says:

    The awkward moment when Amber comes to comment on this video and the first comment she sees is telling her to do porn lol.

  53. manuboy9 says:

    Epic Meal Time? HELL YEAH! Kick someone off for them if they aren't on it

  54. Amber Ettinger says:

    Santa Monica!

  55. SecretLifeofLauren says:


  56. Louie Garcia says:

    P.O.P (Pacific Ocean Park) to be exact! we're headed that way later on today…actually right at the swings (next to the pier) is where we'll be at, swinging away!

  57. SuperDano007 says:

    Best wishes Amber on "Dance On". I think you dance very well. You go girl !

  58. BashfulProductions says:

    I hope she does porn before she becames all wrinkly

  59. Jenny Nguyen says:

    WTH! what makes her seem like a porn star???

  60. SM says:


  61. RadekOzzy85 says:

    Wow, Amber, what a smile 🙂

  62. A L says:

    it's a way of saying shes really pretty) Just boys logic)
    it actually is a compliment)

  63. NintyNine PercentLegit says:

    all those clips were made on the same day. you were wearing the same t-shirt the whole time

  64. Nuno Redley says:

    Go Amber!

  65. Michael Bannon says:

    lol, did i see some shuffling at 0.42? 😀

  66. Louie Garcia says:

    sunset shots?

  67. Hope C says:

    good luck!

  68. Caligula says:

    I saw your interview on German Television yesterday!

  69. PastelPony says:

    hate youtube pervs get a life

  70. Longliang Lin says:

    Anderson support from Christa's classmate:-)

  71. Angelyn Guzman says:


  72. Dragonwulfzero says:

    LMAO…wow…the top comments for this vid certainly offer a colorful contrast of viewpoints…….

  73. MrKraftyy says:

    you should be paired with me 😉

  74. AngryAliensAttacking says:

    OMG! I was at that carnival last year! o-o

  75. Amber Ettinger says:

    105 Dislikes?? but yet my rehearsal vid has only 16 dislikes…what's the problem here people?
    I dont get it…

  76. Amber Ettinger says:

    Thick?? how much does thick weigh??? Holy shit…

  77. MasFredo says:

    English is not my native language, but I guess thick means absolute perfection then? 🙂

  78. R.B O says:

    why are you all hating on amber she is hot and nice so whats the deal or are you just trolls

  79. SuperAitor1997 says:

    I don't get it too….. It's a very nice video! I VOTE FOR AMBER!!! ALWAYS!!
    PD: i am @AmberYlaurenFan on twitter, your fans site :))

  80. Mark says:

    i think he meant thin lol.

  81. Andy says:


  82. SuperDano007 says:

    Who could dislike an Amber video ? You're funny, talented & have so much positive energy (a very good dancer too by the way). Must be a computer glitch.

  83. grneyez17 says:

    responding to ALL the comments… all I gota say is… MENN!!!!

  84. JoshhhhxP says:

    Obama Hooker. saggy tits bro xD

  85. Jo Aquim says:

    What?! Hh…how?!

  86. Jo Aquim says:

    i mean where dyou get it?

  87. Mulder25j says:

    On a scale of 1 to 5, I'll give you 3.95.

  88. huiop311 says:

    she become fat and trashy .. oh i miss the classy amber who smell good

  89. ainteasya says:

    Although I find your comment very disrespectful, I can't agree with it more!!

  90. stillclaimndp says:

    You look fake… in more ways than one.

  91. CaptKrev says:

    YOU don't get it,you are so hot and gorgeous I look forward to seeing you post again.And thanks for the entertainment,it helps make the work day go by.

  92. Alexialel says:

    Backround the ride that goe up and down i wanna ide it here in Iowa they call it The spaceshot!

  93. Paola Garcia says:

    Hahahahahah in 1:12 I started laughing because, in some way they're dancing with their pussys hhahahahahhahahh XD

  94. RalphRodriguez8 says:

    it will be so mad if adam sevani is one of those dancers they will be partner with

  95. Nahum O says:

    did you come from that show of duky of awsome?

  96. Calvin Nguyen says:

    Rose are red like red asses

    Violets are like cute ladies

    I like Big boobs and asses

  97. Calvin Nguyen says:

    Plz like

  98. fallsor says:

    Was that a magical transvestite faerie that grants wishes?

  99. Kyle Mcelroy says:


  100. Kyle Mcelroy says:

    I think the problem is that ur not naked enough in this video

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