Dance to the Music  BOBBY VEE
Dance to the Music BOBBY VEE

2 thoughts on “Dance to the Music BOBBY VEE”

  1. Lida Cartel says:

    Hi, VICTOR … I love this one … it's a beautiful song … i love the soft voice of BOBBY VEE … his beautiful voice is so perfect for this lovely song … thank you so much for the great upload … to my most loved channel, SUNRYSE 111, thank you too for sharing this wonderful song for us … take care my friend … luv you more … from Philipinnes w/ love … Mabuhay !!

  2. rslitman says:

    When I saw this title, I tried to imagine Bobby Vee covering Sly and the Family Stone. But it's a different song, and a very lovely one. Thanks for posting it.

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