Dax and Kristen do Africa (music video)
Dax and Kristen do Africa (music video)

20 thoughts on “Dax and Kristen do Africa (music video)”

  1. Leo Korn says:

    This is so much fun to watch. Thanks

  2. therubicon says:

    Your wife looks a lot like this girl in a show I watched when I was a kid. What was it Vanessa Saturn or something…

  3. therubicon says:

    Where in Africa did you film it?

  4. Faze Blast says:

    omg this makes me smile every time i watch it and the best part ever Dax is all of it and 2:37 i love you guys so much

  5. Quatch Awesomeness says:

    I love this. I love them. I love this. If they ever break up I will cry rains down in Africa. God bless their attractive little hearts.

  6. Savanna Violets says:

    when someone asks me what I want my relationship to be like

  7. AxlRose GR says:

    This is a very moving video. It shows the love between two people and their love of animals and the planet. We need more people like these two. Most celebrities are going to a exotic beach somewhere sipping on tequila. I wish many more years of y’alls true love. Awesome video.

  8. Jay D'Angelo says:

    It’s nice to see celebs being normal and themselves. Enjoyed it guys

  9. Mick Bean says:

    You guys are Awesome!

  10. Cyrodiil Traveler says:

    awesome 👍😎

  11. Sophie Berman says:

    its funny that people actually took the time to give this a thumbs down. This is awesome! Love this couple!

  12. NeilsBlues says:

    She must be exhausted trying to breathe life back into his dead career…

  13. Henry Kuto says:

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  14. John W says:

    I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.

  15. Gustaffson says:

    Rich people; having fun …

  16. Danny Vell says:

    I thought it was dax the rapper… im not disappointed just thought it was my nigga covering Africa

  17. Oscar Roden says:

    Dax should’ve been her soulmate in the Good Place

  18. Michael Shea says:

    With all the garbage that keeps popping up on You Tube this is really cool. Nice to see people having fun and being goofy. Something I think we have lost in this world of Political Correctness.

  19. Zeref Dragneel says:

    dax in the bath tub singing africa always reminds me of JD

  20. John Dolby says:

    my favorite hollywood couple

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