Drum Teacher Reacts to George Kollias – Drummer of Nile
Drum Teacher Reacts to George Kollias – Drummer of Nile

Hy my name is Marthyn Jovanovic I’m a
drum teacher and in this video I’m gonna be reacting to and analyzing a live drum
cam video of George Kollias drummer of Nile performing the song laying fire upon apep
before I start with this video I want to give a big shout out again to
the guys at blastology.net especially Kenny those videos were a
big inspiration back in the days and I’m gonna link his YouTube channel underneath in the description so you can check out his live drum cam videos as well and
finally a big shout out to George Kollias an amazing drummer and huge inspiration
for all of us all as you can see here he is using axis a
long boards right now he is using his signature axis models but back in the
days this videos is like eight or nine years old he’ss using the regular axis a
longboard vdl is around the middle a bit to the front he’s using tama iron cobra beaters and a high spring tension extremely high spring tension i wouldn’t
recommend this spring tension for anyone who is just starting out playing double
bass because you’re number one you have to constantly fight against the spring
number two you need a lot of power to push down the pedal and
number three it’s really hard to learn to control your calf muscles at higher
tempos since you’re constantly working against such a tight spring but
obviously as you can see for George it works out as well perfectly works
out perfectly fine for him and one more thing he’s using axis ekit triggers in
this video all right so let’s talk about his hand
technique for a bit george is using some kind of French grip American grip
something between that he holds the stick with his index finger his middle
finger and his thumb just like this but he’s also using a bit of fingers when
he’s playing you can see that with the left hand so it’s a small wrist turning
motion a lot of wrist involvement with his playing but always a little bit of
fingers and one thing that he does is that he sticks out his arm like this so
it’s still regular French grip but his arms are not beside his
body they are out there that’s pretty much it as you can see here his left foot is not
moving he’s playing single foot blasts all the time so his right foot is
following his right hand and playing eighth notes at the song is at 128 so
256 beats per minute as you can see here he’s leaning forward
a bit he’s applying pressure from his upper leg and his calf muscles his hip
flexors are not actively assisting the motion at his high tempos so it’s not it
an up and down motion from the hip flexor everything is generated by the calf and
his calf muscles and this swivel technique plus a bit of a contraction
from your upper legs and he leans forward this way you have got even more
pressure on the pedal somewhere I read a comment about George’s double bass playing and someone was complaining about the beater distance at
higher tempos but to be honest you know he’s playing well above250
BPM he still hits really hard especially in comparison to other drummers so I
wouldn’t critique him on that he’s doing an awesome job hitting so hard all the
time snare and toms fills let’s talk a bit about his foot
technique and the swivel technique you know during the last years his swivel
things seemed to change a bit because if you watch some YouTube clips online you
will see that there are some videos where he’s playing with regular heel up
with his right foot no swiveling at all but with the left
foot he’s swiveling extremely a big swivel motion from side to side with one stroke
per side in this example he’s using his swiveling with both feet right foot and
left foot but it doesn’t look like a really a fast swivel motion like this it
looks like he is playing two notes per side so swiveling in for two notes swiveling
out for two notes I don’t think that’s a conscious decision I think swivel technique is just assisting him in performing at that high speeds and
higher bpms and but one thing that’s really interesting is right now
in this example when he’s swiveling his left foot is copying what his right does
now that dissect his swivel technique a bit his right foot swivels out then his
left foot is not swiveling in its swiveling out as well so it’s actually mirroring
what the right foot does then the right foot swiveling in again the ankle
swiveling in again and the left foot also goes to the inside technique looks like it out out in in
out out in in out out in for other drummers like kerim krim lechner he does
it the opposite way so if his right foot his right ankle is swiveling to the
outside the left foot is actually following the right foot and swiveling
to the inside and then right foot swivels to the inside and left foot to
the outside so his technique looks like this out in in out out in
alright enough theory on the swivel technique the tom fills that’s really
interesting you know he hits really hard with the Tom’s as well so it’s not like
that he loses power you get less rebound from the Tom’s you actually have
to work harder but he’s not losing any power at all when it comes to the
tom fills It’s also interesting during all his Tom
fills when he’s playing 1/16th note tom fills like this it’s just
single not a single strokes sorry but he’s always following with his right foot so
his right foot is playing quarter notes and his hands are playing single
stroke sixteenth notes there are two big advantages when it comes to accompanying
a Tom fill with a quarter note kick drum number one is if the sound on stage
is not that good and for example your bandmates are not able to hear your Tom
fills it’s gonna be easier for them to follow you because the still hear the
quarter notes of your kick drum the kick trigger is gonna be loud enough the
other thing if you follow along with the quarter notes it also gets this forward drive so the fill is like not losing power it’s still pushing forward all the
time at this point the high spring tension is
really a pain in the ass because you can see it in this short clip that
he really has to stomp from the hihat to the kick pedal it’s not like
a smooth transition because he constantly has to work
against his high spring he has to stomp really hard to get a good sound of it
but this foot pattern in combination with the sides snare and the open and
closing off the hi-hat sounds amazing did you see the stick catch let’s watch
it again again he’s leaning forward a bit but not a
lot also when he’s playing double bass
you can clearly see that his hip joint is always a bit higher than his knee
joint this tempo you can see that his right
bass drum pedal his right foot beater a is returning a bit further
back in comparison to the left one and he has this concept of leading for the
strong and weak foot in his new book Odyssey of double bass drumming so make
sure to check that one out as well to get some more information about that
topic and again The tom fills just sound great
quarter note kickdrum great video great drumming from George amazing
alright guys that’s it for this video remember if you want a certain video to
be next on this YouTube channel comment below and send me the link as well of
the YouTube video that you want thanks a lot for watching my videos cheers from
Vienna bye

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    Marthyn Jovanovic's analysis of George Kollias – Drummer of Nile – playing Laying Fire Upon Apep.

    I hope this observation on how George Kollias plays helps you figure out for yourself which of his skills at the drum kit would be interesting for you to practice.

    This song is the copyrighted property of his owner(s).
    Fair use allows repurposing content for educational, critical, and commentative purposes.

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