Emotional night for YouTuber Saffron Barker and her nan – Week 4 | BBC Strictly 2019
Emotional night for YouTuber Saffron Barker and her nan – Week 4 | BBC Strictly 2019

Strictly so far has been the best thing I’ve
ever done. Just learning to dance is so much fun, and
hard work, but also so rewarding. As a child, I always watched different YouTubers, and
when I was 15 I decided to start my own little channel. I never in a million dreams thought I would have as many followers as I do. Everything
that I do, they are there to support me and they always just have the kindest things to
say. She’s gorgeous! I have a lot of young girls follow me I feel a responsibility to be a role model.
I’m very lucky I have such a big family. I have my two brothers, two sets of grandparents
and eye on everything I am because of my family. My nan supports me in everything I do. She
means absolutely everything to me and I just want her to know that. When we heard Saff was going to be on Strictly, well, I could not believe it. Oh, my God,
Saffron, that’s wonderful. Thank you. I mean, she’s always been a very
loving child. Always. So caring. This week, AJ and I are doing Contemporary to one of your favourite songs Celine Dion Because You Loved Me. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without my Nan. She honestly has the biggest heart and
she means so much to me. I love you, Saffron. I love you too. I’m so proud of Saffron and what she has achieved. I really can’t put it into words. Absolutely
amazing. I really want to make this dance the best
that I can and just do my Nan really, really proud. This one’s for you, Nan. Dancing contemporary for their Couple’s Choice,
Saffron Barker and AJ Pritchard! MUSIC: Because You Loved Me, by Celine Dion. Cuddling her nana. So sweet. I love you. Come
on, darling. Well done. Look at your lovely nana, she is crying. So gorgeous. That was
beautiful. Stunning. The lifts. Bless your nanna. I bet she’s so proud of you. How do you feel after that,
Motsi? I’m also proud of her. Honestly, every time somebody
dances and shows vulnerability, It’s a sign of not maybe being strong but I think it is such a strength and I love the strength in your body right now. I love the points, they were so beautiful,
your spins were so beautiful, he picked you up and you kept that frame that was also beautifully
placed, and on top of that you put the emotion into motion. Thank you so much. I enjoyed that. [APPLAUSE] Are you feeling the emotion, Shirley? I think that you created beautiful memories for many people out there today, your music choice was simply divine. You executed it for your nanny and you did
an amazing job. You are on your feet, normally you have a few balance issues but I wasn’t
aware of that today because I think your heart, your soul, every pore of your body was into
giving back to AJ and AJ giving back to you so there was a strong connection, beautiful music choice that means a lot to so many out there so well done. [APPLAUSE] Bruno? I want to hug the two of them. They were so finely tuned to each other. They were dancing on
the same breath. If you are a dancer, you know what I mean. Every emotion and every expression kind of
matched absolutely. They were like mirror images and expressing so beautifully. Thank
you for a fantastic performance, my darling. Inspired. [APPLAUSE] Craig?
I think you could have gone a little bit further. I think the basic structure of it is there
but it is about extension and really extending the ideas. In contemporary you have to be a little bit
more over-the-top, actually. And especially if you’re doing something to someone’s face,
if you’re going to go there you really need to go there. I just felt it was a little bit mechanical in some of those bits. I loved it, however,
the arabesque leap, my darling, who knew you could do that? There was a lot of good in
it and it was a really good dance. You should be proud. You good dance. You should be proud. Going from strength to strength, well done, darling.
It’s Saffron and AJ. [APPLAUSE] Most of us were crying up here, just so you
know. Was it lovely having your Nan just there, or did it make it quite hard to look into
the dance? I couldn’t watch the VT because I just would
have cried but having her there was the best thing, both my grandparents at my grandad and my Nan. Must have been lovely. Most people when they do their
lifts, they are like, don’t lift me, I’m scared! But on the training you quite liked it, you
are like, pick me up! I love being thrown in the me up! I love being thrown in the air,
it’s the best part. Do it air, it’s the best part. Do it now…
Don’t! The judges have their scores. The judges have their scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Seven.
Motsi Mabuse. Eight. Shirley Ballas. found it very moving. couldn’t agree I more, head judge, nine Bruno

100 thoughts on “Emotional night for YouTuber Saffron Barker and her nan – Week 4 | BBC Strictly 2019”

  1. BBC says:

    They scored two nines tonight. Were you moved by Saffron and AJ's touching tribute to her granny?

  2. Stephani says:

    Oh my goodness. So many tears… Beautifully done. I love how much Saffron loves her family and how close they all are. Saffron and AJ for the win!

  3. Lauren Rogers says:

    Beautiful x

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    Is this nan from her mum or dad’s side?

  8. Colo Jr says:

    Why is everyone saying she is getting hate? I’ve scrolled through the whole comment section couldn’t find 1 negative comment. Guess people just keep saying the same thing to get likes.
    But I have a question and it is a curious one. Would she of got the same amount of views on this performance if her nan hadn’t of passed? Btw RIP. It’s not nice losing a loved one, but In my opinion the BBC are clearly profiting of this tragedy just like X-Factor does.

  9. Wonder Amber says:

    This is soo sweet you keep going you too are amazing

  10. Alyxthecrumpet! says:

    This was far from a sob story, just a girl who adores her Nan. Nothing wrong with that

  11. Sophie Edwards says:

    Touched my heart honestly! My nanna would’ve loved watching you dance☹️ haven’t watched strictly for 4 years after she passed away… this is the first year I have brought myself to! Such a saffron supporter & truly know that this isn’t a sob story because she’s truly is everything to her!💕

  12. Marcie B says:

    Ok so I may have cried a little bit. Love you staff and Aj. So beautifully danced. 💃 xx

  13. Lindsey P says:

    Two nines awesome!😄

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    I’m sobbing

  15. Amie Gray says:

    Honestly think we forgot, this girl is 19 years of age and not only has she already accomplished so much in life, but every day she is an amazing role model to millions of people. Her entire family and all of her fans should be so proud ❤️

  16. Anna Twink says:

    Shes a bit of a lump, If she wins any prizes for dancing it would be a travesty. She probably got chosen because her Nan is Bruce Forsyth resurrected!

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    Watching this was so hard as I’ve no longer got my nan around and to know how much I love my nan when saffy said she couldn’t imagine life without her nan it really reminded me of what I’m missing out on. My nan was my world and to watch this brought back lovely but also hard memories and made me miss my nan a thousand times more. 💔😭💔

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    This had me in tears I’m so proud off her xxxxx

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    I dont know why people cant figure out what is the truth and what is a fake story…..its really sad to see people talk about this is as a sob story…coz its really not…you can see it from her eyes…she truly loves her nan! All the best saff and Aj !!

  33. Tiff Baggott says:

    I’m crying on a full public bus!

  34. Kirsten Liddell says:

    Honestly the feels you get from this performance gives you chills they have incredible chemistry and I hope they win , deffo ship it the two of them are well matched and would make a great couple😍😍

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    I literally cried so much 😭😭

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    I don’t understand why people are referring to this as a ‘sob story’. I don’t see that at all, it’s relatable and anyone that has this same kind of relationship with their grandparents would understand that. It made me emotional because it made me think of how much I love my own grandparents and how close I am to them. I don’t see why she’s getting hate, it’s smart move from strictly bringing social media influencers onto their show to be honest, as its broadening their audience and young people are beginning to watch also. You don’t have to like Saffron, I’m not her biggest fan, but she’s just young girl living out her dreams and taking every opportunity she gets, why shouldn’t she? Any of us would do the same if we had the chance. Let her enjoy it.

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