Faded – Alan Walker – Easiest Piano Tutorial
Faded – Alan Walker – Easiest Piano Tutorial

Hey everyone I’m Tom from Simply Piano and today I’m gonna teach you a very easy
version of the intro to the song Faded which sounds like this: This is an unbelievably
popular song by Alan Walker or as I like to call him: “The man who for some reason
always wears a hoodie”. I mean, seriously, looks at this guy. Every single picture. I mean even that guy
from Mr. Robot would tell him “Come on man,
diversify your wardrobe” Anyway, this is a very easy way to learn how
to play the piano intro of the song. Even if you’ve never played the
piano before it’s no problem. So! We’re going to start off by playing the
first part of the intro with our right hand 3 times, with fingers 1 2 and 5: Play it until you really feel you got the hang of it. Okay, now let’s add one more note a D-flat this is D-flat Congratulations, you now know a cool
sounding musical terminology thingy. Use it to impress people… go to parties and say
“D falt, D falt” all night. It’ll make you look
like a mad man because of course, you’d just be saying the words “D
Falt“ over and over again without context, but, still. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, we’ll do that with our fourth finger Again, do that a couple of times until
you really feel you got the hang of it. Now for the left hand of the first part,
use your first and third fingers. The notes we played with our
right hand were “quarter notes” while the notes on we’ll play with
our left hand are “whole notes” which is musical mambo jumbo
for basically saying that for every 4 notes we play with our right
hand, we play 1 note with our left hand like this: All right, now let’s play both hands together Ready for it? THREE TWO ONE No, I’m kidding, I’m kidding… THREE TWO ONE No, I’m joking. Take your time. Practice this first section for a
couple of times, really let it sink in. Take your time with it, don’t feel
bad if you don’t get it right away. Go ahead, try it a couple of
time right now while I wait. NO! NOT LIKE THAT! I’m just kidding. I can’t
hear what you’re doing. This is pre-recorded,
I’m not really there. Okay, now, before we continue
on learning the entire intro I have to say that if you
want to understand and learn how to play the
piano more thoroughly I highly recommend downloading
our app “Simply Piano” It’s a great way to learn if you’re a beginner or if you always had
some interest in piano but never really knew
how to start learning. The app listens to what you play
and gives feedback in real time it’s really awesome, go check it out, click on this “i” icon.
Download it for free. All right, now after that shameless plug let’s get to the second part. Okay that was a bit excessive Also it’s weird because we didn’t do that
for the other parts of the song… Well anyway. The second part sounds like this We’ll start off with the right hand Use fingers 3 and 1 for this unless you lost them while
fighting with a pirate in which case just use which
ever remaining fingers you got. And now for the left hand, this is
the last thing we need to learn. Use fingers 1 and 2 like this: Again, take your time and really get into it. Not too much though. Don’t make it weird. All right, now with both hands! Okay, so this is it! We’re
gonna play the whole thing. Ready? If you practiced right, it
should sound a little like this: I’m kidding We’re not there yet. Okay, here we go! Play all the parts with
both hands at least 3 times until
you feel comfortable and there you go! you can now
play the intro to this song Congratulations! Don’t forget to play this song
wearing a black hoodie though, otherwise it just
wouldn’t sound right. Well that’s it of course this was a very basic piano lesson Again, if want to learn
how to play the piano like a true pro, download
our app “Simply Piano”, There’s one of those annoying
YouTube window popping up right now probably taking focus from my beautiful hands. Click on it so I won’t get fired. Thank you! Again, I WILL get fired so please download.

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