Fallen Kingdom Quadrilogy On Piano
Fallen Kingdom Quadrilogy On Piano


10 thoughts on “Fallen Kingdom Quadrilogy On Piano”

  1. Fangis says:

    For Mobile:
    0:00 Fallen Kingdom
    4:12 Take Back The Night
    9:17 Find The Pieces
    13:21 Dragonhearted

  2. Dubber Buckey says:

    Can someone say copyright?

    Another Fangis Classic

  3. Bob Building says:

    I’m better than you

  4. Laserdisc Ū says:

    He be jumping like Black widow

  5. EH's Page says:

    What the fuck is a take back the pieces

  6. the m3lon8r says:

    bro this is fake, these are obviously paid actors

  7. Noah Sweet says:


  8. Uhns says:

    I’m gonna cry

  9. Simeon, The Puppet Master says:

    Dragonhearted sounded like a masterpiece there.

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