Fallout 4 song (FO4): Yellow and Blue
Fallout 4 song (FO4): Yellow and Blue

22 thoughts on “Fallout 4 song (FO4): Yellow and Blue”

  1. You've Done It Again Adam!

  2. Orion Strate says:

    This song is sad but for being me I didn't cry . its weird but its who I am also great song and if you have an xbox360 and dead island we can do a dead island song video!

  3. this is a really awesome song

  4. MrTechrics says:

    did you draw that stuff yo self?

  5. JACK TOTAL says:

    Can you make a song about……………………….Borderlands!?

  6. Stolen Queen says:

    I'm not a fan of the game but it's a very good song
    Good job!

  7. Shupyu says:

    Yes a another one

  8. Just love your songs. Adam, you are a great man.

  9. SjayB 17 says:

    This ones so sad Adam XD u can really make twists in the story !!

  10. this is awesome can I put this on my playlist

  11. Lizzy Weir says:

    I love these songs! How much more are you planning to make?

  12. Regulartae says:

    The developers need to add one of these songs in the game even if it's easter egg I would love it x3

  13. Madbroimpro says:

    like the song its about love i like that

  14. blue sky says:

    ahh one dislike😵

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