Flute Maintenance and Repair : How to Fix Flute Key Corks
Flute Maintenance and Repair : How to Fix Flute Key Corks

Now I’m going to show you about key corks.
Key corks are very imperative on your flute. If you don’t, if there are some missing, your
flute will make all types of noises and it’s just not very pleasant to the ear, as well
as, if they are missing it can make your flute not be in tune. So basically, we need a little
bit of our contact cement, we need our razor blade, and our cork here. And we’ll take our
contact cement and now, you need to do both sides of the cork and the key. So you’ve got
a little piece of cork here, now this cork is, you might have a hard time finding that.
You can, you can maybe Google and see where you can find some or your repair technician
at home might be kind enough to give you a little bit. But you put that on there and
then we’ll, show the little thumb key here. I’m going to do this while the key is on the
instrument which is totally normal, I mean, you probably wouldn’t be taking them off yourself.
But, we want to make sure, just put just a little tiny amount underneath there and kind
of try not to get it on the body. If you do get some on the body, it’s not really any
big deal, we’ll just take our q-tip and wipe that excess off. And then when this is all
done drying, usually it takes a couple of minutes, and we’re going to go ahead and cut
us a little bit here and set up, once this is dry, stick it on under right here and close
it. Make sure it’s all straight so now our key doesn’t make any more noise. And that
is how to replace a key cork.

10 thoughts on “Flute Maintenance and Repair : How to Fix Flute Key Corks”

  1. Wes Britt says:

    Hi, I've got a rather noticable sized dent in my flute, but it isn't messing up the flute's tone. Any DIY dent removal tips?

  2. Korey Olowe says:

    what cork?

  3. Hermann Otto says:

    Stick it where and why, this is pretty useless

  4. Hermann Otto says:

    @canadianspwn11 I had a serious dent in the flute foot, and went and saw a Rolex Watchmaker whom I knew, he was able to fix it.

  5. Jordan Walton says:

    Aren't they called pads??

  6. andreeekim says:

    You really shouldn't do that. The noise that it makes, is because it is holding moisture. By applying anything to your keys, can damage it, or ruin the keys.

  7. Kenan Miller says:


  8. WeLikeToDo StupidStuf says:

    No help was found for me…

  9. astri kinanti says:

    why she put the flute like that?

  10. J and M Studios says:

    That's not how you properly replace a key cork. The sloppiest job I have ever seen. I hope nobody follows these directions.

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