Foster The People - Supermodel (Album Review)
Foster The People – Supermodel (Album Review)

welcome back to Mack music review I review it so you don't have to today we're going to be looking at an album but before I hop in there you just want to say there's gonna be some stuff down in the description if you want how the channel works and all that good stuff you can find all the info we're down in the description today we're going to be looking at the album's super model by Foster the People and um this is the album cover this is the sophomore album for the alternative band alternative pop band kind of foster the people it was nearly as commercially successful as their debut album torches it didn't have some monster hit like pumped up cakes but it did have a small hint best friend you may have heard this song before if you listen to alternative music because it was a small hit from the album and I think I was in Dairy Queen no I heard another song from this album ah are you what you want to be the first song the other really upbeat song in this album I heard that Dairy Queen I thought that was so cool that they were playing this Foster the People song and Dairy Queen that wasn't Pumped Up Kicks anyway yeah nearly as commercially successful as their debut this album is a good bit longer than their debut album it has 11 tracks and really it only has ten songs cuz one of the songs the angelic welcome of mr. Jones is really just kind of this instrumental vocal there are no lyrics it's just like an interlude for the song best friend I think it plays right before best friend it's oh really there's only 10 full-length songs in this album but every song on this album is over 4 minutes long and actually a few of them are more than 5 minutes long I'm talking about nevermind goats and trees and a pseudo logical pseudo logical Fantasia or something has a really weird title the one that's the one that's really trippy going with the trippy title and the trippy music and the turbulence um musically this album I would say is is less upbeat and fun than torches you are gonna have that kind of overabundance of musical sounds and elements thrown in all at once where they you know that that's foster the people's thing is just kind of overloading on musical elements just mashing them all together a very noisy way that that somehow doesn't sound disorienting but if you really listen very closely you realize there's just a whole bunch of stuff all going on at the same time kind of haphazardly is what it sounds like if you're paying attention if you're just casually listening you don't really notice that I would say but you know are you what you want to be and best friend or you know really upbeat songs they're really upbeat energetic songs but the rest of the songs in the album are a little bit different a beginner's guide to destroying the moon is a pretty is a pretty energetic song an energetic rock song with some strong guitar lines some strong bass guitar and some really kind of hectic energetic music but it's all it's not really in a fun way it's more in a kind of dark way it's not a very fun sounding song it's more of a song that's trying to kind of shape she kind of grabs you and shakes you kind of rattles you up and then you have fire escape which is an acoustic song it's the only acoustic song I think pasta people has ever done and it's literally there's no no other music it's just Marc Foster with the guitar and like a campfire he's just singing just his voice in the guitar singing slowly and it's it's a very stark contrast from like basically everything else the band has done it's very different from all their other music lyrically supermodel is by a long shot the most dense thing they've ever done the most dense focused thing they've ever done throughout supermodel you can see from the album cover in the album cover it's a girl it's I guess she's a supermodel I guess she's a model she has her head draped down she's bent down and there's all these people with these snake-like arms taking pictures and and she's standing on a bunch of gold but even though you know she's getting all this attention she definitely doesn't look happy and the whole album is about trying to find it's a very pretty pretty heavy album really if you listen to the lyrics it's about the search it's about the artificial nests of life about how fake everything is how fake people are how fake music industry is how just the general fakeness and it's about searching for truth and throughout the album it's actually he's on a journey on the album and he starts off searching wondering what is the truth and then he finds it on the last two songs goats and trees and the truth and then on fire escape he's basically reflecting on how hopeless and and depressing everything is once you realize that um what without the truth how everyone is and just how broken and fake and artificial everything is the world is it's pretty it's honestly some pretty heavy stuff it's if you really listen to that songs in order each song is kind of part of a story part of revelations of Mark Foster trying to figure out what is the truth what is what's real and it's it's interesting what I've read on genius is that it all starts the first four five songs one two three the first four songs are kind of just this kind of in general just him looking around like a coming-of-age is about you know like growing older and realizing things or you want you want to be an ask yourself or historians asking questions and then I never mind as well as asking question just trying to figure stuff out and then with pseudo logical Fantasia he basically goes on a drug trip and a like a lot of people they say like going on a drug trip can bump them find meaning in life and help them find what they think is truth and that's what it does for him and in the song he comes to this revelation that his friends his best friends are fake and that they're not actually real and they're not actually real people that are out for him and and then it gets to the very dark a beginner's guide to destroying the moon and then he goes and finds truth and then like I said it ends on fire escape where he basically reflects on what he's found and it's very it's very dark very haunting I think this album is amazing I think it is really really good and I'm gonna try to break down why the music on super model is really really good I mean just musically alone just musically this is a great album like it doesn't really you know torches was musically Organic original interesting tons of fun but there were a few songs the slower songs they just kind of you just kind of get like I don't know they weren't they weren't bad but they were they were kind of slow when they weren't the most memorable most fun thing but not really something you want to come back to but basically every single song in this album works so well they sound so good but to really upbeat songs on this album are you what you want to be a best friend work very very well especially best friend because there's so little of these really upbeat energetic songs I think it gives them more power more oomph and that's especially true best friend that is a totally awesome song just sounds really cool it's a lot of fun it just sounds great beginners guide to destroying the moon also sounds excellent you have some really dark music on this thing some real it's really intense and the song progresses and this the vocals on this song are really impressive because it's bocalee it's not the best song on the album but it's it's definitely a standout because of just the energy and the intensity that Mark Foster and he has this other guy saying probably someone else on the band for part of the song and that's also a lot of intensity and the actual lyrics on this thing I don't have the lyrics on me but there they hit you man if you're actually listening to the lyrics it's intense I mean this is the most well I don't say this is the second most intense some we're going to get to their most intense song on my next review but this is like their second most intense song and it's really really good stuff musically really impressive and then the song that just absolutely is amazing musically I think nearly all the stuff on this album sounds great a pseudo logical Fantasia the drug trip song makes you feel like you're on a drug trip excellent psychedelic music super excellent psychedelic music the lyrics and Mark Foster's performance work perfectly to create this drug drug trip atmosphere that just just kills it the song is one of their best really really good music lyrics vocals all that stuff I'm just musically I have to talk about fire escape it's totally stripped back just a guitar and singing and I think is the most effective so foster the people has ever done I think it's the best song I've ever made it's fantastic it's haunting it's dark it's really simple but that makes it so much stronger so much more powerful you feel every single line you feel and his vocals and the lyrics and it's it's just an amazing song that is a really really good song lyrically this album is really impressive I mean there's a lot of it's not just he's not just simply saying all these things there's tons of really poetic lyrics and really poetic lines that are really really good um or you one argue what you want to be has a really fantastic line about also worth noting there is some religious elements in this most of it is not super overt most of it is kind of hidden but if you're paying a lot of attention especially on the first song you argue what you want to be you can detect some religious elements and on the truth the truth he comes to I think the truth he tries to find is God and I think he does end up thinking that God is this ultimate truth that he's searching for even though he doesn't directly say it but other lines on the album this is now Bhum with super super well-written lyrics really interesting lyrics a very mature lyrics it's just lyrically very very good stuff throughout this album the psychedelic song has excellent psychedelic lyrics and imagery really fantastic imagery that really sticks in your head and that really is really striking on goats and trees that's also some really strong lyrics they're really interesting and the truth and so much of this the whole album is extremely well written really fantastic lyrics and themes across this album supermodel is really really really impressive I think this is an amazing album I think it's by a long shot I mean not by a long shot it's I would say it's definitely the best foster the people album but their debut is so good their debut is so so good but this album it definitely Trump's it lyric musically it's got some really really great songs I'm gonna have to give this album four point star four point five stars out of five it's it's amazing thank you for watching the video what is your favorite Foster the People song – fire escape I just can't get over that man it just gets better and better it's such a good song my favorites fire escape what's your favorite foster people album – supermodel they're doing a new album and I'm calling it it's gonna be their worst album because the the single released for it style is so lackluster worst nights just lyrically it's just both of those songs are lackluster musically they're okay they're they're going in the wrong direction they've yeah but this this is a this is a great album thank you for watching

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