[FREE] Drake Type Beat 2018 - "Eliminate" | Free Type Beat | Trap Instrumental 2018
[FREE] Drake Type Beat 2018 – "Eliminate" | Free Type Beat | Trap Instrumental 2018

27 thoughts on “[FREE] Drake Type Beat 2018 – "Eliminate" | Free Type Beat | Trap Instrumental 2018”

  1. steven gonzalez says:

    The more you all use a digital dehanced image of someone i love doing a private act with someone and u dequise it with something i like the more i dnt need to report it the more its noticed the more its filed and put on data fake utube apps i can see it obviously but thats the work of sabotage against her thrown in my face so i can recognize it and like all the others u did this to they responded in a way that i am telling you now wont end your way. Ohhh shes a freak aint she but when someone is forced to cross a line they dnt want to u think those envolved will stay quiet. I dnt need to see you like you need to see me i just need to hear u. And i hear u. And i listen to you most importantly. I do what u could never brings urselves to do, i believe u. And rubbing these images in my face are testimony to the fact that she is working for something she will gain on her own but you are preparing to take it away as u post this on her childrens school bulletin
    Some day, u do this when she has nothing to do and u go to work so when the roles reverse and they will u make ur move once shes settled in comfortably. This is the work of a union these are the actions of people who think there in total control of there lives as well as others you get in her way u get in my way ur mad cuz together we would pay no attention to any of you and not need you at the same time to us would be irrelevant and we wouldnt care about you either, you put urselfs before us you make yourselfs a obstacle for us and understand you dnt do it to better us you do it cuz you can and without you all and ur pathetic union we can to, we can swim amung the sharks you cant fuck with us without permission u bin denied you invade privacy cuz nobody else will go there. After being told leave us alone. If its not one thing its another right. Keep sabatoging us and her and me keep doing it loosing for and over and bcuz false tresspassings is a season long done with and long gone. Reality returns to us to them or to just her only one way. And i will be that reason why nobody else will….. NOBODY ELSE WILL….I WILL FIX THIS I WILL MAKE IT RIGHT I WILL UNCOVER THIS. CUZ IVE COVERED FOR THIS PRIOR TO US BEING TARGETED. YOU LEARNED ON MY TIME NOW ITS MY TIME I SHOW YOU WHY YOU NEVER TEACH SOMEONE EVERYTHING U KNOW…….IMA ROCK YOUR FUCKEN WORLDS AND YOU GONE RECOGNIZE IT FROM A DISTANCE

  2. steven gonzalez says:

    Ohh baby just, give me one more chance, just like big poppa say, i got dreams of drawing in the crowds in the high hundreds of thou's. i aint as popular now. as I will be after sun down, so love me quick bcuz tommarow ill say, who is yahhh, me i be the game ruler like ra, foo ya haters yall bin doin to much, bcuz me im quiet poss-a-blay. The process that has the hole world watching, you becoming the next one that ima eliminate, yall handed me the lemons that got me asking bitch hows the lemonade, ohh ino its bitter sweet, like i dnt Knowles, but im no Beyonce but i am destinys child, look how far i came and all along u say my name, while I got yall bouncing like the booty on her got me thirsty for that tall hour glass figure of water. That's just my figure of speech, baby ya body roar like a LAMBORGINIS v12 with the gas peddle to the metal floor, i figure id atleast get away wit taken a couple shots aimed in the dark , at the dark girl hit me up after dark, girl show me the entrance to a dark world do this Mexican got ebony fever, well of course, i herd from a source they call her cardi b, that us mother fuckers just dnt no the power of the dark side of the force, but ima lethal weapon Glover then i lover down like she fucken gibson on a trip son trying to grip some cuz girl uno i dnt fucks around, rubbin ya booty like it's the bald head of budda, hu'ra im disturbing the fucken peace like my name was luda, but im doin it more rudah ima boss and ima king like im koopa, got the hole club hopping round like sum umpaloompaz huracan the grandson roll up in a huracan spyder looking like i donated the roof off to all of you losers, look how quick i came up i should of returned to the game a hella lot sooner, they said id never return it looks like i put a rest to that rumour, went from broke to paid now im capable of killing all these bills like im uma, family provided for sense of security's highly enforced we went from lookin like aww hell naw all the way to hallaluya, posted up in Honolulu CUZ I eliminate, naww more like im here to rescue, im here to floss on them while I put some food on ya plate, i got so much game i could give it away i wasn't enuf to love back then but now a days im looking like im to much to hate, flowed broke as a joke but I sounded like im the rich one, excuse me my bad sorry I ment to say rich like the bitch one, there your mentioned for a second now go feel so blessed outta 15 seconds of fame u happy now that u got 14 seconds left, do something go take up some Zumba, u fucken going medusa, ima makem say mama say mama saw mamakoosah the swoopstas gone huracan the grandson on this one and god dam son im gonna rock'em raw, "an now the best of lucks is all i can wish'em" as i start droppin chart topping hits that'll bang'em and stomp'em out, killing the competition like ima heart stopper, yall grasshoppers cant stop me now, bin known to kick a lil dust around like two rock'um sock'um robots gettin down givin no fucks at all til one knocks the other out, "got a grill like a Monster going rahhh on'em gottem all screaming like ahhh" i popped a viagra an it got stuck in my throat didnt stop me from trying to dicker i had a stiff neck for hours guess ill never go soft on'em thats why every were I go i walk wit my chin up,

  3. I Am Legend says:

    This is the same beat another producer claims to have made and is selling. Is it me or is the Harder Instrumental by Rujay the same one as this?

  4. ReQ Cartier says:

    This is hard! 🔥
    Always looking to collab.

    Check my beats out on my site http://reqcartier.com & on my page!

  5. Martian T says:


  6. valdo doekoe says:

    voltface "bang bang"

  7. Matthew Tsehai says:

    Bootyhole on fro

  8. Dangerous-Remix says:

    check this freestyle by this prod


  9. MC NIKO says:

    Vsechny ty texty

  10. MOB d-_-b says:

    Can I use for unprofitable use ? Got a song written for it already In Spanish. 😋🤟💯

  11. ziahman 101 says:

    rdc world killed this beat🔥🔥🔥😭

  12. Izreal BK says:


  13. Paul Arlukiewicz says:

    Im drake to goof

  14. Uch OFFICIAL says:

    Bon travaille pulaski , Jai posé sur linstru https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AqDN2TYFflg

  15. Uch says:

    J'ai posé dessus !!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vNfypCwMFDg

    Lourde la prod gros

  16. KYDUH says:

    Yo what’s up I’m a producer hit me if you need beats

  17. NOKEY says:

    Firee ! Just posted my first beat on youtube, would love some feedback <3

  18. Gifted Mods says:

    Fuc* drake Fuc* drake slice him up like a cake aye yeah yeah he be stealing songs like i be hittin this bong aye yeah he shot up x so ima put a few rounds in him today aye yeah u best stay away cause i ain’t playin safe i play hard i ain’t soft i do drugs i smoke gas i drive fast ima be first while he go in reverse skrrrrrt he so trash i don’t understand why bit$hs wanna smash! Welp 😂🤷‍♂️ im probably trash

  19. Grizzly Beatz: Free Type Beats says:

    Dope beat

  20. Elijah 314 says:

    We are the order established like an oligarch
    One head at the table as a fronted Monarch
    We search for foreign lands to conquer by the decades
    We devastate their culture until their history fades
    Then we poison the youth to hate their ancestors
    Make them into slaves for our profits and investors
    We fool them into the belief of a Republic and Democracy
    The fact that they follow either and not see the truth is Idiocracy
    No we aren't one race were many with different masks
    From different countries with different pasts
    We came together under one rule to control the massWe have no morals we never show grow fearChaos is what entertains us don't make us seem sincere

  21. Mrki says:

    Fuck off od mene kad sam ljut
    Sada postao sam hulk
    Bruce Banner mi na mute
    Svaki hit je nokaut. 2x

    Vers 1.
    Lovim glave odjebem rave
    Prave se pare pusite kare
    Odjebem nove zadrzim stare
    Imam brata nemam drugare
    Beat kidam ko brave
    Vas na ispasu krave
    Dok pasete trave
    Zapalim buksnicu trave
    Kolko sam dobar to je sin
    Ribe ne pucaju seen
    Sest odjednom Charlie Sheen
    Mogu vama biti sin
    Bolji od vas dal vas stid
    Ko mumi pucate spid
    Za vas assasin sam creed
    Ja chuck norris vi ste zid
    Grad u sranju shit is real
    Ja u gasu ko surreal
    Ja sam lambo vi ste dim
    Al se ne kurcim sa tim
    Kidam ko rambo nisi ziv
    Za tvoja sranja nisam kriv
    Ti si mrav a ja sam div

    Fuck off od mene kad sam ljut
    Sada postao sam hulk
    Bruce Banner mi na mute
    Jedan hit je nokaut.

    Znas koju igru igram
    Ali ne znas kako igram
    Ako se vjeruje genetici
    Imam gene tigra
    Cudim se na koji nacin
    Postali ste tolko piglu
    Rucam uvijek u hotelima
    A na meni sve ccigu(gucci)
    Mjenjam se ja drugo nista
    Uvijek igram istu igru
    Obraza ostacu cista
    Nikad ne trebam predigru
    Mijenjem rute i taktiku
    Uvijek bio fanatik u
    Prkos izdajniku
    Od vibe napravim ziku
    Koji god da vidim beat
    Ja odma napravim hit
    Po balkana hoce feat
    Ne mozete sam sam lit
    Moras nositi se s tim
    Jaci sam nego u timu
    Ti bacas smeca a ja rimu

    Fuck off od mene kad sam ljut
    Sada postao sam hulk
    Bruce Banner mi na mute
    Jedan hit je nokaut. 2x

  22. smilinbeats says:

    Perfect 👌👌

  23. P E R Z E U S says:

    Sicario: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd-QqVVLBqk

  24. Showa hits says:

    more vybz than kartel on this bad boy

  25. c.p.r checkspowerrespect says:

    is it available??//

  26. wxve beats says:

    This is crazy! Played it back a few times now

  27. YOK TRE5 says:


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