Free Roddy Ricch X NBA Youngboy Type Beat Instrumental 2019 Sauce Drippin
Free Roddy Ricch X NBA Youngboy Type Beat Instrumental 2019 Sauce Drippin

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17 thoughts on “Free Roddy Ricch X NBA Youngboy Type Beat Instrumental 2019 Sauce Drippin”

  1. Jet Kicks says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Dont pin this comment😉Follow @TwinJet VEVO ON YOUTUBE

  2. Simic Beats says:

    Ayy I dig the vibes man, I really enjoyed listening to this heat 💯
    Keep working, this is dope! You've got my support 💪

  3. Truth Official says:

    It was just missing one more instrument to it!

  4. Oxidize Beats says:


  5. Fricphil Beats says:


  6. Xz Elite_ says:

    Love it

  7. Ayesha Davar says:

    Way too hard for me lol🤯🤟🏧

  8. Ya Boi Kidd Dolphin says:

    Ice on my neck
    Blood on my set

  9. Pooikes Fam says:

    is this for free cuz if so i needit

  10. Dariya Apsenbetova says:


  11. ProdByGioseph says:

    This shit it's burnin'me out🔥❤️

  12. ProdByGioseph says:

    This shit it's burnin'me out🔥❤️

  13. Saint Roman says:

    We should do a couple songs with my lyrical ability in your beat making potential the sky's the limit

  14. TR0T ! says:


  15. Ben Jammxn says:

    Ya I had to face the music
    I realized my bro was fake
    It took a lil while
    But it broke apart guess it was fate
    And this is not a diss
    Just a track to help me relocate
    Movin on from old relations
    Still love my dogs I’ll never change
    Ya I had to face the music
    I realized my bro was lame
    To much cap boy you remind
    Of that boy over the way
    You claim that you got money
    Why you got your fingers in my plate
    Then lyin to my face
    Should change your name
    Cuz our friendship was just a waste

    We tried to talk
    You wanna hide
    Im an adult
    You is a pirate
    Riding around but you ain’t got a life
    Nobody love you I know what transpired
    Showin you friendship you liked what was great
    You liked my pockets
    You liked my Wraith
    Think to myself
    Could all this change
    Then you opened the box and ran off with the safe
    And then I told myself
    It don’t have to be this way
    I can move on doin me I’m losing weight
    Cuz the stress of you is gone
    I don’t believe a word you say
    So you ain’t gotta worry bout it just the feds cuz they been on your case
    I still been usin things you taught me cuz not all that was fake
    Ways around the game ima use em everyday
    The finnese you was the master
    But with the poker face
    That’s where You lacking
    Broken relations
    You made of plastic
    If I got a chopper and see you I’m blastin
    But I don’t wanna waste my life so ima stay with my own thoughts
    I told you how I felt and none of that is ever gone
    So you can rot right where you lay
    I’ll never shed a tear for you
    Lyin to my face is somethin I wouldn’t do to you

    Basically you the same to me
    As everyone else that had changed on me
    I won’t wait to see
    What you offer me
    Cuz I see everything you been borrowing
    If you callin me
    Ima answer so i can tell you i hate you and don’t bother me
    I ain’t following none of the rules you been telling me
    You a fantasy
    Cuz that means that your whole life is a story it’s not true
    Cuz a real one wouldn’t steal from his brother thought you knew
    How a youngin only 20 a realer one than you
    And who said I’m not an alpha I’m a bigger man than you
    Ima stay true to my family hope nick Ganga knows that’s true
    Ima split the plate with brothers Toni lil Ches see the proof
    Tezzy Rj Chance And Abraham
    We ridin in the coup
    And we blastin all our music cut your verses cuz we through
    And if I left you out just know that i prolly got love for you
    But the inner circle small so there’s no more room for you
    So go back to where you came from cuz I can see your fruits
    Cut Ypn it’s just BENJAMMXN now I’m askin who are you

  16. fonda jones says:

    Dope 👌

  17. kölsch schmeckt besser wie pils says:

    damn this a nice one the hook Melody

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