FUNNY INTERVIEW: Andrew Garfield plays the flute while Jamie Foxx raps
FUNNY INTERVIEW: Andrew Garfield plays the flute while Jamie Foxx raps

So the film. First of all, congratulations.
Really, really liked it. Lots of very likeable characters in it. Afterwards, my boyfriend
was like I want to go out for a beer with Spider-Man. Really? That’s cool That’s cool. I hope not
to criticise me. -No no no.
-Just to hang out? Like he’s actually a legend. He’s very funny,
he’s likeable. -Leg.
-Leg. No, that’s nice. Tell him I’m around. I will. I’ll pass your details on. Meanwhile, Electro. I mean, is he a bit of
a drama queen? – Huh? Is he?
-A little bit. -Really?
-He gets really angry with Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s nice. Yeah, but I want to defend you for a second. No, for all the queens out there. I don’t think Electro’s a drama queen. I think
Electro, I think Max has been through hell in his life. It’s been tough out there. He’s been trampled on. He’s been ignored.
We all need love. We all need attention. It seems like you got a lot of love and attention
growing up. That’s why you’re able to bring such joy. Yes, and you’re never down. Not really. Unless something bad happens. But sometimes people get the short end of
the stick. And Electro gets the short end of the stick,
and now he’s ready to whoop ass. It’s alright. Don’t be sorry. Just express
it, express it. Get it out. Let it out. Though it’s a bit sad. We didn’t
get to see as much of your nice face as I was hoping. Yeah, yeah. But you know what? Here’s the
thing though. This is what I feel like. When you’re in this business for so long and people
are used to and sick… Not sick of seeing your face, but after awhile they get like…
Another film? So what we like to do as characters is disappear. When you can disappear in a
character and not be what people see on your Instagram and Twitter, it’s all good. -Oh, I like it. You’re in there. In the zone.
-Yeah, yeah. Next up, we’re going to play my favourite
bad game. It’s called Worst Questions Ever. Oh God… I thought we… -Quiet you.
-I thought we already had. I’m just serious. I tried. Oh no, something bad’s happened. What in the hell is going on? Play it, playit.
Rick Ross and Andrew Garfield Play the flute Play the flute, hey
Play the flute, play the flute Spider-Man! Yeah, there you go. Turn up! I’m in a good mood again. Was I Rick Ross in that combination? Rick Ross was actually playing the flute. Rick Ross plays the Irish flute. Why do you have an Irish flute? There was a young lady in here before you
that was Ireland, and she made it known to me. Oh, she made herself known to you. -Wait no your game. You want to play…
-Let’s play the game. What is the longest word we can make out of
the letters in Spider-Man, and I’ve already had pie man, so you can’t have that. What do you mean? The longest word we can
make out of Spider-Man? Well, Spider-Man is the longest. Ohhhhhhh! Derm… Derma… Derman… Dermaspare… Dermaspun. -Dermaspy.
-Drips. Drips. -That sounds…
-Drippers! That sounds like it needs some antibiotics. Drippe— (laughs) The drippers. I’ve got a bad case of the drippers. Not the drippers. I hate this. Do you happen to have any Ampicillin? And very quickly, last terrible question.
If you were to be trapped in a Spidey net. Is that what we’re calling it? You can call it whatever you want. …with anyone. Who would it be with? Oh God. Baby Jesus. -I’d be trapped with the baby Jesus.
-At what age? -12.
-12 years old? Baby Jesus. Me and the baby Jesus in a web. -Just hanging out.
-Hanging out singing spirituals. -With a flute.
-With a flute. And Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne would be in our web. Lil Wayne? Yeah. Young money! Dream team. I mean… Oh my God… Amazing. Who would you be in a web? Rick Ross, I guess. Rick Ross! That’s a lot of web! That’s a lot of web buddy.

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  1. LevelComplete Crew says:

    its not a flute! im from ireland, its an irish instrument called a tin whistle

  2. Bismoy Murasing says:

    ok so i think…this lady is really a good looking interviewer 😀

  3. Olivia Hickey says:

    Anyone know what the interview was with the thin whistle?

  4. Jess L says:

    2:57 "the longest word we can make out of the letters of Spiderman? ..well, Spiderman is longest" oh my god I'm gonna cry Andrew

  5. brittany crawford says:

    Does andrew even know who rick ross is?!?! Lol

  6. madara uchiha says:

    ah ha ha too funny rick ross huh that's a lot of web lol.
    im young money ha ha best lil wayne impression ive heard

  7. madara uchiha says:

    pias man from dane dehaan.

  8. Emily Martinez says:

    thats a recorder 

  9. eon001 says:

    lol that interviewer was trying a bit too hard. Made things a bit awkward, bless her. haha

  10. GeorgetheGreat says:

    I died when Jamie said that's a lot of web!! The web wouldn't be able to hold Ross

  11. Mary Carnell says:

    Baby Jesus with a flute

  12. Burning Down Wonderland says:

    I love Andrew's casual style. It really suits him.

  13. Fintan McManus says:

    That's a Tin Whistle not a flute.

  14. Norris James M. says:

    Jamie Foxx lied on his Dead Grandmother. Type in search engine an know he is a ARROGANT FOOLISH UNGRATEFUL SELFESH STUPID little b. People this Fool would have never been call Jamie Foxx if not for me!!

  15. 피닉스 says:

    Andrew's accent ohmygod I didn't expect this bloody hell

  16. Solly B says:

    Jamie Foxx: Young Moneyyyy XD

  17. Carnage maximum says:

    andrew garfield and jimmy foxx good friends

  18. vVox says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else see that woman in the background at the end of the interview?

  19. Xplecit Tez says:

    ohh myy god i amm so damn in love with emma stone…she is a part of my life now…i am obsessed with her ,….the prettiest thing on earth !!! I LOVE YOu more than my life emma !! mmuuuuaaaaaahhhhh ur smile took my heart away and that is wy i am obsessed with you…i just donno the freakin reason wy u died in the movie…and mark webb dissapointed me with this lil thing because i luv spiderman and i am addicted to it….TASM 2 was going amazing untill the sad ending showed uo….real terrible !! And if u don show up in TASM 3…im afraid TASM 2 was the last spiderman movie to watch !! fifth time !

  20. Kyle Cussen says:

    Its not a flute it's a thin whistle

  21. Thomm Moip says:

    Que weird zombie lady in background 4:28

  22. Raiders says:

    oh my God maybe jesus <3

  23. Grace says:

    That is not a flute. I know. I play it

  24. Jet says:


  25. 0hmystars says:

    Awwww Andrew's little giggle… its so contagious! lol

  26. Nate Sanders says:

    "Um actually it's a thin whistle" holy shit everyone shut the fuck up that's so irrelevant and you're just killin the mood

  27. Matthew Forbes says:

    I love Andrew Garfield so much

  28. Kobra PL says:

    4:30 someone's trying to hide behind Jamie! 😛

  29. Chronichelio says:

    Andrew's hilarious! HAHAHA

  30. Athar Qureshi says:

    HILarious interview so funny ha ha ha

  31. Jordan Everett says:

    Funny how these guys are better people in real life. 

  32. Edward Davenport says:

    Andrew Garfield is such a nice talented guy. It's nice when you get an actor who actually deserves his/her career. 

  33. Ali Zafar says:

    I lost my shit when Jamie said "young monay" as a baby lil wayne

  34. jay says:

    Jamie Foxx though……

  35. Kayla Dahl says:

    I loved Electro! Great bad guy!

  36. Kayla Dahl says:

    OMG! The end of this video! Lol!

  37. DrewMiller23 says:

    Lmao at "Got a bad case of the drippers…"

    Baby Jesus, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. What the fuck?

  38. Late Night Gaming says:

    some people get the short end of the stick… and get electric powers… after being bitten by eels… and then blow up..

  39. Vladimir Rascalov says:

    What in the hell, is going on? xD

  40. Susan Lawson says:

    It's a tin whistle, not an Irish flute.

  41. Edith Naab says:


  42. SUPERMiKEZ11 says:

    Hey, you at the end of the video, get out the shot!

  43. Rainbow Dash says:

    Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-man although he could be a little bit shyer as Peter Parker but he's amazing

  44. xlazyunicorn says:

    Jamie Foxx did a badass job as Electo. I was so stunned. 3

  45. rehab zumrrod says:

    Ok does he have an accent or not because here he does and in the movie he doesn't, Whaaaaaaaat?

  46. Emily says:


  47. Shawn Kumangai says:

    baby jesus XD

  48. mia289301 says:

    Idk why it bothered me that Andrew was British. Maybe because I was not expecting it. (Don't attack me fans)

  49. Jordy says:

    Andy is my mancrush tho

  50. Jordy says:

    These guys are hilarious!

  51. Arianna Alonso says:

    Okay, now that I've seen all of the original and the amazing Spidermans, I think Andrew Garfield plays a much better Spiderman than Toby McQuire. I just think Toby is a little too old for the role, and Andrew did it perfectly with his humor and just the acting in general. Plus, I like Gwen a WHOLE lot better than Mary Jane. 

  52. iamgrinchcobain says:

    I love this so much.

  53. Archie Andrews says:

    What's her accent? She sounds like a wildling from GOT. Plus she's hot.

  54. Çûtè àttîtûdè says:

    ohh!!!!andrew is sooo cute

  55. jasarce says:


  56. Janet Ferrini says:

    tell andrew garfeild to play the flute on every interview lol hahhhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahaahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahhahahhaahahhahahaahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahaahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahhahahahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahhaahahahhahahahhahahahahh sorry iget disterackted sometimes

  57. Janet Ferrini says:

    wow ahahah this was the funnyist thing i ever saw

  58. Mike Waters says:

    Who would you be in a web with?
    Jamie:BABY JESUS!

  59. diana lopez says:

    Andrew is awesome and I am freaking out still because last week he came to my school after classes

  60. Jimminy Snicket says:

    That was such a funny lil wayne impression

  61. SuperStandard says:

    Andrew is british??

  62. jacquelinedeppevans says:

    there were just having fun with themselves, Garfield and Foxx

  63. Aditi H says:

    both of them are amamzing

  64. GamerGirll says:

    Yep, me and baby jesus in a web. XD

  65. CCC Kat says:

    Andrew Garfield… Garfield?

    Garfield give back my food

  66. Ruairi says:

    …………………………………………….that's a tin whistle………………………………………..

  67. Arkham Knight says:

    Jaimie, you're an amazing rapper and an amazing actor especially portraying Electro in TASM 2 and in White House Down!

  68. Chris Parchezzi says:

    Jamie Foxx is fucking awesome 😀

  69. Nia Lucien says:

    This is the most akward interview I have seen

  70. PixelTrooper says:

    baby jesus and lil wayne everybody…

  71. junny says:

    jamie foxx just keeps talking. he's so funny omg

  72. Rachel Hewitt says:

    It a recorder not a flute…

  73. Ya Main Kris says:


  74. L K says:

    i love natural Interviews

  75. Some Brat says:

    Baby Jesus

  76. cierra janay says:

    He has an accent?! WHAT?! Lol

  77. Starlight Beatz says:

    ya I thought he was American for sure, wtf? he's LITERALLY brit-ish

  78. Dekoy says:

    RICK ROSS!!! 

  79. jj jones says:

    if u think the interviewer is hot then u have pretty low standards lol 

  80. KmKz TyRaNT oG says:

    that girl has officially given the worst interview in history.. she is soo annoying

  81. Hallie Harker says:

    Irish whistle.

  82. Ashley Sue says:

    "That's a lot of web." LOLOL!

  83. Joyful Yan says:

    Jamie's fucking hilarious x)

  84. Jay J says:

    Isn't that a recorder? Flutes are to the side. 

  85. Alex Shepherd says:

    I love Andrew Garfield and harry osborn

  86. SVG says:

    Fake! All of them are fake in this interview! Like they wanted secretly the movie not to be a disaster!

  87. Harrison Ford Escort says:

    Jamie fucking nailed the Lil Wayne impression and Rick Ross can hold this L for that last little roast at the end

  88. Kwanele Mamba says:

    Rick Ross playing the flute😂😂😂😂….I laughed so hard

  89. Gaween Totawattage says:


  90. Lucia 123 says:

    Love This

  91. Fiddle Group says:

    Tin Whistle

  92. Mia Mia says:

    jamie saved that interview! and we all know it!

  93. sandhanc says:

    YouTube brought me here after The Garaham Norton Show. I'm disappointed.

  94. My Name Is Hello says:

    Lol that moment when she asked "Who would you want to be stuck in a web with" Jamie looked over at Andrew and in his head he was saying "Andrew will definitely say Emma! And if not, then he SHOULD!" XD

  95. Michél Barrett says:

    That's not a flute it's a tin whistle

  96. Meer says:

    a recorder…….

  97. VarietyGamesDX says:

    ….still better then Gucci gang

  98. Leah Johnson says:

    What is this interview?!?! 😂😂😂😂

  99. A Distressed Catbug says:

    That’s a tin whilst

  100. Hafizha Sarah says:

    Hey Andy, I really want to meet you in person. So I can teach you how to dancing to Smooth Criminal : Michael Jackson with my own style. Oh how I wish I could be perform this song on your birthday. Thanks anyway! Love, Sarah

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