"Game On!" Upbeat Inspiring 8 Bit Game Music
"Game On!" Upbeat Inspiring 8 Bit Game Music

31 thoughts on “"Game On!" Upbeat Inspiring 8 Bit Game Music”

  1. Yorel Young says:

    I rank this 4star⭐
    Get your game on!!!!
    P.s. Red heatley's main theme.
    Edit: I dub him Crimden. (Derived from the color CRIMSON , a type of red.)

    Crimden: "BRING IT ON!!!!"

  2. Vine por La Zona Cero (Andrew Calderón … ¡Digo Chucho! 😅) 😊

  3. imJulius03 says:

    Hi! I'm a little indie game developer. Can I use some of your music for my little game? Obviusly your name compairs in the game credits! Thanks you, and continue to make good musics! ;P

  4. Billy Silly says:

    Really feel like this would work great in a final boss fight where you hate the villain! 😀

  5. Saul Bacelis says:

    This song made me feel happy, its awesome

  6. MemeCraft says:

    can u guys make me an intro song?

  7. oNeTrAsHbOi says:

    eyy, thats pretty good, I like comment and sub, your welcome

  8. Jxker says:

    I love your 8 – Bit Music!

  9. Pippity AJ says:

    so happy i found ur channel
    favorite music to use now 😀
    new sub and fan

  10. DMadHacks says:

    The subscriber count…
    IT'S OVER 9000!!!

  11. Sounds crazy awesome man! Keep up your good work and look forward to yor next music video.

  12. Natro says:

    You continually keep me in touch with my inner kid who loved his SNES

  13. Every time you come out with a new song I get so excited! I love all the 8-bit music.

  14. Enochian Law says:

    SO glad I found and subbed to you guys, this music is so epic, and it's awesome that you let youtubers use it for free! Keep up the great work!

  15. Sounds Like Kirby Music

  16. Aidan Lesh says:

    I've been excitedly waiting for another upload from you. Your music causes eargasms, haha.

  17. Ailaxvo64 _ says:

    Holy cow, these songs get better and better, I love it, keep it up!

  18. Wow, you guys are still making music? I remember finding you guys 2 years ago from a YouTube channel called Pixelcraftian, and I've loved your music ever since. Thanks for the nostalgia!

  19. Sounds like batman Nes love it!!!!!!

  20. BlackHangola says:

    Love this! Your 8-bit music is so cool.

  21. AVdoesThings says:

    Not one of my favorites personally, but its still cool guys! (im a very honest person when it comes to art)

  22. bookiegeek says:

    Remember guys, if you ever feel down just CONSOLE yourself.
    I'll leave…

    Also you guys should make a Christmas-theme track.

  23. No matter how hard people put us down we will never give up for we always have our hope and dream to turn it into reality and now it time to choose if you want to make that reality now Game On!

    Thank you HeatleyBros for the message you put into your music for those can give meaning to my life.

  24. This is why I am subbed to yall! : D

  25. Vietti says:

    This is awesome!

  26. Kirbio says:

    And a catchy song arrives in the distance. Nice job HeatleyBros you've made another great song, Of which will be stuck in my head for a while…i'll just assume that's a good thing, and keep on applauding you.

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