GEMS Sound Driver connection with DOSBox test
GEMS Sound Driver connection with DOSBox test

Hello This is simulation of connection between DOS GEMS application and GEMS ROM GEMS is official Sega Genesis Sound Driver developed by Sega You can hear its music in many Sega Genesis games This is standard RetroArch emulator But I’m using custom modification of libretro-genplus-gx core It was modified to support GEMS Loader Board via sockets for Windows only And SRAM was extended to 256 KB This is DOSBox Daum, but not standard one It’s modification by me for support GEMS Loader Board via sockets as client Normal DOSBox doesn’t support LPT stuff So I picked DOSBox Daum and add support for GEMS specific LPT Now you see GEMS application in action I’m loading module with sequences It’s sequences converted from internal game data There is Comix Zone music data and few of Earthworm Jim 2 Samples Now, while it’s sending data into Genesis (emulated), I can turn on turbo mode to increase speed of loading Ok, loading is done Now we can play something on piano roll Actually while music composing, there was used external MIDI sequencer, but DOSBox doesn’t support external MIDI input I have not implemented external MIDI input yet So I’m using mouse to play notes Sorry for sound quality, it’s caused by some performance issues Check links in description for additional info, or for sources, patches. Additional work in progress I have nothing to say more… Watch yourself.

5 thoughts on “GEMS Sound Driver connection with DOSBox test”

  1. HCKTROX says:

    Crystal clear DAC play. You don't see that everyday

  2. Mr Porkchop says:

    how did you set this all up, I would like to know, please and thank you.

  3. ThatAn1meGuy says:

    Where did you get the GEMS Rom for RetroArch?

  4. JPEG prod. says:

    Привет, а у тебя остался архив с патченным ретроарчем (libretro)? Обычный ж не открывает гемс-ром

  5. IamNerick says:

    Bro, since I discovered gems I have been fascinated with the idea of ​​making music for genesis, but … I have no knowledge about programming or anything, and I know that Deflemask exists … I have learned to use it, but I would really like to do music with gems. Could you guide me with some steps? I know how to open it in dosbox, but it doesn't sound.

    I hope not to bother you, regards!

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