GlokkNine - Rockk N Roll Instrumental(ReProd. Suhhny) (Prod. ARCAZE)
GlokkNine – Rockk N Roll Instrumental(ReProd. Suhhny) (Prod. ARCAZE)

29 thoughts on “GlokkNine – Rockk N Roll Instrumental(ReProd. Suhhny) (Prod. ARCAZE)”

  1. Omega JayJay says:

    Who can help me find arcaze version?

  2. rio htx says:

    1.25 speed u can hear it

  3. Malik's Universe says:

    Inbox Me Suhhny! MalikTheGeek13 on IG check out your work

  4. DBE youngsta says: check out my beat

  5. New Wave says:

    Look at 🔥🔥

  6. Papo Fresh says:

    yo yo i killed this beat !!! check me out

  7. Nick Nix says:

    Slow it down to .75 speed and catch totally different flows. You won’t be disappointed

  8. Killa Milla says:

    Did u change tge beat it sound diff

  9. Kidd_bleedem says:

    This one got more bass

  10. Rico Perez says:

    Bitch it’s Babyrico ya uk I tote the poles really wit the shit nigka u ion want no smoke

  11. Kutthroat Bezzle says:

    Ay cmon cmon

  12. Andy gotbarz says:

    Zoning out trynna make a play ,
    Ima player but i aint in da NBA ,
    She told me she love me , had to turn her down ,
    Pimp her ass down , cause aint shit sweet ,
    My boys strapped to the teeth ,
    Trynna move this weeeeed

  13. SilverStarBeatz says:

    Hey I started making beats 3 years ago and I think im finally getting better, if yall would be willing to listen to my beat click the link PLEASE 😉 and share your thoughts

  14. Frank H says:

    change speed to 0.75

  15. Jay Tee says:

  16. BIG 8 says:

    Listen to "Afterdark" black by Cali'Killa So'Killed Josh #np on #SoundCloud

  17. slavario hollinger says:

    I'm finna kill this n upload WestOrlando shit

  18. Kamar Jenkins says:

    bout to kill this

  19. Prod. Suhhny says:


  20. Young CHF says:


  21. gadgitt mr says:

    Subscribe and check me out
    💳 Direct Purchase Link | Instant Delivery:
    🌐 Email: [email protected]

  22. 0so.2k says:

    no download??

  23. Latin King says:

    Let some shots out from da Glock nine watch him run ni

  24. Fumado says:

    Uh aye yuh

  25. Lil Ray says:

    Email ?

  26. Money Dog says:

    Don't call my phone cause I might not answer 9 time outta 10 i don't answer expect for this one bitch I love pamper money to dirty through it the hamper it that boy money I'ma natural disaster. Im not these other rapper ima certified trappa im certified I'm certified like chapo we got choppaz turn into some done poppers say you love that nigga but can trust that nigga fuck no do it all alone do it all alone so when come up naw don't call my phone you could leave me lone you could leave lone I drink bru fuck I be sipping styrofome fuck up outta here cause this our year and see it clear

  27. trapbyJACK! says:

    This is dope g, i think this gives a lot of room for someone to go crazy on – i dig it

  28. Die Lone says:

    Uh ay yuh

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