Gorillaz - Plastic Beach (Album Review)
Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (Album Review)

welcome back to Mack music review war hop interview just want to say there's gonna be some stuff down in the description if you don't know the channel works all that good stuff is going to be down in the description today we are looking at the album Plastic Beach by Gorillaz and this is the album cover Plastic Beach is a concept album it is a concept album because all of the songs take place in this fictional world they made up this world of the Plastic Beach and for that reason you're gonna hear a lot of songs which some songs which kind of sound like they came out of spongebob or songs that would be used to soundtrack a beach scene in a movie they kind of just you know you can hear like the birds in the background and the waves crashing it and just it's just you just basically this aura this vibe of peacefulness and just calmness is what you're gonna hear across this album some of the songs do get a little bit darker or a little bit more energetic like stylo gets kind of energetic Rhinestone eyes has this kind of dark also energetic kind of vibe to it not SuperDuper upbeat but it's it's kind of dark sounding but most of the songs in this are really just laid-back super chill super peaceful super nice sounding and it all fits because it all you feel like you're in the world of the plastic Beach and you're listening to these songs like all these songs are happening or being sung or taking place at the Plastic Beach at this fictional world that gorillas have created and it's it's a concept album it's a it's a really they really went through with the idea what they really went through with the concept on this concept album this album has 16 songs which is crazy this is not the deluxe version of the album there is no deluxe version of the album the regular version the only version of this album has 16 songs on it it's nearly an hour long and every single song in this album has one or more guest artists except for four songs the four songs that don't have guest artists are Rhinestone eyes rhinestone eyes on melancholy Hill broken and pirate jet every other song has guest singers or an orchestra the songs intro white flag and Cloud of Unknowing all feature an orchestra they're like two or three different orchestras that play on this album it is crazy on different songs you also have Snoop Dogg on the song welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach and De La Soul the rapper on the song superfast jellyfish all the other guests artists on this album are kind of insignificant they're they're very little names they're not well-known artists of one that pops up several times is Lou Reed and Empire ants like they they're you should here are two different songs Bobby WOM and knack or let us say his name I didn't write it down but there's a whole bunch of guest stars on most a bunch of guest artists on this album most of which you probably haven't heard of or not very well known I'm just gonna jump right into it this album is great this the music on those funny songs so many these songs sound so so good this will vibe they've created like making you feel like you're in the plastic beats like these songs are happening on Plastic Beach this fictional you know paradise created by gorillas is so good it's so good how they do the concept they just go with this concept and they do it so well so many songs sounds so good the orchestra the orchestral elements of this album are so good the intro orchestral intro is super good welcome to the world of Plastic Beach with Snoop Dogg really good man he snooped on himself does a fantastic job on the song introducing the world of the Plastic Beach and just really good rapping and with some really great music white flag has ones more orchestral music and it just sounds so good but it's um it's short-lived because the rest of the song isn't that great these rappers come on and then the music totally changes and it gets kind of it doesn't sound great after the rapping starts because the music completely changes but the orchestral elements of this song are so good all of the gorillas only songs on this album are great rhinestone eyes is easily one of the best gorilla songs it is so good the music the really like the lick they used a lot of electronic music on this album but once again they're just really good at it it sounds really good doesn't sound out of place or weird and on this it's kind of unpleasant it's kind of a little bit violence a little bit aggressive and it works so well you such a cool song especially with the music video they have a music video it's all like sketches like cartoon like not fully animated like a demo sketch of a music video but you've got to watch it is so cool and then you also have on melon Coney Hill one of the most beautiful peaceful amazing gorilla songs ever made it's so good the singing is so good all the all the moments on this album or it's only gorillas where it's just damon albarn just fantastic is so good especially I think he's highlighted even more on this album by not being on it as much I'm just having all these other guest artists because then when he is singing when it is just him you notice it and it just really stands out so that's a great song um broken this one really grew on me I didn't care for this one at first but it's after listened to a bunch of times it's not as good as Rhinestone eyes or on melancholy Hill but still a really good song still really honestly really good and then pirate jet is a lot of fun it's it's the worst it's the least good I shouldn't say worst it's the least good of the only gorilla songs but still a really good song really fun enjoyable song stylo is it's just kind of a banger it is the gorillas kind of doing their own take on like a rap song but Damon Albarn does the chorus and it just kind of tries to sound awesome some really cool and it works pretty well the song is it's not a perfect song but it is a really cool song and it really does do what it tries to do and does it well does it pretty well super fast jellyfish is an absolutely goofy super silly song the rappers are just being totally goofy totally goofy weird silly lyrics and it's a ton of fun it is a fun ridiculous song empire ants glitter fries some kind of nature plastic Beach and to binge and Cloud of Unknowing they're all really good songs all these songs do something and do it very well glitter furries has this burst of like electronic almost EDM and it actually works pretty well empire ants and two bands are just these are some really laid-back songs you can totally picture yourself like in a hammock like swinging back and forth on a beach that's what this songs make you feel like you're at like if you close your eyes that's the vibe you get from these songs because of the background music and effects it makes you feel like you're on a beach like you're on this paradise this really peaceful Plastic Beach super cool it's it's really cool album I apologize I misspoke briefly I'm terrible editing that some kind of nature is not a great song that's one of the one of the only real problems with this album is the song the rapping on white flag the first like minute is good the orchestral part of white flag sounds really really good and then it just doesn't because the rapping just ruins that the lyrics they're actually rapping are pretty terrible and their rap and just it just totally ruins the the vibe of the song it starts off awesome and then it just they just kind of ruin it and then the song you know some kind of nature is kind of weirdly sung and it just it doesn't work SuperDuper well it just sounds a little bit weird a little bit awkward and then sweepstakes is not very good musically this one just kind of flops it's not all that interesting it's not all that cool and it's it's basically just an all-out rap song and it just doesn't work super well besides this though Plastic Beach is a really interesting original very well done concept album very well thought through and really they really played through the concept they really a lot of times with concept albums that just kind of they say hey this is a concept album and then it just falls by the wayside and doesn't really the concept isn't really done but this one it really is very well done they really go through with it and it's just some really beautiful nice calming just really nice sounding original cool songs just a bunch of this is just a bunch of really good songs a whole bunch of really good songs there are a few misses but there are 16 songs and those misses are definitely forgivable I'm gonna give this album four stars out of five what is your favorite gorillas album this is this is definitely mine I really like this album I actually think I like humans this is weird I might like humans better than demon days because I just for me demon days just lyrically I just could not connect to it whatsoever and and it's just like oh I didn't even talk much about the lyrics on this album the lyrics on this album are kind of goofy I mean they're not super serious most of the time a patient will be a little bit dark a little bit poetic but most the time it's just kind of laid-back lyrics and nice lyrics or just uncaring lyrics going with uncaring laid-back nice music and that works very very well so I don't have a problem with the lyrical content on this album except for some of the rappers like I pointed out the the three songs two of the songs I don't like or have rap in it and the rapping is the lyrics on the rap parts are not great we're not very good besides that um yeah Plastic Beach great album

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